The Black Cadillacs – Choke

The Black Cadillacs ~ Choke

What Is It?

I got this song, Choke, by The Black Cadillacs, several years ago, after hearing it on the radio station, 89.0 Generation X, on the video game Saints Row IV.

Saints Row IV Radio – 89 GenX – The Black Cadillacs – Choke

Here are the descriptions for the videos above:

Off their sophomore album, ‘RUN’. The Black Cadillacs are a 6-piece rock & roll band from Knoxville, TN. They’ve been offering this song as a free download online – but I would recommend supporting the band and buying the whole album, it’s really good! 🙂

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Terraplane Sun – Get Me Golden

I first heard this song several years ago on a radio station called 89.0 Generation X on the video game Saints Row IV.


My Former Classmate JC Gets Chosen By A Fashion Designer

I went back to sleep several times without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

All that I can remember is that I was somewhere, maybe outside but I can not remember, where there were groups of other people standing around talking et cetera.

At some point I saw my former male classmate JC standing with a group of men who seemed to be fashion models and they were all dressed up in stylish clothing like they were about to go to a fashion show or something, and they all had their hair and their clothing in a style like the actor Robert Pattinson with Dior Homme.

I walked over to greet my former classmate JC who seemed like he did not really want to talk to me, he was acting like he was better than me or something, but he greeted me back and he told me that a famous male fashion designer whose name I can not remember had chosen him to model some of this clothing for a fashion campaign (advertising campaign) and / or fashion show and / or something like that.

I congratulated him and I went to say something else to him but he turned his back to me making a facial expression like he is better than me and was not going to talk to me any longer, and him and the other models walked away as I was talking so I stopped talking.

The way that he acted bothered me somewhat and I wondered why he was acting like that and treating me like this, and for the rest of the dream I would sometimes switch to a video game that was like the video game Saints Row IV where I would be controlling and / or I would be a character in that video game running around with superpowers.

I am not sure if I was actually playing the video game or if I was daydreaming or if this was a dream within a dream that I would jump back to sometimes, either way, it seemed to be something to distract myself from and escape from the situation and to probably help me feel a bit better about myself because in the video game I had superpowers and more freedom et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Lissy Trullie – It’s Only You Isn’t It?

Lissy Trullie – It’s Only You, Isn’t It?

What is it?

Today’s song is the song It’s Only You, Isn’t It? by the band and musician Lissy Trullie from the 2012 album Lissy Trullie.

Saints Row IV Radio – 89 GenX – Lissy Trullie – It’s Only You, Isn’t It
Lissy Trullie – It’s Only You, Isn’t It? (lyrics)

Here are the descriptions for the videos above:

Music video by Lissy Trullie performing It’s Only You, Isn’t It?.

(C) 2012 Downtown Records


It’s Only You, Isn’t It

Lissy Trullie

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Trying To Survive Against Small Toy-Like And Alien-Like Entities

Source: Wikipedia

I do not feel like typing my dreams from last night again so I will not waste much time typing them, I had several connected/continuing and/or similar dreams, and they all took place mostly during the night in a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

The dreams all had a horror movie-like environment/atmosphere to them combined with a normal dream and real life, and some of them had video game-like elements to them that seemed to be inspired by the video game Saints Row IV.

Most of the dreams involved small toy-like and/or alien-like entities who were probably active outside during the day and active inside during the night, I am not exactly sure what all they would do to people they caught, but I imagine that one of the things that the toy-like entities (who seemed a bit supernatural and maybe technological) would possibly do is turn people into toy-like entities under their control and maybe the alien-like entities (who seemed more natural and technological) would abduct people; but those are just guesses because I can not remember.

Most of the dreams took place during the night where my family, other people, and I would try to survive during the night inside houses and/or buildings but sometimes we would sneak from one house or building to the next during the day and/or night; and so the dream involved trying to keep the entities away, running, hiding, et cetera each night and day.

The dreams were more creepy than scary and the dreams were long and detailed but I can not remember most of them but I know that one of the dreams took place at a fictional version of my parents house, one dream took place at a fictional version of E Manor, another dream took place at a fictional building complex and base that was controlled by the alien-like entities, and the last dream took place at the shopping center near W Park.

The creepiest parts of the dream took place during the nights when you had to sneak around trying to avoid the entities as they slowly took over outside and inside, the toy-like entities were the creepiest and most diverse, and they came in various sizes/shapes/et cetera; and they could fit in/travel through places that the alien-like entities could not.

During one night some of my family, a few other people, and I sneaked from my parents house to E Manor and one of the men with us told us that the entities were more active during the night but in my opinion they were only more active inside during the night; and so it was safer traveling outside during the night because they were more focused on getting inside during the night.

We sneaked into E Manor and we tried to survive inside of it, later in another dream a few people and I sneaked into another area in the city that the alien-like entities controlled, and the aliens probably somewhat reminded me of smaller versions of the Zin from the video game Saints Row IV; and we probably even stole some of their hover vehicles to run from them around their base as they chased us, and this dream was more video game-like.

At some point we reached a warehouse-like room with a garage-like room inside of it, some alien-like entities saw us, but as soon as we reached the garage-like room it was like we won a level like on the Left 4 Dead video game series, and so this area became a safe house that we controlled on the alien’s own base and magically the aliens inside the warehouse disappeared and they no longer knew that we were in there.

The last dream took place outside during the day not far from the alien base at the shopping center near W Park, this area seemed safer so a variety of people and kids were there using it as a safe zone to load up on buses and other automobiles to travel to different parts of the city, and a school bus was loading a group of kids to maybe take them to school or another safe zone; but some toy-like entities attacked the school bus probably turning the bus driver into a gold-colored metal toy-like entity that they controlled.

I ran on the bus to fight the toy-like entities to save the kids and I was winning until one of them turned me into a gold-colored metal toy-like entity, this disabled me long enough for me to fall off the school bus, and the toy-like entities drove away with the kids as their parents and the other adults watched in horror.

For some reason the mind control/possessing/whatever of the toy-like entities did not work on me so they could not control me (I did hear voices and/or sounds and it felt like they were trying to control me, but I resisted it), so now I was a golden metal human sized toy-like entity not under their control, and so now I was stronger/tougher/could jump higher/et cetera and I had other special abilities.

I told the parents that I would try to find their kids and then I ran away to try to find where the school bus went, I was going to use my new powers to help fight the toy-like and alien-like entities who were taking over our city and probably the world/planet, and I wondered what did the entities want the kids for; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr