11-24-2012 | Dream Fragment | A Homeland Conspiracy And Cover-Up, Nicholas Brody Is Abu Nazir?

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Last night I had an interesting dream about a complex conspiracy related to the plot on the TV show Homeland, my dream/mind took part of the plot from Homeland and changed it in new ways, but I can not remember the beginning of the dream or some of the important parts.

Nicholas Brody was once again part of the conspiracy and he went to have a secret meeting in a small fancy restaurant on an upper floor with several people, one of whom was a high level FBI or CIA agent with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair who was a mole/working as part of the conspiracy.

I might have been in the restaurant for some unknown reason during their meeting or I was not in the dream, I am not sure which, but I do know that a female FBI or CIA agent with medium-dark brownish colored skin with short-medium length black colored hair was secretly trying to spy on Mr. Brody in the restaurant; and she was surprised to see her boss, the high level FBI or CIA agent at the meeting with Mr. Brody.

She assumed that maybe her boss was working undercover and that is why he had not mentioned anything about this meeting & maybe that is why he was at the meeting, but she was a bit suspicious; but her focus was Mr. Brody, and so that is who she focused on.


My Aunt JE From The Past

Dream 1

My first dream fragment took place during the day in D at a fictional hotel or motel / restaurant where S should be near WM, and I had just gotten a job there I think; and it was probably my first day of work.

I was mostly helping in the restaurant area when my mom came to help support the hotel or motel/restaurant/me by buying some food, I greeted her & said a few things, and then I continued working.


Old School Sunday With Dashie (Charlie Guzman)

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I had a variety of dreams last night but forgot all but one dream, due to waking up with a strange pain in my head that probably was linked to the pain in one of my dying teeth, and so I had to get out of bed to deal with that since it was so bad that I could not sleep or lay down; after a few minutes of recovering I managed to go back to bed and to sleep.

The only dream that I can now somewhat remember out of all those dreams, took place during the day in a very fictional version of D I guess, I did not know/think this until later in the dream.


Walking With A Carrying Case

Dream 1

I remember part of a dream from the night before last, where I was in D during the day, and I was walking around near and around downtown D mostly.

It was one of those dreams where I walk and/or drive around exploring, talking with people, et cetera; and I went near or through W park at some point, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

Last night I had several Saints Row: The Third related dreams, where I was doing various activities, and missions probably; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I had one dream where I was in a mostly dark/dimly lit house that might have looked somewhat like my parent’s house, during the night, and I remember being on a bed; and I remember that a woman was there/somewhere in the house, and I remember trying to hide something that was on my computer and/or several women from her & there might have been some xes in the dream but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream that I somewhat remember involved me walking through D during the day carrying a mostly dark-colored maybe padded carrying case that was made of a synthetic fabric that was a bit like sturdy nylon or something that was like a briefcase / messenger or mail bag / laptop case / whatever that had a handle and a shoulder strap.

I remember wondering what people thought it was as I walked such as: would they think it was a purse, would they think that it is a briefcase, would they think that it is a laptop case, et cetera; and honestly I probably did not know what it was exactly or what was in it, I think that I was carrying it & delivering it for someone else but I can not remember.

I used the should strap to carry it behind me at first, then when I was passing FB Church I used the shoulder strap to hold it at my side, and then I walked through the inside of a fictional version of the School Board using the handle carrying it like a briefcase.

I remember some of the workers at the School Board looking at me, but I somewhat seemed to fit in thanks to holding it like a briefcase and maybe I was wearing semi-dress clothes; and so no one bothered me as I walked through the building.

The carrying case started to seem a bit cool and more comfortable to me as I seen that it could be used in different ways and fit in a variety of environments, and then I probably became more curious about what it was exactly and what was inside; but I continued my journey to probably delivery it safely to whoever I was supposed to give it to, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


9-27-2012 | Dream Journal | Talking To A Fictional Neighbor At A Hospital

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Last night I had several dreams involving Saints Row: The Third related things like recruiting/protecting people, taking over territory, doing missions, et cetera; but that is all that I can remember about those dreams.

The only dream that I can really remember part of, is a dream that took place at a fictional apartment/hospital that had a lot of floors, and I had an apartment on one of the upper floors.

The hallway that I lived on had doors/apartments on both sides of the hallway, there were no windows in the hallway, the hallway had dark-colored carpet/maybe walls/maybe ceiling, and so it was a bit dark looking; and it was a lower class/income apartment, but it was clean.

I remember that two of my neighbors who lived on the same hallway as me were/was a man who looked like the actor Adam Rodriguez and he had a young sister or girl who lived with him, and I remember there were various dream scenes from different days that showed them/us coming & going from our apartments each day but I can not remember the details.

One day I went to a hospital that was probably connected to our apartment, oddly hospitals are often combined/attached/joined to other types of building in my dreams 😀 , and I walked on one of the upper floors to an area in the hospital that had several doctors offices.