Tiny Houses & Filthy Frank & A FBI Raid

Bill Gates Just Funded Affordable PREFAB HOMES in America

The two dreams that I remember part of were partly inspired by me watching some YouTube videos about tiny houses / hopefully affordable houses yesterday.

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved small houses, normal houses, tiny houses, and maybe some other things being sold.


A Gang Selling Things From A Lobby?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside and outside in dimly lit areas that seemed to somehow be part of where I possibly lived and possibly part library and part school-like, and in this outdoor/indoor-like courtyard area I had a computer that seemed to be mine.

I remember using the computer at some point and then I went to the bathroom or something in one of the few completely indoor areas, and then I returned to log-out of my computer because I had forgotten.

There were other people around using this area so I was glad that I remembered that I had not logged out because some random student or library patron could have had access to everything.

At some point I joined up with the students like I was a student too, even though I was older than everyone it seemed, and I remember waiting in line with the students as I talked to a thin male student with dark-color skin.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember driving to a fictional parking lot with one or more people, and we went inside a building that looked an abandoned building in the entrance lobby.

The lobby was rough and mostly concrete with almost no furniture like they wanted to discourage people who were homeless from using this, there was a mostly empty office-like room or a room that people used to sale things from, and there were some bathrooms and a few other places.

It seemed that this part of the building was abandoned but could be used by the public, but they probably only wanted people to just use the bathrooms and leave.

Past this were some doors that led to what looked like a school that was still being used by some people, and it was in better condition and it was not all concrete.

At some point after leaving the school area there was a middle-aged man with light-color skin holding a box having a standoff with another man who seemed homeless and had dark-color skin, they acted like they may pull guns on each other if this deal failed, but they were only joking around.

There was now a line of people outside of the empty office-like room, there was a group inside that room of men with dark-color skin who seemed to be gang members who would sometimes use this room to sell and trade things with people, and they had lookouts et cetera outside the building and inside the building.

It seemed that they would set up briefly somewhere and people would come to trade and buy things, probably including illegal things, and I walked outside to walk to my automobile and there was a line outside as well.

I did not want anything to do with this, I was going to wait in my automobile until the others were ready to go, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping My Coworkers Sell Ice Cream At The BP Library | Dropping Glass

I went to sleep on the living room couch for a couple of hours but I did not record my dreams, and then I had more dreams when I got in bed; but I did not record most of those dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at work at The BP Library, and I was behind a larger fictional version of the front desk helping my female coworkers JB and maybe TR and another coworker sell some ice cream.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a store where two female employees and one male employee were working in one part of the store.

I was looking at items in this section of the store, and the male employee dropped a glass on the floor and it broke into many pieces.

A female manager with light-color skin scolded him, and told him to clean it up; and so he started to clean it up.

The a boy who was looking around this section also dropped a glass, and it broke; and so he started to clean up the broken glass.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dream Shop That Buys Dreams

File:Sharon Temple gatehouse gift shop.JPG
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams that I remembered last night, but now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream because of something interesting that happened in this dream.

The end of this dream from last night took place during a nice day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and something interesting happened before this part of the dream but I can not remember what happened.

I remember being outside near a fictional street on the left side of the MZ Baptist Church, and my parent’s were there too.

My memory is too unclear but I assume that there were some rows of maybe shelves that we were walking through, and maybe the shelves contained objects from the past that belonged to us and I had past memories attached with some or most of the objects that we were either looking at and / or getting and / or adding more items to the shelves; and so maybe this was a bit like walking around my mind represented in a physical form as the shelves with the objects on the shelves being separate memories from my past, but unfortunately my memory of this is too destroyed to remember what happened during this part of the dream exactly so this is just my guess about what happened during this part of the dream.

After whatever happened there I remember walking away and then driving on the street that The E House is on, and then I noticed a road that crossed it that I had never seen before.

Across this road was another road that was a road that is across the city, Taco Bell was on the right side of this road, and this confused and amazed me because this meant that this road somehow magically was a shortcut that could get me across the city in seconds or a minute so now Taco Bell and some other places were in walking distance.

Instead of trying to make sense of this I told myself that I would not question this because I was just happy that I now had a shortcut that could easily get me across the city so now I could go get food et cetera more often, and so I sabotaged my own chance to question this and realize that I was dreaming.

I decided to make a left turn on this fictional road to explore what was along that part of the road, and it felt like a road that is on the outskirts of the city near the countryside.

There were a variety of fictional small businesses and small shopping centers and gas station-like places that I have never seen before on both sides of the road, I was amazed and I tried to glance at the signs to see what kind of stores there were and there names, and I wanted to explore some of them one day.

After passing the shopping areas I started to reach an even more countryside-like area with maybe a few houses and fields and maybe farm-like land and forests behind them, but at the beginning of this area I saw a small one-story shop that was raised off the ground in a field further from the right side of the road so I drove to it.

I parked and I walked inside of the shop, inside it looked like a nice little boutique / gift shop / book store / school supply store-like shop, and there was a very young little girl with light-color skin with long yellow hair wearing a nice maybe spring / summer-like dress working in the store alone like the adult(s) had briefly left her in charge until they get back or something like that.

The little girl greeted me and I probably asked her what kind of store was this and / or what they sold, I can not remember if she said what kind of store it was or what the name of it was but I think that I considered it to be a dream shop (at least partly because they sold some things that involved dreams like supplies and materials related to dreams and recording your dreams et cetera), and the little girl showed me some of the things that they sold and services that they offer.

One of the reasons that I can not remember most of the details about this shop is because what she told me next, the little girl told me that they also buy dreams, and when I heard this everything else was no longer important and I wanted to know more about this so the other details about this store faded away as I focused on learning about what she had just said.

I laughed and I smiled and I said: “What? Huh? What do you mean that you buy dreams?”.

The little girl explained: that they pay between maybe $1 – maybe $10 per dream (I think that she offered me $10 per dream, but I can not remember), that they have a form or paper that you fill out and you write your dream on, and when you finish filling out the form they pay you for the dream.

I then asked the girl: “Does that mean that you then own the dreams that are sold to you?”, and she replied: “Yes.”.

I asked the girl: “Can we still share those dreams publicly online on a blog et cetera as long as we are not making a profit from it?”.

The girl replied: “Yes, as long as you are not making any profit from the blog et cetera / dreams, because you no longer are allowed to make profit from those dreams once you sell them.”.

I replied: “Okay, that makes sense because once sold it is like you now own the copyright (rights) or whatever for those dreams.”.

I asked to see the form or whatever so the girl gave me one, there were spaces to fill out your name and other information to legalize the sale I assume, and there was a small space to type your dream that did not look large enough to type my average dream.

I still did not realize that I was still dreaming and I started to think about the other dreams that I remembered during the night, I remembered about three dreams, and so I tried to make sense of which dream fragments went with which dream and I tried to organize the dreams in my mind.

While doing this I also tried to decide which dream was the shortest because the form had limited space, I probably asked the girl if I could type a dream on another piece of paper if I needed more space, and the girl probably said yes but I can not remember.

I also tried to decide which dream was the least important just in case I decide to one day monetize my dreams on my blog so that I will not miss having that dream because it was not important, because if I sold that dream I will then not be able to make money from it in the future.

I mostly had decided that I would probably try selling one of my dreams to this shop out of curiosity and as an experiment, I had not decided completely yet though, and I was still trying to go over my dreams in my mind and pick which one to sell and then write it on the form.

While I was doing this my coworker Mrs. M from The BP Library walked into the shop, she worked here and she had left the little girl in charge briefly while she was gone, and so I assumed that the little girl was her granddaughter and that Mrs. M’s daughter probably also worked at this shop during the hours that Mrs. M is working at The BP Library where we both work.

We greeted each other and I explained that I was probably going to sell one of my dreams to them, and that I was still trying to fill out the form and decide which dream to sell.

Mrs. M probably explained where she had been and she thanked the little girl for running the shop while she was gone, and I probably told her how well the little girl did and how helpful she was to me so far.

I was very impressed that a girl this young was able to do all this (I was amazed that she could even talk in sentences because she looked so young :D), but I still felt that she should not have been left alone to run the store even if it was only briefly and I did not think that was even legal to do that because she was super young and I thought that there were child labor laws against that and laws against leaving children that young alone like that.

But I woke up as I was still trying to organize those dreams in my mind, and when I woke up I started immediately trying to remember and organize this dream in my mind which then caused me to forget all the other dreams that I had remembered and it caused me to forget most of this dream because I was so focused on trying to remember the end of this dream; oops. 😀

The end,

-John Jr


Trick Light Bulbs
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remembered more of my dreams last night but I went back to sleep several times without voice recording my dreams, and this unfortunately caused me to forget some very detailed parts of my dreams and some more interesting and strange parts of my dreams that I remembered until this forgetting them after this.

Now all that I can remember of my dreams from last night is that something detailed and strange happened that I can not remember now, and then I remember possibly driving from another city back to the city of D during maybe late afternoon or evening or night.

I went to The E House because I needed to use the bathroom, I possibly needed to check the house, and I was considering spending the night there.

I went to the bathroom by the kitchen, while urinating I noticed two guns (possibly very short lever-action rifles or shotguns or some handguns)  mounted on the wall, and I noticed two long red shotgun-like shells by them that looked like .410 bore.

One of the guns was partly loose so I adjusted it properly after I used the bathroom, I checked the house, and I thought about spending the night since no one has lived there since my grandfather CE died but I did not because I had not gotten permission so I left.

The next thing that I remember is possibly being in New York inside a multi-purpose airport/station-like building where many people from around the world would arrive and maybe leave from, and some people were selling things in certain areas.

I was with a group of people (men, women, and children) with white skin who were possibly family members of my former male classmate JC, they were possibly on their way to a wedding or something like that but I am not sure, and I have no idea why I was with them or following them (maybe they were helping me by helping me reach a certain place because they knew this area, and I did not).

At least one woman in their group was probably pregnant and had one or more children, and at some point I remember us going to a waiting room-like area that seemed to be under a bridge or bridge-like structure.

There were various people relaxing in this area, including some old men with white skin with white and/or gray hair who were locals who seemed to often hang out here, and at some point after walking from another area back to this area the old men performed a trick with some light bulbs for me.

They each had a light bulb in their hands with the bottom of it touching their palms and they each probably had their elbows touching, and it seemed that their bodies were lighting (providing electricity to) the light bulbs.

I asked them how were they doing this, before I could try to figure it out, one of the old men and/or one of the people I was with showed me some cell (button) batteries and light bulbs with the bottoms screwed off showing that the light bulbs were trick light bulbs that were battery-powered.

They smiled and laughed, they explained that this is a trick that they do to help them sell these trick light bulbs and batteries and maybe some other things, and so they were salesmen.

Some younger men in their family arrived wearing somewhat outdated suits and hats (some with feathers in them), the old men introduced them to me by name and they all had names that sounded similar, and they told me at least one unique thing about each of them that helped to tell them apart.

The old men would work and hang out for a few hours and the young men would arrive to work and hang out in their place for a few hours, they were all friendly and relaxed people, and they talked with each other and the people with me and I.

At some point it was time for us to keep moving so I followed the others to another area, we went through a door and down some stairs into a sunken area that was lower than the other rooms, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr