My Mom Is Pregnant?

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Last night and/or the night before I remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

One dream took place in a fictional school that is sometimes in my dreams, and I was trying to find a bathroom because I had to use the bathroom, which is a common dream theme of mine; but bathroom after bathroom was nasty with human feces in and/or on and/or near the toilets and/or the bathrooms were crowded/full.

The school was a large maze-like school, a bit like my former high school in real life, but this school is bigger and even more confusing.

I am not sure if I ever found a bathroom or not where I could use the bathroom, probably not, but that is all that I remember.

Dream 2

I had another dream that took place in a school and I went to several classes and/or was supposed to go to several classes, and this dream was a continuation of several past dreams; and so I remembered details from several past dreams, and I knew which classes I had been missing.

I wondered had I dropped several of the classes that I had not been attending, because I did not want to fail them, because I knew that I had missed so many days that I would get an F.

English was one of those classes, another was a Math class, and there might have been another; and they were all college classes, and I even knew who the English teacher was, because I have had several dreams connected to this before.

Sometimes I have dreams about school/college like this where details from past dreams are remembered, and so some of these dreams connect together in a way that is like I am living another life in the dream world or something.

I felt a bit bad for missing so many days and for basically giving up on those classes, but it was too late to try to undo what was done; but I still thought about what I could do, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream that I remember took place outside during the day in D in a fictional area near the woods where the A Plant should be, this area is sometimes in my dreams, but it is bigger & different from in real life.

The dream is very unclear but I remember being in this area with my mom and dad, and they wanted to tell me something private out where there was no one else around.

They told me that they thought that my mom might be pregnant, but that they were not sure, and that they wanted to keep it a secret for now until they found out for sure.

I was shocked & surprised, and it did seem that my mom might have been pregnant; but then an unknown man who reminded me of a salesman from China (Chinese) who sells cheap stuff, came walking toward us.

He was trying to sell us stuff and then he started shooting various weapons that he had for fun, and we asked him to stop because it was dangerous; but he was not listening.

He shot a grenade launcher at trees, he shot some pistols, he shot some rifles, he shot some shotguns, and more.

Fearing for my mom’s/our safety, we warned him that my mom might be pregnant and we asked him to stop shooting his various weapons or we would defend ourselves if he continued to endanger our lives; but he refused to stop.

Then he started to point one of his weapons toward us, but I had already ran toward him to attack him before he could shoot, and I killed him before he could even shoot his weapon; I killed him quickly & brutally like a wild animal.

I had prepared myself for the worst and when talking failed, I let myself go into a survival mode as soon as I sensed that the man was about to attack, and I ran at him knowing that I would probably have to kill him before he could shoot & kill us all; and so I unleashed a quick burst of raw human death mode or whatever you want to call it.

After I returned to normal mode, I was shocked & in the distance some police & police dogs had heard the noise and the police dogs were unleashed & they ran toward us, and so my dad & I started to drag the man’s body toward the woods; and we were going to try to dispose and/or hide the body & escape, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Getting Chased By A Black Bear

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Last night I only remember part of one dream which took place at a fictional version of my parent’s house in the day, and a man was at our house trying to sell something.

The man was talking with my brothers D&D mostly, and I was in another room of the house.

At some point I went into the room to see what the man was talking about, and I remember the man & my brothers D&D making fun of me; but they were only joking, and I think that they were making fun of some of the music that I listen to or something.

I stopped to talk with them but I can not remember what we talked about, and I just remember the man leaving at some point; and my brothers D&D told me that they had seen a black bear in our neighborhood, which did not make sense to me, since I never seen a black bear around the area my whole life.

Next, I remember walking outside near my aunt JE’s house for some reason, and as I was walking toward my grandfather’s house, I saw a medium-sized black bear sleeping.

I was shocked and I tried to sneak past it, but the bear woke up and it saw me, and so I was about to run; but I decided to grab two sticks instead, and I was going to face it.

I stood there with a stick in both hands trying to act brave and I tried to make myself look bigger than I really was, and I tried to make sounds to scare the bear.

The bear growled / roared and it walked toward me, so my plan was not working, and then it tried to attack me; and so I started to hit it with my two sticks, but one of the sticks broke.

My plan was not working, but the bear was a bit stunned at first; and then it growled/roared at me.

I then got afraid again, I threw the sticks to the ground, and then I started to run to my grandfather’s yards as the bear chased me.

I closed my grandfather’s gate right before the bear almost got me, which made the bear stopped & he growled/roared, and then I ran into my grandfather’s house and I closed the door.

My grandfather was sitting on his coach and I asked him where was his old shotgun, and he then asked me what was wrong.

I told him that a black bear was chasing me and I told him what had happened, but then my grandfather started to laugh like he thought that the situation was funny; I was surprised at first, but then I started to laugh too, because the situation was a bit funny when I stopped to think about it.

The part where I threw down the sticks and I ran, was pretty funny. 😀

I then got serious again, and I asked my grandfather did he still have his old shotgun and/or did he have any pepper spray?

But then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂


May 2, 2009 | Dream Fragment | The House Salesman


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Last night I only remembered one of my dreams, but I do know that the dreams that I can not remember exactly, were inspired by the movie City Of God; which I watched last night.

The dream I remember started with my family, my cousin DW, and I arriving by automobile to a field area near some trees.

My mom said that we came here to meet a house salesman that was going to show us a house that he was selling.

We did not see the salesman so we decided to walk toward the trees, to see if he was behind them.

The tree area had water puddles and was like a mini-jungle with vines, bushes, trees, etc.

As we were entering the tree area, I noticed a small green snake with a triangular-shaped head like a viper, it was near my mom’s foot in a water puddle.

I told my mom to watch out because there was a snake, so we all started to look around to make sure there were no more snakes, and suddenly we started to see more snakes.

Some were in water puddles, some were under leaves, and a few were on bushes.

Almost all of them looked poisonous, but like almost all my dreams with snakes, they did not bother us or try to bite us.

I grabbed a stick and started to hit the ground as we walked, so I could find the snakes easier, but suddenly a man in an automobile drove up near our automobiles.

The man got out of the automobile wearing body armor and a helmet like he was a riot police officer or something, that just left work.

He took off his helmet and put it into his automobile, and asked if we were the ones wanting to see the house that he was selling, we said yes.

The man then told us to follow him, and we walked through the mini-jungle which then led to a field and across the field there was a school.

On the other side of the school there was a nice two-story house made of brick with a nice large yard, the man said that was the house that he was selling.

The house salesman had brown hair, appeared to be in his 40’s, was a bit fat, and he acted somewhat annoying & un-trustworthy; he reminded me of some of the cheesy guys that you would see in a movie from the 70s.

Instead of walking around the school to get to the house, the house salesman lead us through the school area, he said that was a shortcut.

The house salesman did not seem to know where he was going and we started to get lost, but after a while we made it to a baseball field that was close to the yard of the house.

The house salesman was getting hot in his armor so he had taken most of it off at this point, and there was a fence around the baseball field, so we were going to have to climb it.

Some of the students were outside and helped us climb over the fence, and after that the house salesman was very tired & embarrassed.

The house salesman then fell on the ground and started to tell us the truth, he said that he did not really own that house and that he was just pretending that he owned it; to make himself seem to be successful.

He said that he used to be a classmate of my mom and that he used to like her, so he was hoping to impress her.

We were all shocked and just stood there wondering what to do or say, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂