Brushing Teeth | Jason Bateman

Dream 1

At the end of this dream I was on an upper floor of a building with some other people including a man with light-color skin and a woman, and at some point the man and I were brushing our teeth.

The man predicted that the woman would brush her teeth at 10, and then his prediction ended up being true because the woman started brushing her teeth at 10.


Cleaning A Bedroom At My Aunt JE’s House And Helping A Chihuahua

I only somewhat remember part of one dream from last night, which mostly took place at a slightly fictional version of my aunt JE’s house, and it started when my aunt JE started beating/knocking on the door at my parent’s house early in the morning in the real world & in the dream; and my mom answered the door in the real world & in the dream, and then my mom went to my aunt JE’s house with my aunt JE.

At some point in the dream I went over there as well, I saw my mom & I talked to her, she was cleaning parts of my aunt JE’s house & helping with some other things; but at the time my aunt JE was in another room watching TV not helping, so my aunt JE did not know that I was there, and I started cleaning a fictional version of the room that my cousin DE used to stay in.

At some point my mom left and so I was still there cleaning one of the bedrooms, my aunt JE still did not know that I was there, and at some point my aunt JE started walking to the bathroom in the hallway near the bedroom that I was cleaning; and so I decided to walk out of the bedroom to let her know that I was in the house cleaning to avoid scaring her, I did this, but she started to have a negative reaction in one of her mentally/emotionally unstable-like ways.

She started to accuse me of breaking into her house, of being a thief, of being a spy, and more; and I tried to explain that I had been there helping clean her house since my mom was there, but she would not listen to me and she continued her mentally/emotionally unstable rant like she was going to call the police.

It was pointless continuing and so I was going to leave to avoid the police being called & to avoid my aunt JE from becoming more unstable, I called my mom to tell her what had happened while I stood in the kitchen, and I noticed my uncle CE outside the window talking to my aunt JE’s neighbor Mr. FF in his yard (which is not visible from my aunt JE’s kitchen in real life, but it was in the dream oddly); and I waved at them, and then I walked to my grandfather’s yard since I saw my brothers over there.

In my grandfather’s yard near a rusty metal barrel I saw Mr. FF’s pet Chihuahua and she looked wounded with a possible cut along her side with possible dry blood and/or saliva over the possible wound, she looked dehydrated, she looked hungry, she looked tired, and she looked like she was probably dying if nothing was done soon to help her; and so I petted her on the head while calmly talking to her, she was too tired to run from me this time since she is not familiar enough with me to let me pet her in real life, and then I told my brothers about the Chihuahua.

I found some gloves and I went to pick the Chihuahua up so that I could take her to her owner Mr. FF, who was still standing across the street in his yard talking with my uncle CE, but she tried to run/crawl from me to hide under some soft dirt & ash next to the fire pit near the rusty metal barrel; but I managed to pick her up before she could escape under the dirt & ash.

I then started walking to take her to Mr. FF to tell him that she needed immediate medical attention to save her life, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr