Tongue Shock

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Dream 1

Last night I had a lot of unique dreams but I only remember part of some of them, with the first dream fragment that I can remember taking place in a mansion with whitish colored carpeted floors on the first floor, and I remember people and/or something running around the mansion; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment took place in the same mansion and I was with some of my former classmates and my former high school English teacher Mrs. H, and we were having a class photograph taken; and so we were standing together following the directions of the camera person.

After the class photograph we started moving to our desks in a classroom in the mansion, and I remember not being nervous really; and I mostly avoided looking directly at my classmates.

I remember trying to find a desk and I found one across the room near where Mrs. H was starting the lesson, and she was telling us about Learning; and she gave a good lecture about Learning and about passing on knowledge & learning strategies to our kids & to future generations, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The next dream fragment took place in D on the street by my parent’s house and I was walking up the street as a woman in the neighborhood, her two kids, a Chihuahua, and another small dog played in the street; and I waved and I smiled to them as I passed by them, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I crossed over to the next street and I saw a large alligator, and I decided to try to get it to follow me away from the area so that it would not kill the woman, her kids, and the dogs; and the alligator followed/chased me at a slow stalking pace like it wanted to eat me, and I walked until I could turn at a corner of a house.

I found something that I could use to stab the alligator in the head when it came around the corner, and so I started imaging various ways that I might be able to kill the alligator without getting myself killed; but I am not sure if I ever got to kill the alligator or not, I just remember a man coming around the corner, and he walked me to a small concrete structure.

The front of the concrete structure was open with no walls or doors in the front but the alligator would not see us unless it walked in front of the structure, and the man started showing me some unique handmade electronic things inside of the concrete structure on the ceiling.

Some of the handmade electronics would make noise, music, cool lights & colors, radio signals, et cetera; and one of them had a picture of DashieXP (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube on glass with cool lights & colors almost like a lava lamp or something, or it had something to do with DashieXP.

The man wanted me to listen to the DashieXP related electronic thing and he put some headphones on my head, and I was able to hear some sounds and/or music; and there were lights and cool colors on the glass, but then the man grabbed two wires that were connected to it and he touched them together, which caused a spark.

Then he started reaching the wires toward my face as I told him to keep it away from me, and he touched the two wires on my tongue as I was arguing with him; and a jolt hit me that was like a concussion blast mixed with an electric shock mixed with a drug burst, that made my brain feel weird and it made a ringing-like noise in my ears like after a stun grenade explodes and I could even taste the jolt from the wires which tasted almost like touching a 9V battery to your tongue.

The lights and colors on the glass started to look very vivid and unique, the colors were more intense and rich than in real life, and the music & sounds were playing uniquely, and it was like all of this was happening in my brain like the jolt passed it directly to my brain or something crazy; and it was a short, interesting, strange, and amazing few seconds that caused me to jump awake in the real world from the jolt.

I could still feel it a few seconds after waking up and I took a few minutes to recover and to think about the dreams that I had until that point, and then I went back to sleep.

Dream 4

The next dream took place in a fictional version of D near the C Elementary School, and I was going to a fictional clinic to see a doctor; and I remember seeing a nurse who checked me at first, and then I saw a doctor who looked and acted like Dr. James Watson from the TV show Sanctuary.

Dr. Watson asked me a few questions about my past, present, and possible futures after looking at my medical chart; and he was able to guess certain things that I had not told him, based off of my answers to his questions, he was smart in that detective-like way.

I was impressed and we talked about various things about my life & life in general, after learning all that he needed to know, Mr. Watson started quickly drawing a certain type of dinosaur as we talked with pretty good detail to my surprise; I complimented him on his drawing ability, and he told me that particular dinosaur’s head structure was always hard for him to draw and that he never draws it quite right.

He then told me that he wanted to have a few tests done on me before I left, and he left the room; and later a male nurse came in to check me, and I remember him telling me about a home remedy for a certain type of fungus.

The male nurse was very talkative, annoyingly so, and after he was done he left the room; and later an old male doctor came into the room to do the last tests, but I had no idea what tests were to be done.

I remember asking the old doctor what kind of tests were to be done on me but he started telling me some long story that had nothing to do with my question, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 5

The last dream is very confusing and I remember Dr. Will Zimmerman from Sanctuary waking up on the second floor of a small apartment house near where the clinic was, but I am not sure if I was Dr. Zimmerman at first or if I was seeing this without being in the dream at first.

I think that there was another dream before this where I/Him/We met a woman or some women in a fictional version of downtown D, and he might have started dating one of them and she was an FBI agent or worked with an Intelligence Agency or something; but I can not remember this dream.

Anyway, Dr. Zimmerman woke up feeling like he had been drugged and/or knocked unconscious, and he noticed that his apartment looked like someone had robbed it and messed it up a bit; and he started to noticed stolen things, messed up things, and booby traps.

He called for help and I was there in the dream directly now (I was already there but not in the dream at first), my brother GC came, and several other people; and we slowly searched the house disabling booby traps, cleaning up, and searching for clues to what happened.

A few of us were on guard duty because we feared that his girlfriend or the woman was behind this, and that somehow an Intelligence Agency was involved and we feared that they would attack if they realized that we disabled all the booby traps.

I remember being able to see some of Dr. Zimmerman’s flashbacks of what might have happened with clips of the woman, phone calls, threats, scenes of him being dragged into bed, et cetera.

Most of the booby traps were minor traps but a few were deadly, and I remember us fearing being watch by an Intelligence Agency; and I remember something about a helicopter or airplane about to land in the field by the house or something, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Kate Freelander And The Doctor’s Office On A Train

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Last night I remember part of my last dream which took place during the day, but I do not remember the beginning of the dream.

I remember being with a group of people and we might have been classmates in this dream, I am not sure, I just remember several of us getting injured somehow; and we went to a hospital or clinic that was close to or connected to our school or whatever building we were at.

Kate Freelander (played by the actress Agam Darshi) from the TV show Sanctuary was one of the injured people in our group, and another injured person was my former classmate AW.

I remember us taking them and the others to a large waiting room, where most of the workers seemed to be from India (Indian), and I think some of them knew Mrs. Freelander; but I think that they were giving us a bit of a hard time, so we were going to have to wait a long time until we could see a doctor.

I think that a few people in my group had a bit of an argument with the workers, but that did not help; and so some of us decided to stay waiting in the waiting room, and the rest of us walked off for some fresh air and/or to find another doctor.

I remember carrying AW, since her leg was hurt, and we went to an outdoor/indoor area; and I remember seeing some other workers, and Mrs. C was one of them & most of the workers in the area seemed to be from Eastside.

Some of them knew AW and so I think that they told AW that she could wait in their waiting room to see their doctor, and so AW went to their waiting room with a few other people from our group; and the rest of us started to prepare to play soccer.

My right knee was still bothering me like in real life, and so I decided to try to be the goalie instead, since there was no goalie at first; but the goal was a wall with two big windows, which would be easily broken, and so I suggested that the goal be moved down to where there was only a wall with no window.

We stopped to debate the issue and question whether we should play soccer at all, since we were afraid to break something, this outdoor/indoor area looked like it was outside but it was like being in a building with short walls with windows & grass/dirt for the floor & no roof so you could see the sky.

I think that we decided not to play soccer, then I remember my mom walking over & she suggested that we go somewhere else to find a doctor to check my knee again, and so we drove off to find a doctor.

We drove not far away outside of an old hospital or building where construction was going on, and we parked in a grassy alley with little ponds of water; and to my surprise my mom walked through one of the ponds, which got her dress wet, but I jumped over the smaller ponds to reach the other side instead of walking through the ponds.

We reached a group of old broken silverish (I think, with maybe a few other light colors) colored city trains (the kind you see in big cities in subways/et cetera) that were being used as doctor offices for a doctor clinic complex made of only old city trains, and oddly this place seemed familiar like I had been there before many years ago.

A dog walked toward my mom barking or growling near the entrance of one of the trains, and so I ran toward the dog showing it that I was not afraid & that I was ready to fight if necessary; and the dog was able to sense/feel my energy levels rise, and so it got quiet & it backed off to my surprise.

We entered the train, which was also connected to a strange upper area where there were working trains above the broken trains, which had their own rail system above the broken trains; and I think that we saw a cat in one of the broken trains, and then we went to the upper area which had a small area where you could board one of the working trains.

I found out why this place felt familiar, my mom said that she used to take me to a doctor at this place, but one day the doctor got in trouble/lost their license/got put in jail/or something; and so she stopped taking me to this place.

It seemed mostly abandoned now, a place where cheap doctors and not so skilled doctors would open their own offices, and I started to remember where my old doctor used to be; and so we walked to where it used to be.

We boarded one of the working trains and we saw a small tanish/light brownish colored dog, and then a female doctor greeted us; and I think that she was my old doctor.

She explained what had happened in the past and how she had finally gotten her license back, and then she started up the train; and she started driving the train on the rail system, oddly I was somewhat blocking the window that allowed her to see where she was going since the driving controls were at the front of the train & I was near the back of the train where the window was that she needed, but she said that she could still drive it without needing to see everything.

I was a bit nervous about her driving without being able to see where she was going, so I moved out-of-the-way, and I looked out of the window as the train moved & as the doctor continued talking; it was cool, but I was still a bit afraid of how overly relaxed & unprofessional the doctor seemed, and how rough this doctor clinic complex looked.

I started to remember some old memories of when I used to come to this doctor as a kid, it was nice thinking of that while riding on this strange rail system while enjoying the view, even though the area looked pretty rough; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Following John Druitt

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Dream 1

Last night I remember part of three dreams and one dream fragment from the night before, with the first dream taking place inside of a mansion/large house that seemed to belong to my family, and I was in an area that has been in several of my past dreams.

I was on a floor that over-looked the first floor of the home, like a large indoor balcony that was so big that it was almost like its own house, and I think that there were several doors that led to other rooms on this floor but I could be wrong.

This floor has carpet, a small rail that over-looks the first floor, a few TVs, chairs, couches, tables, decorations, some others electronics, a stairway on the left side & right side, et cetera; and it is very similar to one of the floors of another mansion that is sometimes in my dreams, but that mansion is huge.

I spent most or all of my time on this floor since it is so big, the floor is shaped like a long rectangle, and so you can do almost anything you need to do like jog, play indoor versions of various sports, walk, read, eat, drink, sleep, sit, watch TV, play games, get on a computer, et cetera; and this floor is nicely lit with outdoor lighting from the front of the mansion, and the carpet was a whitish color I think.

I remember seeing my mom, dad, and my brothers during the dream; and I remember running around, talking, exploring, and trying to watch some TV.

I remember feeling that this dream was a continuation of a dream from the night before and/or it took place in the same place as one of my dreams before, yesterday I felt that I had dreamed of this place, and in this dream it was confirmed that I did dream of this place yesterday.

The floor that I spent most of my time on is so similar to one of the floors in the huge mansion, that I am not sure if they are two different mansions or the same one.

I can not remember the details of that dream (except that some other people were in the dream & I think I remember running around at some point) or the beginning of this dream, but I remember trying to get one of the TVs to work, and then my mom showed me a projector that projected another TV screen on several larger TV screens that were not far from the TV that I was trying to fix.

It was pretty cool to see this unique projector in action, and so I stopped to watch what it was projecting on the other screens but I can not remember what was playing; and then I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was the most interesting dream of last night but I can not remember some of it, unfortunately, but I will try to put the pieces together of what I think happened in this dream.

I think that a group of people and I arrived at a mountain/cave-like entrance to a fictional training facility for the Sanctuary, as in the TV show Sanctuary, but I could be wrong; and we entered a cave-like hall that led to a door, and behind that door was a waiting room-like place where they probably would check you before letting you into the training facility.

I think that a man who worked with the Sanctuary was there to welcome us and check us to make sure that we were supposed to be there, and he told us that Helen Magnus and maybe several other Sanctuary members would be coming to help train/teach us in a few days or so; and he started to talk to us, probably letting us know the rules & stuff before he would lead us into the training facility, but then John Druitt walked into the waiting room from the same area where we had entered from.

Mr. Druitt was in his Kill People Mode it seemed and he attacked the Sanctuary worker and/or several of us, but I can not remember this part exactly; and then he started to ask us where was Helen Magnus, but we told him that we had no idea where she was & that she was supposed to be here in a few days or so.

Mr. Druitt was clearly too powerful for any of us to defeat, and his attack made it clear that anyone who tried to fight him would probably be killed easily or defeated; and so now he was in control as he talked to us while smiling & laughing in an over-confident & blood thirsty way.

It seemed that he wanted Helen Magnus for some reason, and so he was going to wait for how ever long it would take her to get to the training facility, and he was going to probably have fun slowly killing all of us for entertainment or whatever.

Since it would probably be a few days before Mrs. Magnus arrived, Mr. Druitt probably was going to slowly hunt us over several days until he killed us all or something like that.

I remember Mr. Druitt talking to us about something, but then an unknown powerful being came out of no where & it attacked Mr. Druitt, wounding him; and this powerful being locked the cave-like entrance, and it told us something.

I think that the powerful being was going to now slowly hunt us for several days until we were all dead, including Mr. Druitt, who it attacked first since he was his only true threat; but I do not remember what this powerful being looked like, because it was fast & it seemed to be able to disappear and/or turn into energy or something, and it spent most of its time hidden so we only could hear its voice.

Mr. Druitt could not teleport because of either the powerful being and/or the type of minerals in the cave/mountain, and so he was trapped with us; and the powerful being forced us into the training facility and it locked us out of the waiting room, and so now we had two or three layers of doors & mountain/cave between us & escaping.

The powerful being would occasionally talk to us, but we could not see it, it seemed to be playing games with us; and it was going to probably enjoy slowly killing us all & destroy the training facility.

I am not sure if the powerful being thought that Mrs. Magnus was with us or not, or what its true motives were; but it seemed that all of our lives were in danger.

Mr. Druitt instantly realized that he had no chance of defeating the powerful being alone, especially while wounded, and so he quickly took charge of our group again; and he said that he would try to teach/train us as quickly as he could to help us work together to defeat the powerful being or at least survive long enough until help would arrive.

No one dared challenge Mr. Druitt, so he was in control of our group again, and he led us to the library which had a lot of books & it looked like an old English/British-style library; to my surprise Mr. Druitt was doing a good job leading us.

He talked about some strategies to help us survive & he gave different people orders to check for food, water, weapons, armor, and other supplies & he told us some information about the powerful being & he started to train/teach us a few things.

He made it clear that we were to work as a team and that this was a life or death situation, and he firmly let us know that he was in charge of our group; and that we only had a chance if we worked together and if he could teach/train us enough before it was too late.

The training facility had a variety of areas, but we spent most of our time in the library for some reason, but I am not sure why; I just remember Mr. Druitt doing most of our training/teaching there and that is where he gave us our orders.

Under Mr. Druitt’s leadership things seemed to be going well, to my surprise, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The next dream took place at my parent’s house and one of my former classmates, either JF or KW, came over for some reason; and I remember us talking about various things, and it seemed to be early in the morning.

I remember us talking about TV shows and I remember telling him about Sanctuary, which I have watched recently, I am on season 3; and I was describing the show to him, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Another Sanctuary Inspired Dream

The main characters of Sanctuary Season 1, fro...
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Last night I remember part of the end of my last dream which was yet another Sanctuary inspired dream, but I am not sure how it started exactly, I just remember being inside of a classroom-like room in a building; but I am not sure what happened, everything is unclear.

Something happened and Helen Magnus & maybe one or two other main characters from the TV show Sanctuary came to the building, but I am not sure what happened; I just remember that we traveled one or more times by a portal device that they used to teleport to the Sanctuary & maybe other places.

The last person who entered the portal would always shoot the portal with something that would form a red outline around the portal, to maybe stabilize the portal and/or lock it, I am not sure but I remember the last person to enter the portal would always do that.

I guess they/we went on a mission but something went wrong, and we got ambushed; and a man who had targeted Mrs. Magnus, did something to her that caused her brain to start breaking down.

We escaped with Mrs. Magnus to the Sanctuary to protect her and to try to stop the deterioration/breaking down of her brain, but I think that the man who had attacked her knew how to get to the Sanctuary and/or he was still a threat.

There were more members of the main Sanctuary team than on the TV show, and the team was more diverse; and somehow we copied Mrs. Magnus memories/brain to my brain temporarily, as we tried to stop the deterioration of her brain, to prevent her from losing most of her memories/et cetera.

Mrs. Magnus started to act irrational, aggressive, and strange as her brain slowly deteriorated; but we had hope that a certain treatment would stop the deterioration & save Mrs. Magnus.

Part of the team went after the man who attacked her, I think that he had stolen something from us during the attack, and part of the team stayed to protect the Sanctuary & Mrs. Magnus since we expected another attack; and I remember being able to see & know certain things that I did not see/know before, since I now had Mrs. Magnus’s memories.

I remember teleporting through the portal several times with part of the team, so I must have left the Sanctuary at least once, but I came back to the Sanctuary to help protect it as I waited for them to save Mrs. Magnus so that I could transfer her memories back to her.; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Something? Something? Strategy

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Last night I barely remember part of the end of my last dream which I think started at a college, and later in the dream I remember sitting down talking with an unknown woman & Helen Magnus from the TV show Sanctuary.

We were talking about various ideas, hypothesis, theories, et cetera and I was telling them about some of mine.

I remember telling them about one of my ideas, thoughts, hypothesis, or something called The Something (maybe External or Vital or ?) Something (maybe Help or Life or ?) Strategy; and I was explaining it in detail, but Mrs. Magnus and the unknown woman started to laugh and joke about it.

They told me that a lot of my ideas were probably incorrect/illogical/funny/or something like that, but that some of my ideas, thoughts, hypothesis, et cetera were a bit creative and that I probably had potential to one day think of better ideas, thoughts, hypothesis, or something like that.

I was a bit annoyed & hurt at first about how they had laughed at my ideas & joked about them, but then I realized that they were just having a bit of fun; and then I started to laugh as well.

I continued to explain my ideas as they made funny faces, smiled, and laughed sometimes; but they also asked me questions and they pointed out flaws in some of my ideas, and so we started to talk & debate various things while also joking around.

It was interesting talking deeply about various ideas and hearing their opinions on them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂