Praise Santa | A Huey Freeman Christmas | The Boondocks

Praise Santa… [Ho Ho Ho] ^_^

What is it?

A Jazmine DuBois dream scene from episode 7 (A Huey Freeman Christmas) of the animated TV show The Boondocks (Season 1).

praise Santa

This is how PsyDoXeN describes this video:

Jazmine DuBois knows the true meaning of Christmas and preaches it in style…

Gospel choirs, they’re so much more fun than all the other depressing, ‘you’re all going to hell unless’, alternatives!!! ^_^
The Boondocks : A Huey Freeman Christmas


Bad Babysitting | A Rooster Teeth-Like Library | A Movie With Jesus And Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Dream 1

This dream involved my parents, a husband and wife with light-color skin, and I talking and looking at video footage of several videos cameras that they had setup in their home.

The husband and wife paid some company or something to babysit their children and to maybe do housework whenever they go somewhere, and as we were looking at the live video footage across several cameras we noticed their daughter who was a toddler with light-color skin walking alone around the house.

The little girl looked like she was chewing on something and no one was watching her, and so I entered the house (which partly looked like my parents house oddly) to see what she was chewing on while her parents called the company to complain about this situation.

The toddler was by the air conditioner in the dining room, I discovered that she was chewing on a battery and I found several batteries in her mouth that I had to remove, but she still wanted to chew on the batteries so I told her no and she started crying.

She was too young to talk yet so I tried to comfort her while I called my mom to let her and the parents know what happened, and that they should probably take their daughter to the hospital to make sure that she did not swallow anything and to make sure that the batteries that she had chewed on did not cause any damage to her mouth et cetera.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream involved me working at a fictional version of The BP Library that was Rooster Teeth-like, I remember hearing a sound that I assumed to be a UPS alarm or something coming from the printer room and / or the IT Department, and so I went to investigate.

Two male managers and / or directors and / or owners and / or whatever with light-color skin walked over to investigate as well, one of them left and the other started to print something, and the sound stopped so it was coming from that printer I assume.

I started talking with him about this and about what he was printing because I saw him scanning his hands with the printer, and he told me that he was making copies of his fingerprints so that he could print them on paper and put maybe pills (probably recreational drugs) on them to give to our coworkers later at a party; but I woke up.

Dream 3

I am not sure if this entire dream was a movie or if it became a movie after the Jesus part of the dream or if this is actually two separate dreams.

At some point in this dream or two dreams Jesus was leading a crowd of people / followers / whoever during the day, many were on horses et cetera but Jesus and some of the others were not, and I was among them I guess.

We entered a nice but ancient style tunnel that water would flow through sometimes so it was dangerous to linger in it, it was dry now but it was expected that we might not be able to cross it in time before the water comes rushing through, and so we hurried through the tunnel.

About halfway or more it seemed that we would not make it in time before the water comes, and so Jesus led us to a door on the left side of the tunnel that led to a room with stadium seating so that he could ask maybe an ancient Eastern European (this was my wild guess in the dream, and I had no idea) goddess (who was probably older than Jesus) if she would allow us to stay here briefly until the water passes.

The assumed goddess probably looked older and probably had light-color skin with maybe gray / white hair, and her proportions were probably wider and taller than a normal human so imagine a less exaggerated version of maybe a character like Yubaba:

Source: IMDb

There were people and / or entities in the stadium seating areas already, the entire room was dimly lit, and Jesus walked over to the assumed goddess who was standing on the sunken area behind maybe a desk or something; and he asked her to allow us brief safe passage / wait in her room until the water passes.

A man with Jesus’s group told Jesus to make sure that the goddess did not see his appearance or she might reject his plea if she did not think that he was a deity from her pantheon, oddly Jesus looked more like Santa Claus now after being told this, and Jesus with his new appearance walked into the crowd in the stadium seating to give a brief speech to win over the crowd while staying in the darkest areas to avoid the goddess from seeing his appearance.

Jesus won over the crowd with his speech, they cheered, and the goddess accepted his plea and we were allowed to wait here until the water passed.

We heard the water moving through the tunnel quickly and we were glad that we had stopped here instead of trying to continue, after the wait this is either part of this dream or a new dream, and if the dream was not already a movie then it was clearly a movie at this point.

It was time to leave, I knew this was a movie being filmed and that I was an extra in the movie basically, as I was walking to leave through the stadium seating area I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme playing a somewhat comedic character who seemed to be maybe a personal trainer wearing maybe a red headband and a sleeveless shirt.

I was just an extra with probably no dialogue, but to my surprise and confusion Jean-Claude Van Damme walked over to me and started talking to me and I had no lines so I had to just go along with it and try not to ruin the scene.

He possibly asked me about my workout routine at some point and I tried to stay in character with my response, we said goodbye and I left to the next area, and when I got to the next area I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme again still in character.

He approached me again and we started talking, and he said something simple that could also be considered deep / insightful depending on your interpretation but I can not remember what was said but it possibly involved him talking about trying to reach his goals through work / helping others while using minimal effort but I can not remember.

I remember being surprised by this because his character was comedic and fitness focused and what he said was simple, but possibly had deeper meaning; but I woke up as I thought about this.

The end,

-John Jr


A Ghost Of A Girl Visits Her Parent’s During The Witching Hour?

Source: Wikipedia

All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it took place during the night, and I remember walking into an open room possibly from the outside that was really a hotel room-like house or apartment that was probably just one open room (bedroom, living room, et cetera) except for two rooms on the right side of the room that probably led to a bathroom and laundry room and a kitchen and dining room.

A married couple (a husband and wife with whitish colored skin) lived there and they were sleeping in a bed near the entrance door, and I have no idea why I was walking into their house at night while they were sleep (maybe I had already been inside the house earlier, and had went outside for a walk?); and I have no idea what happened earlier in the dream, and so I am not sure.

I just remember being not far from their bed in the corner when something strange that I can not remember happened that caused them to wake up and it got my attention as well, maybe the electricity turned off and/or there was a strange noise and/or there was a strange glow or light and/or a strange sensation and/or something like that, and what looked like the ghost or spirit or soul or whatever of a girl magically appeared or walked from the right side of the room from one of the two other rooms.

The ghost or entity of the girl stood not far away from the bed just looking at the husband and wife, she looked somewhat like the character Ofelia from the film Pan’s Labyrinth, the husband and wife were shocked and they recognized her as their dead daughter who had died several years ago.

The couple was still sad about the death of their daughter years ago, the wife was now pregnant again, the wife had one or more medical problems, and so things were not going so well for them and they seemed depressed.

They asked the ghost if it was their daughter and it said yes, the husband and wife started to cry, and they were both sad and happy to see her again and hear her again so it was a very emotional moment.

I was somewhat shocked and confused and somewhat scared and trying to figure out what was going on and I was not sure if this was a ghost, spirit, soul, alien, entity, trick, illusion, dream, or someone or something using advanced technology; and this felt real like how you would feel if something very strange and unexplained happened suddenly, and you try to find a logical explanation.

I stood back in the corner not sure what to do but watch and listen and think and try to be logical to help me to try to find out what was happening and if this was real or an illusion or dream or something else, and the husband and wife asked the ghost of their daughter some questions and she answered some of their questions and she shared some information with them.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the interesting things that she said, but I do remember her telling her mom that maybe They or We could heal her; but she did not say if or when They or We would heal her mother, and we had no idea who They or We were.

I assumed that They or We seemed to be the ones who were allowing her to visit her parent’s and that They or We were in control and possibly watching and listening, and that she only had a short time to communicate with her parent’s before They or We sent her back.

She looked like a normal girl except for maybe a glow or light coming from her skin and/or around her maybe and maybe a bit of transparency so you knew that she was a ghost or something like that, and no one tried to touch her so I am not sure if she was in a solid form that could be touched or not.

She probably told her parent’s that she did not have long and that They or We would be sending her back soon, she may have told her mother what gender her unborn baby would be, and that she has watched how they have suffered and it saddens her; and that maybe she had come hoping to help them feel better by them seeing and hearing her again, and by sharing some information with them to help them move on.

At some point she had to go and she disappeared or walked away, maybe the electricity came back on and/or we noticed that all the digital clocks were flashing the time in red numbers like they all had went off at the exact same time of 2 or 3 something AM, and the husband asked if that was the Witching Hour; and I said that I was not sure but that sounded close to the times when I have heard some people mentioning strange things happening sometimes, and maybe the wife said that it was the Witching Hour.

The husband and wife seemed happy now and this visit from the ghost of their dead daughter helped them, I was happy to see them feeling better and it was emotional, but I was still trying to make sense of the situation and I was still somewhat in shock.

If this was real then this could mean that spirits and souls and ghosts et cetera might exist, and that would open up many new possibilities; and I also wondered if this was a trick being done by someone or something like people or aliens using advanced technology or one or more entities or supernatural beings pretending to be their dead daughter.

There were so many possibilities, I tried to stay logical and open minded, but this was quite an experience and I probably somewhat felt like a scientist hoping to have my beliefs challenged and getting to explore new possibilities about reality and life and death et cetera.

As I was thinking and trying to take notes for my investigation and research, family members of the husband and wife started to arrive like a holiday celebration was taking place, and they were bringing food and drink and gifts.

One of these family members looked like Santa Claus and he had gifts of nice-looking boxed desserts, I remember commenting about the desserts and wanting to try some, and the mood was very positive and happy and joyful.

The husband and wife told their family about what happened with the ghost of their dead daughter as their family members listened with excitement and joy, and the husband and wife were very joyful and energized.

It was amazing seeing the positive effect/affect that the ghost of the daughter had on her parent’s and the mood of the dream, but I woke up as I took a break from my investigation and research to join in the fun.

The end,

-John Jr


Sleep Paralysis And Hallucinations | Light (Good) Versus Dark (Evil)

Sleep Paralysis And/Or Dream 1

The first dream/experience took place about thirty minutes after I went to sleep or was almost sleep last night, I am not sure if I was dreaming or awake or if it was both, either way I remember laying in bed in a dark room; and my brother GC was on the left side of the room sleeping on his bed.

I was laying in bed about to go to sleep, then maybe I went to sleep but woke up a few minutes later still in bed, and I was experiencing sleep paralysis where I could not move and I could not talk; and I realized that this was sleep paralysis so I was pretty calm, and then I saw a hallucination of a mostly orangish colored cat with maybe a bit of small whitish colored stripes/patterns/whatever that was on the edge of my brother GC’s bed.

I thought that this was funny and cute and I felt positive, I reminded myself that this was probably a hallucination because I was having sleep paralysis, and so I decided to enjoy watching this hallucination as the cat moved around on the edge of my brother GC’s bed; and I thought that this was interesting/cool, but then things became scary/freaky and negative.

The cat changed into a freaky/scary/strange bald small naked (it was possibly shedding skin after transforming so it did not look naked in the normal sense, and it probably did not have a penis or vagina) humanoid creäture with pale maybe grayish colored skin with a wrinkled neck like it was covered in foreskin or like its skin was still shedding from transforming; and its body was shaped strangely almost like the shape of the cat combined with a humanoid, no tail or paws or fur or anything like that but a strange body shape, and it was walking/crawling on all fours.

Things were no longer positive and I became afraid like during normal sleep paralysis, I tried to move and yell to warn my brother GC but I could not move and I could only barely mumble, and the humanoid was looking at me smiling with an evil grin like it was trying to scare me; and it slowly crawled/walked/climbed on all fours next to my face staring at me smiling with an evil grin as I struggled to try to move or yell.

My brother GC was still sleep in his bed, I was panicking and I reminded myself that this was probably sleep paralysis and a hallucination that was not real, and so I closed my eyes telling myself this and I took a deep breath to relax; and then in a few seconds when I relaxed a bit I quickly opened my eyes and I tried to jump up in bed, hoping to be able to move and grab the humanoid, but when I opened my eyes my body only shook like I was scared awake.

I was still in my bed and I could move now, the humanoid was gone, and my brother GC was still sleep in his bed; and so I was not sure if I had a dream of having sleep paralysis and hallucinations or if this happened in the real world or if this happened in the real world and in a dream.

Dream 2

I think that the second dream was maybe inspired by the films The Hunger Games and Divergent and/or something like that, I think that the dream possibly involved being poor and oppressed by a government maybe, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of my third/last dream is that it took place at a probably windowless fictional elementary school that possibly was supposed to be P Elementary School or at least inspired by it, I was possibly a student there but I am not sure if I was younger or not, and some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate WT.

I think that our teacher was a woman and that the school was a large one-story building with large open halls/areas, our classroom was on the left side near the center of the building near a large open area at the center of the building, and the dream was normal at first with us having class; and me talking with my former classmates, and maybe we talked about old memories.

I can not remember most of the dream but at some point in the dream things got strange and something strange was happening that I think involved light/good/et cetera versus dark/evil/et cetera, and maybe we were going to have to pick a side; but first we were going to experience each side, starting with light/good, and so we went on a mission for light/good.

A few of my classmates wanted to join dark/evil, some wanted to join light/good, and some of the others and I wanted to see what both sides were like/about/believed/behaved/et cetera; and even then some of us possibly would not want to choose a side.

Our test mission for light/good is unclear but it involved something about Santa Claus, I guess we were playing the role of Santa Claus who had to go to the side where the dark/evil was to retrieve something (maybe gifts) and then maybe deliver them to people, but I can not remember what the mission was about exactly.

This mission would allow us to see the dark/evil side while also having an idea of something that the light/good side normally does, we walked across the school either to the right side of the school or another building connected to the school, and there was a dark/evil entity who controlled this area.

The walls of this area had a strange substance on the walls with maybe egg-like things like the lair of an insect-like alien, some people were probably trapped in one of the rooms where the main dark/evil entity lived, and we probably got attacked by various creatures as we tried to collect objects (maybe gifts) and maybe help save people who were trapped/imprisoned; and the main dark/evil entity attacked us as well but I can not remember what he looked like exactly, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


How Did We Get Here / There?

Lazy Overview:

I can not remember most of my dreams last night, but I think that my first dream took place during the day outside a fictional Arts Center that has been in a few of my past dreams; and a film première/showing/whatever was going on.

There were big TV screens outside showing teaser trailers and/or films, reporters & camera crews, fans, celebrities, Artists, etc; but that is all that I can remember, except next I remember being with a brother & sister & a strange-looking man who took us to the outskirts of the city to a two-story/floor house that he lived in.

The man had pictures of how he used to look, he used to look like Santa Claus, and he used to be a rich banker and/or someone who dealt with money; but he had somehow lost most of his fortune, and then he moved to this house & let himself go (he barely even looked human anymore) & he got lost in his obsession with getting rich/getting more money/money/etc.

At some point the brother & sister found out that the man was there long-lost father, but then some mafia-like men came, to escort us away or something; their long-lost father did not even care about them, and he only cared about Money.

The man seemed to be doing some illegal activities to get rich again, and to possibly get revenge on certain people; but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that the brother & sister & I were at/on the set of a Disney movie that was being made.

An actor was showing us around the two-floor/story house, which looked familiar and I remembered that several other houses had looked similar in several of my past dreams, and they only had several minor differences; and I even remembered a dream that I can not remember now that I am awake, that also took place on the set of a Disney movie.

On the second floor each of these houses had a fireplace in almost the same place, the entrance of the house was in almost the same place, the living room and/or family room were in the almost same place, the kitchens were similar, etc.

At some point I remember us jumping on a platform that was in the living room and/or family room, and the platform had springs or something, almost like an entertainment wrestling ring; I can not remember what happened next exactly, except a man & I appeared and/or woke up on the side of the highway leading to a fictional version of LC (the city that the dreams had taken place in & near).

We both had no idea how we had gotten there, we both had our automobile keys, but we both were missing our wallets & mobile phones; and we were near an abandoned amusement park on the side of the highway, that was supposed to be under construction, but no one was around or driving on the highway.

Further up the highway was another abandoned amusement park that was old & ugly, and an another amusement park that appeared to still be active; but it was very far up the highway, I somehow remember seeing them from the point-of-view from being in the sky, but I am not sure how was I in the sky or what happened exactly. (That probably would help explain how the man & I had gotten to where we were) 🙂

I remember seeing the highway and several other things from the sky and I remember moving up the highway in the sky, but I am not sure if I was in a spaceship or plane or helicopter or flying or just seeing things from that point-of-view.

Anyway, the man & I started to look around for our wallets & mobile phones, and we saw a wrecked eighteen-wheeler between the highway where a river-like area with grass was; and we found our wallets & mobile phones inside of the eighteen-wheeler.

We did not know our exact location and we noticed a map at the construction site of the abandoned amusement park near us, and so we started to look at the map to figure out where we were.

We both were confused and our memories were not clear, it was almost like someone/something had knocked us unconscious, took us out on the highway, and dropped us off or something. 🙂

We wondered if we should walk up the highway until we found someone and/or should we use our mobile phones to call for help, if they still worked, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂