Playing Hide-And-Seek With Amy Adams

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day possibly in the city of D, I was with some of my family and maybe some unknown people and we drove to Burger King through the drive-through, and then we returned to a fictional version of my parent’s house and I remember some of the others trying to go to sleep at some point.

Some of my family and some of the possibly unknown people had special equipment that was used to record and store and upload videos to online streaming video websites like YouTube (they probably used this earlier in the dream before we left to Burger King), each set of this special equipment had a square-shaped part/area at the bottom, and this area needed to be cleaned sometimes; but most of them did not seem to clean their’s, and so I remember waking my brother TD up to clean his.


August 24, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I did not voice record my dreams or really think about them so I forgot most of my dreams except for part of the end of my last dream, and the dream seemed to involved several layers to the dream world(s) and probably several layers of consciousness.

The dream took place during the day in another country, probably in a Western country (possibly in Europe), and a man who was probably from Saudi Arabia was at his house waiting on his father to arrive for a visit; and he put a lot of effort into preparing himself, he tried to dress partly traditional wearing what I think is called a keffiyeh, and he seemed stressed/anxious like his father was very strict and judgmental of him.

I am not even sure if the other dream characters could see me or not, I was able to move between layers of the dream and possibly layers of consciousness, and one layer of the dream was outside the house under a covered sitting area another layer was inside the house and another layer was in another dimension in a mostly empty somewhat dark room; and there were possibly more layers of the dream.


A Secure Area Near A Border Checkpoint In A Country In The Middle East?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream which was inspired by the movie Kick-Ass 2, which I watched before going to sleep, and I think that the dream took place during the day (possibly over a time period of several days) in another country like Iraq or Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan or some country like that possibly in the Middle East.

Most of the dream took place in a secure area that seemed like it was possibly on the border of the country where tourists and off-duty NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) soldiers would visit (like a large border checkpoint where people could shop, relax/et cetera), there were strict/mean male soldiers with light brownish to medium brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair and facial hair who handled the security with assault rifles and other military equipment, and I seemed to be there with my family on vacation or there to maybe visit my brother CC who was possibly stationed there in the military with the NATO soldiers.

This secure area had a large mall-like building in a large field with a fence protecting it, in some parts of the field there were small outdoor markets/stands/businesses, and most of the security was inside the building and protecting the fence instead of the market areas which only had small security patrols.

I spent a lot of the dream exploring the indoor and outdoor areas with my family shopping, I think that the superhero group from the movie Kick-Ass 2 or a group like them were there trying to stop a supervillain team who were probably bribing guards/soldiers and committing crimes, and so there was quiet conflict between these two groups.

Outside in the small outdoor market area in the back of the field is the area that I visited the most during the dream, there was one shop owner who I think was a cross-dressing man with whitish colored skin from The United States (USA) who possibly would wear a wig and makeup to look like a woman and I think that he had a split personality (one male and one female, but I could be wrong), and he/she had television commercials that would be shown around the secure area advertising his/her business.

It is possible that it was a separate woman (smaller with whitish colored skin and nice long somewhat curly dark-colored hair who possibly looked a bit like PS AR) and a man (larger with whitish colored skin and maybe balding with dark-colored maybe graying hair), maybe he could shapeshift, or maybe it was a cross-dressing man with a split-personality but I am not sure; either way he/she was mentally unstable it seemed.

He/she would change the name of their business every day and in every commercial, their business was a food/drink stand I think, and he/she would change their food/drink special/selection every day as well; and you could pay $1 for a sampler of the special of the day, and I think that he/she was bribing the guards/soldiers to avoid being bothered and to have commercials shown.

At some point in the dream something serious happened, probably between the superhero group and the supervillain group where one or more people died and/or were seriously injured, and so the guards/soldiers were put on high alert and they became very mean/strict/aggressive; and they went around with armored vehicles/tanks/assault rifles/et cetera questioning people, searching people, arresting people, et cetera.

During this my family and I got split up and we could not find each other, I spent most of my time in the small back outdoor market area trying to avoid the guards/soldiers because they did not bother/patrol this area much, and I visited the mentally unstable business owner several times (some soldiers/guards came by, but they left us alone because the owner pays them to not be bothered); and I bought a $1 sampler of gumbo that he/she had as the special of the day.

I think that my family found me at some point as I was eating the gumbo and talking to the business owner, I probably offered to buy them some gumbo, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


On An Alien Spaceship? + Visiting A Family + True Detective? + A Casino Scam + Refereeing A MMA Fight | A Card Signing Tradition & A Multi-Purpose Building

Dream 1

I still do not feel like typing my dreams but I will try to add a super lazy overview of my dreams from this/that night instead of taking the time to type everything that I remember, and so I will probably skip many details of these long and detailed dreams that I had; I slept very well last night.

In the first dream I remember being on and/or waking up on what looked like an alien spaceship and/or an underground alien facility (the inside somewhat reminded me of the Derelict Spaceship (LV-426) from the movie Alien (1979) if the lights were working), I guess the aliens realized that I was awake or free, and so they sent robots shaped a bit like guns/cannons/et cetera after me; and I remember running through a mostly metal room into another room where the robots were looking for me.


The Escape Artist Featuring Pauline Croze | Et Tu Fatty?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remembered some of one of my dreams, thanks to the fact that I woke up to use the bathroom and decided to quickly record myself giving a quick audio overview of my dream using my Sansa Clip mp3 player.

I do not remember certain parts of the dream but I do remember the dream starting at a RV park, and some minor unknown celebrity was there with a motorized RV.

I think he was an escape artist/magician and/or musician, and this RV park seemed to be out in the country away from the city.

The people seemed to really support this celebrity who was a man, but I can not remember the parts of the dream with him in the beginning, I only remember that a lot of police officers came driving toward the RV park to arrest him.

The people living at the RV park joined together to confuse/distract/block the police, so they set up blockades and since most of the RVs looked the same, the police did not know which one belonged to the celebrity.

The celebrity and his driver drove their motorized RV away from the RV park to escape, and a boy and his older sister that were playing in a field decided to start a fire to further confuse the police.

The boy was a big fan of the celebrity and wanted to be just like him one day, after setting the fire they both ran away, and the celebrity escaped.

Later the boy and his older sister went to a building that looked like the BP School Board building combined with a school.

The boy decided to practice his escape artist skills, so he decided to sneak through a window on the building without anyone noticing him and he was going to try to walk through the building & escape without any teachers realizing that he was not supposed to be there.

After sneaking through the window, I was magically in the dream in the room the boy had went into, but he was no longer there.

The windows were still there but they no longer led to the outside, for some strange reason the windows led to a mall now, instead of the outside.

On the left side of the room were some chairs and a book self with a man reading a book, and on the right side of the room were the windows that led to the mall and a glass door that led to the mall.

Standing in front of the glass door was a man talking with a woman who appeared to be a principal or a professional of some kind, and the sister of the boy walked into the room wanting to talk with the woman.

Some how I knew that the woman was her and the boy’s mom; also the daughter looked like a slightly younger version of Kirsten Dunst with red hair.

The woman knew that her daughter was waiting to talk to her but she just ignored her and stood with her back to her daughter & continued to talk to the man; she seemed to be the type of person that will make you wait until she is finish doing whatever she is doing before she will let you talk.

The daughter knew this and just stood there waiting patiently, and as this was going on I noticed that the two windows next to the glass door had two chairs under them.

Behind the two windows were two more chairs on the other side that was in the mall, and sitting in them were two women my age that appeared to be from somewhere in Asia (Asian).

One of the women called me over and asked me to sit down because she wanted to show me some illusions that are popular in the country she was from; she told me what country her and her friend were from but I can not remember exactly I think she said India or Iran or Saudi Arabia.

The first illusion started with her putting a piece of paper on the floor that had writing in her language on it and the paper appeared to be on the floor in the mall.

She asked me if the paper was on the floor in the mall or the floor of the room, and I told her I think it was on the floor in the mall but I looked closely and noticed that it was on the floor in the room; she said that I was correct and then the sister of the boy told me that she was surprised that I saw through the illusion because the words on the paper were not in English, but oddly the words on the paper were in English so she was wrong.

The woman was going to show me an illusion using my arm hair next, but something interrupted that and next I remember talking to the guy on the left side of the room that was reading.

I think he made a comment about a subject that many people do not like talking about, which interested me, and so we started to talk about different odd topics.

I started talking too much and somehow changed the subject to my views on religion & deities, which made the man seem to stop wanting to listen, so I decided to stop talking to see what would happen.

He just started reading his book again so I started to look around the room, and noticed some photos of Pauline Croze on the wall covered in plastic.

I took them off the wall because they were connected and the semi-professional photos were on wooden squares that are often used for awards.

There were about 3 or 4 photos on wooden squares that I had never seen before of some music contest that Ms. Croze was in, and she had won some awards.

I think it said FNAC or something like that, two of the photos showed awards that she had received for two songs, one photo showed her winning a costume award for wearing mime or clown face paint with a chefs hat & uniform, and there may have been one more photo but I can not remember.

On the other side of the plastic were some amateur photos of Ms. Croze that appeared to have been taken with a mobile phone and these were not on wooden squares, most of these photos were not very clear & were dark.

One photo had the name of a state in The United States (USA) that started with an O written on it (I can not remember which state exactly) and I was very surprised since I did not know that Ms. Croze had ever went to the USA before, and on the photo Ms. Croze was sitting at a table with other people with wine & food at what appeared to be a semi-formal gathering like an awards ceremony or something.

Another photo was of her dancing with a group of people at a club, that appeared to be outside at night-time, and she was holding a plastic cup with what appeared to be beer in it.

One photo was of her performing at a very small concert, at night-time, and I had the feeling that it was in the USA.

The last two photos were of a woman shown from behind sitting at a club and the other photo was of her dancing at a club, but she seemed too short to be Ms. Croze, but I could not see her face; so I am not sure if it was her or not.

I started to wonder who took these photos, how did they get there, why were they there, and when were they taken; but I woke up.

Et Tu Fatty?

My last dream is somewhat unclear, but I do remember the dream taking place in the past during the Roman Empire.

Three upper class citizens wearing some armor, fine clothing, and short swords arrived by boat to a small poor town that was controlled by a fat & cruel Roman upper class citizen.

The ruler of the town had a group of heavily armored & armed élite Roman guards that protected him and policed the town, and he had a throne in the middle of the town.

There was a line of people in front of his throne and he was forcing every working citizen to bow to him one at a time, and pay him extra taxes that he would use for himself & his guards instead of the citizens.

The other three upper class citizens that had just arrived found this to be terrible and they wanted to stop this ruler of the town, but he had too many guards.

Two of the three upper class citizens were men and one of them was a woman, they decided to try to get closer to the ruler hoping to maybe get a chance to talk with him about his terrible job of ruling the city.

The citizens of the town looked very poor and depressed, some were crying after they paid the ruler, because they had no more money left now; one old starving man begged the ruler not to take his last coin, but the ruler took it anyway and had him put into jail.

There were more citizens than guards but none of them had weapons or armor, they looked very weak, and the guards looked very well-trained so there was no chance of them defeating the ruler & his guards.

The three visiting upper class citizens looked around hoping that they could figure out a way to stop this ruler, one of the three upper class citizens seemed to be a very well-respected & popular citizen that was close to becoming a very powerful person.

The annoying ruler noticed the man & the other two upper class citizens trying to get closer to him,  he was very jealous of the man’s popularity and was afraid that he had come to try to take control of his town.

The annoying ruler decided to whisper to one of his guards to make a quick plan to arrest the man, so that they could take him somewhere to be killed before he had a chance to gain the power to take control of his city.

So the guard decided to force some poor citizens to try to fake an assassination of the ruler and then say that the man had paid them to do it, so that they could arrest him.

As the man and the other two upper class citizens got closer to the annoying ruler to talk to him, suddenly a group of poor citizens tried to attack him and were almost instantly stopped by the guards; the man & the other two upper class citizens actually pulled out their swords preparing to defend themselves or anyone else.

The guards then asked the fake assassins who paid them to try to assassinate the annoying ruler and so they pointed at the man, and then the annoying ruler said arrest him & kill the assassins.

So the guards killed the fake assassins, told everyone to get back, and they started to walk toward the three visiting upper class citizens.

They were ready to fight back, but the man told the others to put their swords away & let him be arrested, they did not want to listen; but they did.

There were too many guards and the man had a plan, and he told them to go around town after he was arrested & try to start a revolt against the annoying ruler.

The man then was arrested and the annoying ruler ordered the guards to take him to his boat, and then the annoying ruler followed them to the boat; his plan was to not directly kill the man, but take him way out into the sea and leave him in the water to die or be eaten by sharks.

The other two upper class citizens were not arrested or bothered, so they decided to follow the boat with the boat they had come in instead of staying in the town to start a revolt.

They kept a distance from the annoying ruler’s boat so that they would not be seen, and as planned, they dropped the man in the sea & waited for a while to make sure no one came to help.

The two other upper class citizens quietly boarded the annoying rulers boat, which only had a few guards on it because he did not want many witnesses to the death of the man, and then they attacked the guards & killed the annoying ruler.

Surprisingly the two upper class citizens were very good fighters and defeated the guards, and then they helped the man back on to the boat.

They then brought both boats back to the city and the man gave a speech in the middle of the town to everyone, and declared himself the new leader of the town.

He told the guards that if they did not want to join him that they were free to leave, but all the guards decided to join him and then he declared that the citizens no longer had to pay unnecessary fake taxes.

He also had the throne removed, started to re-structure the government system, offered help to all the citizens, and made his two friends the head of his new security/police force; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂