Lady Jessica Atreides Meets The Fremen On Arrakis (Dune)

I was possibly not in this dream, I am not sure, the main character of this dream was the Dune character Lady Jessica Atreides.

Lady Jessica & maybe one or more other people were in the desert on the planet Arrakis (Dune).

Dune: Exclusive Lady Jessica Video (2021) – Rebecca Ferguson

Lady Jessica & anyone else with her, if there was anyone else, got ambushed by some Fremen, and there was a brief fight.

I assume that Lady Jessica won because the Fremen accepted her after she proved herself by defeating them, I guess.


Sayyadina John Jr?

The Fremen of Dune | Deep Exploration | Arabic Origins

My last two dreams were inspired by me watching some videos from a YouTube playlist called Dune by the YouTube channel Quinn’s Ideas:

Ultimate Guide To Dune (Part 1) The Introduction

Dream 1

I think that this dream involved work and some of my coworkers at The BP Library or me thinking about work and some of my coworkers at The BP Library, and maybe the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned and/or thought of during the dream as well; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.