Never-Ending Scanning & Printing & Copying

I woke up remembering at least one dream, I went back to sleep without recording it, causing me to forget it, and so now I only remember part of my last dream.

My last dream was one of those never-ending quicksand-like stress work dreams where I was working at The BP Library, stuck in a constant cycle of trying to help the same patron.

A Man Needs Help With The Library Copy Machine

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a house-like building, and someone was searching for something but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at The BP Library where I work as a shelver, and I was working on my shelver job.

As I was walking back to the shelving room, a somewhat older male patron with whitish-color skin with somewhat wild/unkempt white/gray hair approached me, and he wanted help using the copy machine/printer/scanner so I walked over to try to help him even though I have only been shown how to scan to email.

The man had some papers in his hands, some of them possibly involved professional wrestling, and the man wanted me to show him how to make a copy of one or two pages so I showed him after I figured it out.

He then wanted me to show him how to scan some of the documents as files, and so I showed him how to do this once I figured it out.

After that he wanted me to show him how to scan to email, and so I showed him how to do this because I already knew how to do that.

Finally I asked him if he needed help with anything else, but I can not remember what his response was before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

False Positives And An Upcoming Job Interview

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I went to bed too late last night, my mind is distracted by anxiety for my upcoming job interview today, I got awakened early this morning by loud vehicle noises and a loud horn noise (maybe a motorcycle or something like that, and an annoying loud custom horn), and I did not try to go back to sleep because my body is energized from anxiety.

So I only barely remember part of my last dream which took place during the morning, I woke up in bed inside a bedroom inside my parent’s house, and I woke up remembering that I had my job interview today; and that I had an antimalware / antivirus scan running.

I checked the antimalware / antivirus scan and it had found two false positives that were somehow connected to my job interview, I had expected to get these two false positives, and so I quickly reported them as false positives.

I had several more hours until my job interview and so I decided to go back to sleep, but I reminded myself that I needed to wake up again on time later; but then I got awakened by a loud vehicle noise and a loud horn that sounded like it was coming from inside the yard or outside the yard.

The end,

-John Jr

360 Total Security + Grand Theft Auto V + Only Lovers Left Alive Soundtrack = ?

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I woke up early this morning and I could not go back to sleep and my dreams/sleep was/were disturbed even while I tried to sleep, my social/generalized anxiety disorder and stress levels increased yesterday after getting a voice mail, and last night I found out what it was about and I started looking into finding a new free antivirus to recommend to people, and so all of this has been bothering me; and I still have not called back yet.

After not being able to go back to sleep I have been up trying to test 360 Total Security and see how it runs on its maximum security mode called Security where the Avira AntiVir and Bitdefender engines are enabled and files are scanned when they are accessed/opened, and so far I am impressed and I think that using it on a possibly infected computer will be a good experiment for this free antivirus to see how well it does; I have known about it since last year, but I have been waiting for more people to use and test it first because it is new to me and it is only the second Chinese anti-virus that I have ever known to get somewhat popular outside of China so I was trying to be cautious.

I can only remember part of one dream that involved using, testing, scanning, et cetera with the free 360 Total Security antivirus while Michael De Santa from the video game Grand Theft Auto V was acting/being depressed/gloomy/sad as music from the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack played in the background like the song Spooky Action From A Distance.

I remember 360 Total Security finding some unrecognized files that it wanted to upload for analysis and so those were uploaded, while waiting for the results it was mentioned that 360 Total Security can help with various computer issues but probably not with Michael’s gloominess, but it would try to help him anyway; and so it asked him what was bothering him.

Michael started talking about what was bothering him like he was talking to his therapist as the 360 Total Security antivirus listened and maybe gave some suggestions sometimes like a virtual assistant, music from the Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack continued playing in the background, but I woke up early and I have been awake ever since.

I possibly have a new free anti-virus to recommend to people that meets some of my requirements: free, no registration needed, it is not trying to constantly sell you stuff, it looks nice and runs pretty well (though Firefox seems to be using a bit more of the CPU and RAM than usual at times, and so I am not sure if this is causing the problem or not), it is pretty easy to use, the default settings are pretty good (but for maximum security set the mode to Security, but it will probably slow down your computer more in this mode; and so a compromise would be to maybe only enable the Avira Antivir virus engine in real-time instead of Bitdefender and enable both of them for on-demand scanning), it installed quickly and easily, no annoying toolbars, it has browser protection, and it has some other extra features that can be helpful (it can scan for and patch Windows vulnerabilities, speed up start-up and network and computer by optimizing settings, remove unnecessary files to save space, and you can run files/programs in a sandbox isolated from the rest of your computer so that it/they can not infect you computer when using/testing them).

I will continue using/testing 360 Total Security on my computer to see how well it does, I also have been testing out uBlock Ublock Origin for Firefox as a replacement for the Adblock Plus extension, and so far I am liking uBlock UBlock Origin better and my browser runs a bit smoother.

The end,

-John Jr

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