Small Island And A Protest In Scandinavia And Werewolves?

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I went to bed later than I wanted to but I did have several dreams and I was able to voice record barely part of two dreams, but I did not voice record the dreams that I had after this and I woke up and I went back to sleep several times so I forgot some dreams and some details of the dreams that I do remember part of.

Dream 1

I finally finished watching the television film Small Island last night, and my first dream and my third dream was about this film.

This dream involved a fictional version of what happened after the character Queenie Bligh gave her baby (Michael) to Hortense Roberts and Gilbert Joseph so that they could raise her baby.

The dream followed Hortense and Gilbert moving to a new house and raising the baby, and the dream jumped through the years as the baby got older but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is suddenly being in a field during the day in another country somewhere in a country in probably Scandinavia, and there was a peaceful but somewhat loud protest taking place in front of a building in this field.

This was a nice looking area, some of the protesters were wearing camouflage military combat uniforms with a more circular camouflage pattern that somewhat reminded me of something the German military might use and they had bullpup rifles like maybe Steyr AUGs, but the other protesters were dreamed in normal clothing and did not have weapons and most or all the protesters had whitish-colored skin and seemed to be citizens of this country and/or other countries in Scandinavia (Scandinavian).

I had no idea what they were protesting and I had no idea how I got there or which country I was in at first, and so I probably asked some of the protesters what was going on and what country was this and they told me but I can not remember their responses.

A woman with whitish-colored skin walked from the entrance of the building to tell the protesters to stop blocking the entrance, and so the protesters moved back a bit.

I then asked the woman if we or I was allowed inside the building, and she said that I was allowed inside and that I could even rent a room so I went inside the building with her.

She walked to a wooden desk, the next thing that I remember is sitting in a small dark room inside this building watching a film with a few other people (at least two women and one man with whitish-colored skin), and I remember talking to a woman sitting on my right side.

I was probably asking her questions about this country and the protest and about my situation (how I probably had no idea how I got here), and I also talked about the country that I was from and we talked about other things.

I got some into the conversation that I was talking too loudly and disturbing the other people trying to watch the film, and so another woman in the room with whitish-colored skin with maybe long black hair had paused the film and was looking at me angrily waiting for me to stop talking so loudly.

I apologized and I started talking more quietly so the woman started playing the film again, and later something happened that I can not remember clearly where the man in the room and the woman next to me started to transform after something made one or both of them angry maybe.

I assume that the man started to transform first and the woman next to me started to transform to defend against the man, the man started transforming into what I assumed to be a werewolf, and the woman was too it seemed but she only partly transformed to where her eyes and teeth and fingernails briefly changed.

I then told the woman that we should run so we ran outside the door, I think that the others were left inside the room but I can not remember, and we held the door closed as the transformed man (werewolf) tried to open the door to get to us.

We held the door trying to keep him in the room, I probably felt bad about leaving the others in there and I hoped that they would be okay as long as we kept the werewolf focused on opening the door, but I can not remember what happened after this before I woke up except that the woman probably returned to normal but I can not remember as we held the door so that no one would notice that she could transform.

Dream 3

This dream was a continuation of the first dream, it involved Hortense and Gilbert and the baby from the film Small Island, but now the baby was an adult because many years had passed.

They possibly were living in The United States now but I can not remember, and they were inside a room in a house during the day talking.

It was just the three of them together as a family probably talking about the past, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


PewDiePie’s (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg’s) Party?

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside maybe a house or small building that was possibly between my parent’s house and The G House or it was very close to The G House, and from a window I saw my male cousin DE inside The G House.

I was possibly in an unstable mood and/or I was annoyed at (with) my cousin DE about something so I decided to walk into The G House without permission and without knocking, and then I walked to the entrance of the room that my cousin DE was in and I said something to him.

I then realized how stupid this was and I sneaked away hoping that either he did not realize who I was or that he would think that he had been hallucinating, and so I sneaked back to where I came from and I continuing through that house or building outside.

My cousin DE walked to his window and door looking out to see who had been in his house, he did not see me so he went back inside The G House like he was confused, and then the next part of the dream took place in what seemed to be a slightly fictional version of my parent’s yard from the back gate down past the area behind the house.

I am not sure if my parent’s house was there or not, I just know that there was a building between where the house was or should be and the fence, and this building was a long narrow building with the front entrance possibly having no walls so you could see down the long hallway of the building from the outside which made it feel like and indoor/outdoor building.

Inside and outside of this building a party was about to start and maybe PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) or a fake PewDiePie or a man with white skin with yellow/brown hair from somewhere in Scandinavia (maybe Sweden) who reminded me of him was throwing the party, and maybe he had a brother (possibly a twin brother) who was throwing the party with him.

Maybe I knew someone who knew PewDiePie so I was allowed at the party but I am not sure, either way PewDiePie and maybe his brother wanted me to help them with a video skit that they were trying to film, and I remember helping them with one part where I was swinging what I thought was a hockey stick.

They stopped filming my scene complaining that it was not a hockey stick, they said it was some kind of weapon that I can not remember and that I had not heard of before, and that I was swinging it wrong and they decided to not film my scene and they stopped filming the skit somewhat angrily.

Slowly people started to arrive for the party including some of their family and friends et cetera, celebrities like the former basketball player Magic Johnson, popular YouTubers, some people I knew like maybe my former male classmate JC and maybe his wife YC, children, people who were there to help run the party, and more.

In the building the food and other items for the party were lined up along the left side of the wall and hall, and the tables and chairs were on the right side of the wall and hall.

There were many types of foods and things on the left side so it looked like a kitchen at a somewhat fancy buffet or restaurant, and further down the hall in some dark areas were some doors that led to the bathroom.

I remember going to use the bathroom, my brother CC was in the bathroom just getting off the toilet, and I needed to use the toilet so I sat down after he got up without wiping the toilet seat like I normally would.

I felt something on my butt as I sat on the toilet like the toilet seat was not clean, and I looked down to see that the toilet seat was not clean and it had stuff on it included what looked like boogers.

I complained to my brother CC who smiled and laughed a bit like it was a joke, and I started to spray some cleaner on the toilet seat as I tried to wipe the stuff away but the booger-like stuff was difficult to remove so I eventually gave up and I did not use the bathroom.

I returned to the party to look at the food, some people were eating (the children) and some people were waiting for the party to officially start (like Magic Johnson who I saw walking around outside like he was somewhat bored), and I saw a woman with white skin with black hair who looked serious and like she took herself and her job too serious.

The woman seemed to be a designer looking around trying to decide how to present the food and decorations et cetera, it was probably very expensive paying her for this, and she was so serious like a fashion designer or artist who takes themselves too seriously.

I decided to wait for the party to officially start before eating so I continued looking at what food I might want later, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Hit With A Tennis Racket? | Being Rick Grimes & Getting Stabbed? | Military Classes & Vomiting & Scandinavia?

My memory is fading and/or is unclear, and so I will hurry to type my short dreams that probably were inspired by the new episodes of The Walking Dead and Homeland before I forget more details from those dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day in a fictional city inside a small fictional one-story building with mostly glass windows/walls in the front of the building with light-to-medium blueish/grayish colored carpet and in a mostly empty/unfurnished unlit (except for natural light from the windows) open room with probably a few areas/rooms in the back like this building used to be a store, but I could be wrong; and standing in the open room in front of me was a female nurse with whitish colored skin wearing scrubs and another woman with whitish colored skin who was not a nurse, and the woman who was not a nurse had a tennis racket in her hands looking uncomfortable/afraid.