Talking With My Former Schoolmate DJD And Arlo Givens

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional city in several areas with one area looking like the shopping center near W Park in the city of D, the second area looking like the shopping center where the GW Computer Store used to be that I used to work at in the city of LC, the third area was a fictional field between these two areas, and the fourth area was my parents’ house.

I remember walking around shopping at the shopping center near W Park in the city of D which had fictional businesses, I came across several classmates and I talked with them as I shopped, and one the classmates I talked with was my former male classmate DH; and I remember us talking as I walked inside maybe a fictional Asian-style store (maybe Chinese style, but I can not remember) that also sold cooked some Asian-style food.

I remember my former classmate DH and I talking about memories from high school, college, and we talked about some of my health problems back then (like when I had Vasculitis) and how my health was now; and I remember telling my former classmate DH that even though the doctors said that I no longer have Vasculitis after a year or so of treatment back in high school, that I still do not feel the same like I used to before I had Vasculitis, and so some of the damage probably never healed and will never heal (like some of my physical scars et cetera).

I remember my former classmate DH making some of his somewhat awkward facial expressions that he makes when he is trying to not laugh/smile and/or when he does not really care and he is pretending to care et cetera, eventually we said goodbye, and later I came across my former male schoolmate DJD and we talked; and then we walked to his house.

We walked across a fictional field that led to the street across from the shopping center where the GW Computer Store that I used to work at used to be in the city of LC and my former schoolmate DJD lived where the GW Computer Store used to be with his fictional father or grandfather who was the character Arlo Givens (played by the actor Raymond J. Barry) from the TV show Justified, his fictional young sister who had whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair, and his fictional young brother who had whitish colored skin with short maybe blondish/brownish colored hair.

The shopping center or at least this part of the shopping center seemed to be used as housing now but it was very quiet because probably only a few other people lived there, and I remember going inside their dimly lit house and talking with all of them briefly; and I remember going outside and going back inside several times in the dream, and I even left to my parents’ house and I came back at least once or twice in the dream.

I had individual conversations with everyone in the house because for some reason usually only one person would talk with me at-a-time and the others would go inside the house continuing whatever it was that they were doing (watching TV, playing games, et cetera), and the dream was more realistic and some would say boring with a lot of normal things happening.

Unfortunately I can not remember any of my conversations but I do remember being surprised that Arlo Givens was nicer to me than I had expected and he probably gave me some advice about a few things, and at some point I asked someone in the house if I could use their bathroom because I had to urinate badly and they said that I could.

I went inside the bathroom and I started to urinate strongly but the urine kept coming and it would not stop, so I stood there urinating none-stop until I finally decided that it would never end, and so I made myself stop urinating even though I was not finished; and then I woke up shortly after this.

In the real world I had to urinate badly, and so I went to the bathroom in the real world to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr

My Uncle CE Annoying Me | Getting Betrayed By My Former Schoolmate SW

Dream 1

I do not feel good but I will try to type two dreams that I somewhat remember from last night, the first dream took place on a gray day, and I was walking to my grandfather’s house from my parents’ house to check on my grandfather and/or to do something for my grandfather.

My grandfather’s back gate by the fig tree was open and then I noticed that my uncle CE was in my grandfather’s yard, he did not see me and I did not want to be seen, and so I quietly closed the back gate and I started to walk back to my parent’s house; but then my uncle CE saw me, and he said something sarcastic/annoying to me (something about me trying to sneak way or something like that).

I responded to him and then my mom walked over to me, my uncle CE then walked over to us somewhat accusing me of not doing much to help my grandfather, which is not true; and so I got a bit annoyed/angry, and I started naming some of the things that I do to help my grandfather each week.

My uncle CE somewhat argued with me and my mom saying various annoying things and asking me annoying questions and making false accusations, I became pretty annoyed/angry but I managed to stay pretty calm and talk without yelling, and eventually I stopped wasting my time talking with him; and we all went our separate ways, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the evening in a slightly fictional version of the city of D in a fictional area almost near where the Chinese-style SA Buffet Restaurant should be, I lived with my parents’ in a fictional one-story house in this area with its own parking lot/yard near the road/highway, and my former schoolmate SW had just moved out after we temporarily let him live with us during a rough time in his life.

My cousin TE and some of her friends were visiting us, at some point we all were outside because they were about to drive somewhere, but then my former schoolmate SW and a group of drug dealers with guns drove near us with several automobiles including a moving truck; and most or all of them had dark-brownish colored skin, and the leader was a bald obese man wearing a large dark-colored T-shirt with baggy shorts or pants.

I think that my schoolmate SW had either hidden illegal drugs in our house without our knowledge and they had come to get it and/or they were going to rob us and/or something like that, my former schoolmate SW now worked with this group of drug dealers, and because he knew the layout of our house and he knew where most of our valuable items were he decided to help the drug dealers rob us and/or collect the drugs he hid without telling us.

The drug dealers held us hostage outside, my former schoolmate SW looked a bit sorry about what they/he was doing, but it was not personal it was just business because he was worried about making money and trying to impress the new drug dealers who he worked for now; but I still felt very betrayed, and I was afraid that the drug dealers would kill my family because they looked/acted pretty dangerous.

My former schoolmate SW led them around our house collecting his hidden drugs and/or stealing valuable items from our house as I talked with the drug dealers holding us hostage outside, and I tried to make a deal with them; and my deal was that we would not report them to the police if they did not murder/rape/robe/force drugs on/et cetera us and/or anyone else again in my family/neighborhood/the city/et cetera.

I think that they somewhat agreed to my deal but I still did not trust them, so I told my cousin TE and her friends and some/most of my family to leave, and I would let them hold me as a hostage because I did not want them to get killed if they broke our deal/agreement; and they slowly started to leave, and surprisingly the drug dealers let them leave.

But a few of us were still being held hostage and I was not sure if we would be killed or not, I tried to think about how to handle the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Dark Underground Store?

I had a lot of short dreams last night, several related to the TV show Rome but I forgot those dreams, but I do remember part of one or several dreams.

There was a dark store that seemed to be underground in the back corner of an underground area, the store worker and/or owner was a man who went to school with me but he was older than me & was in a higher grade than me, I recently saw him at the A Clinic & he mentioned that he worked with the C on the TT; anyway this dark store & this man was/were in several parts of the dream and/or several dreams.

This dream or dreams was/were a bit realistic with fictional dream areas, some of which were possibly familiar and/or I spent enough time in the dream or dreams to get comfortable with them, and I walked around several dream areas & spent some time in each one several times.

On the outside it was a very nice sunny day like a Saturday with surreal/dream-like sunlight that was brighter/more colorful/more realistic/whatever than in real life (it was beautiful), and there might have been a pool and/or water area with several food & drink & hangout areas near the pool/water area with nice flowers & plants decorating the area (this area was very nice & comfortable & familiar & I spent a lot of time there relaxing & maybe I even swam/swimmed(?) but I am not sure, and there were lots of other people enjoying themselves as well); and next to or connected to the underground area might have been a school/college-like area/building.

I remember something about me possibly thinking about taking lessons with and/or joining the band, but I am not sure which musical instrument or instruments I was thinking about learning (probably guitar and/or piano, which was not taught by the band when I was in school unfortunately); and in this dream I do not think that the band taught those two musical instruments either, and my former classmate C was in the band (like she was in real life).

I went to the dark underground store to look around at least twice in the dream, the store was small but had a variety of items that I can not remember now, and I briefly talked with the man who worked in the store each time that I went to the store in the dream.

At some point I went to the pool/water area and I talked with a student who possibly knew some information about the band and/or where the band hall was, she had pale whitish colored skin with short black colored hair in a bowl-type style, and she might have looked like she had Down Syndrome; and I remember being very nice to her, and she probably told me how to get to the band hall.

I probably went to the band hall and met with some of the band members, and I probably decided not to join the band and/or take lessons since they did not teach for any of the musical instruments that I was interested in.

At some point I went to the dark store again, the worker & I talked again at some point, and he told me that the store would be closing soon; and so I quickly looked around the store to find something to buy, but that is all that I can remember.

I know that I had many other dreams and that this dream or dreams had much more to them/it, but I can not remember the others or other parts.

The end,

-John Jr