A Car Wreck | Dogs | Melanie And Bunny Scissors

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, and I returned to my parents house to see my dad standing by the steps to the front porch.

There was a green single cab truck that had crashed partly into the house through the wall of the kitchen facing the front porch, and the truck was sideways.


Scissors And A Baby With Superpowers? | My Coworker JB Without Glasses

I had a variety of dreams last night, unfortunately I did not record enough details from them, and so some are forgotten and the rest are mostly forgotten now.

The first two dreams were probably inspired by my brother GC and I finishing watching the web television show The Boys (Season 1) before I went to sleep.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was inside a building where superheroes probably lived and worked, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The very end of this dream took place inside my parents house in the dinning room, and I possibly had superpowers in this dream but I am not sure.

I was in the dinning room with my parents and a baby, my dad was holding the baby while sitting in a chair by the front door, and my dad had a pair of scissors.

It seemed that my dad was about to use the scissors on the baby, the baby probably had superpowers too (if I am correct about me possibly having superpowers in this dream), and maybe my dad was going to try to cut out a tracking device or something but I can not remember.

I just remember the baby crying, and me voicing my concerns to my dad while walking over to maybe try to keep the scissors away from the baby while maybe asking my dad what he was trying to do.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

There was definitely more to this dream but I can not remember anything now except for part of the end of the dream, which took place during the night in a slightly fictional version of the downtown area of the city of D, and I was there with: some of my coworkers like my female coworkers KE and JM and my former coworker Mrs. TS and my coworker Mr. JM, some of my former classmate like my former male classmate RB, and some other people.

We walked outside along the sidewalks and inside businesses, and at some point as we walked along the sidewalk Mrs. TS was carrying a large thin square cardboard box that seemed to be a package that was mailed.

I remember several of my coworkers and I offering to help Mrs. TS, and I remember us helping her move the box up a ramp inside a business.

I remember Mr. JM commenting that ramps were better and more reliable than whatever electrical alternative there was in some businesses, but I woke up as we made our way inside and / or outside toward The BP Library.

Dream 4

This dream involved me going to visit my coworkers at The BP Library during my vacation I assume, and so I went to the library during the dream.

I remember going to a fictional version of the break room and my female coworker JB was there standing up on the left side of the room with her back facing me, and my coworkers Ms. JM and Mrs. CHR were sitting down and talking and eating in the corner on the right side of the room.

On an island table there was some food, they did not notice me until I said something, and then they told me to get some food and join them.

I started talking to them as I got my food, JB turned around to talk to me, and she temporarily had her glasses (eyeglasses) off.

I noticed that JB’s face looked different (enough to know that it was her, not exactly how she really looks, more like if someone edited a face to make it more ageless and more beautiful (not that her face/skin is not already nice et cetera)) and her face/skin was maybe lighter and maybe almost glowing, her face/skin looked pretty much flawless and even better, and this surprised me/stood out/caught my attention/somewhat confused me/made me think because I did not remember her face/skin looking like this before so I wondered how could it have changed this much.

I remember commenting about this to JB and I told her that without my glasses I look even weirder/worse than I already do, and that I wish that I looked more like her without glasses; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


President Donald Trump In Our Living Room?

My first two dreams are missing details because I quickly texted a few details of the dreams to myself while in bed and I went back to sleep, and so I only voice recorded my last dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it seemed to take place inside my parent’s house, and it was dark inside the house and I guess all of the curtains were closed so I am not sure what the time of day was but I assume that it was night.

I remember either being in the living room or walking in the living room, there was an unknown woman with light-color skin with long straight brown hair wearing glasses who possibly slightly looked like Jodi Arias sitting on the couch near the back door, and she was watching television and even in the dream I probably did not know who she was or why she was in the living room.

Before I could probably say or do anything The President Of The United States Donald Trump walked into the living room with us wearing relaxed clothing (maybe pajamas), and he sat on the same couch as the woman except he sat on the far left side while she sat on the far right side.

President Trump possibly slid a small table in front of him that you use to eat on while watching television et cetera and maybe he had a drink but I can not remember, and he asked me to get him some food and he pointed to a small refrigerator in the room.

I can not remember what I said but I probably replied asking President Trump a question so I could be sure about what food he wanted and if he wanted it heated up or not, but I guess he misunderstood what I said and he got a bit angry and grumpy with me like a grandfather and he angrily / grumpily said something to me that I can not remember where he probably told me to cut the attitude and get him the food.

President Trump’s response made me a bit annoyed and angry but I reminded myself that he probably misunderstood what I said so this was probably just a misunderstanding, this helped, but I was still a bit angry and I wanted to say something back but I tried to stay calm.

President Trump somewhat reminded me of my grandfather in this moment and so that helped me to avoid arguing back with him, and I opened the refrigerator to get his food and I saw my mom’s tall metal bowl with leftover food in it with her smaller metal bowl flipped over on top of it to cover it.

I probably dipped up a bowl of food for President Trump but I can not remember if I heated it up or not, I just remember giving him his food, and he started to eat while watching television.

I am not sure if President Trump was visiting or why he was there, he had no United States Secret Service agents or anyone else with him, and so it was just the three of us oddly.

I remember glancing at the unknown woman wondering if she was stable and I wondered if she might try to attack President Trump, I am not sure why I thought this, but I assume that there was something about her and / or something she did and / or said that made me think this.

I remember either daydreaming this or I daydreamed this trying to imagine what might happen and how I should respond and it really happened, I am not sure which, either way I remember walking to the kitchen to do or get something while still being suspicious of the unknown woman so I was ready to run back to the living room if I was correct about her being a threat.

I remember hearing the sounds of a struggle in the living room so I ran back to it, I saw the woman holding a pair of scissors trying to stab President Trump who was on the ground on his back trying to stop the woman from stabbing him, and so I stopped the woman and I took the scissors from her (President Trump was not injured as far as I can remember).

The next thing that my text message to myself of my notes for this dream mentioned was that I suddenly thought of and daydreamed about the movie Inception which makes no sense but I am not sure if this happened immediately or at some point after I stopped the woman or if this was another dream, and I remember daydreaming / thinking about how I felt / thought that the characters Arthur and Ariadne should have had a nice sunset scene together before they woke up in the real world at the end of the movie Inception.

I maybe imagined them having a nice moment together talking during a sunset after the scene when they swam to the shore at the end of the movie after their van crashed into the water before waking up, I probably imagined the others waking up first while they stayed in the dream a bit longer together enjoying the sunset and the moment, but I woke up and that is all that I can remember except for one detail where I noticed what looked like a clothes iron burn on the living room carpet near the other couch that had destroyed part of the carpet in the shape of the top of a clothes iron so I noticed an odd detail on the carpet like the character Saito did in the movie Inception.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I think that my dad had spoken to Mrs. CH (the mother of my former male classmate DH) on this mobile phone, and the next thing that I remember is driving with my father to a fictional house that Mrs. CH lived like maybe my dad was going to her house to get something that she said that he could have and I guess I went along to help him load it on his automobile or something but I can not remember.

I remember us driving up a quiet street with trees and bushes across the street on the left side, and this neighborhood reminded me of the street that my dad’s coworker Mr. R lives on but even quieter.

Mrs. CH did not seem to be home so maybe her house and fence were locked, and maybe my dad wanted to still get inside or something but I can not remember.

I just remember asking my dad if he was sure that this was okay and if he was sure that he did not want to wait for Mrs. CH or try again later, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this confusing dream is that I was possibly in a fictional version of my parent’s house that was on an upper floor of modern building and connected to us was an office and connected to that office I assumed was a government / intelligence agency / law enforcement agency office, and all three sections were separated by a wall and door and the last office had stricter security and it had a male uniformed security guard with light-color skin with medium-length yellow hair with a submachine gun.

I was sitting down on a computer possibly in an area that reminded me of where my female coworker K’s desk should be at The BP Library where we work, there was a push door that was possibly open to my right, and my dad was in that room which was a kitchen and he was sitting down at an island table eating and probably talking to me.

The kitchen probably shared a wall and door with the first office, and you could see into their office because some of the walls were glass and you could see through some of their office into the second office that had the security guard who was patrolling.

I remember checking my email and I noticed an email that seemed to be a work email so I opened it, and the email message looked like someone had copied and pasted their blog’s home page so it was set up like it had posts with titles and images and text.

I started glancing at some of the text and I noticed that I was mentioned in one of the posts, and the post mentioned that John Jr (me) had shared my dream with them and then maybe that night they had a dream that was inspired by my dream and maybe they had a lucid dream.

I remember trying to figure out who this email was from, I assumed that it was from my coworker K because we had talked about dreaming and lucid dreaming once briefly not long ago, and I thought that this was cool that maybe she was starting to blog her dreams too now.

Suddenly I remember hearing a woman calling me and she tells me to try something, I am was not really paying attention because I was trying to read, but she seemed to possibly be in the kitchen like she either opened a door or window or portal and she was partly hanging out of it into the kitchen.

She hands me a spatula with some food on the top of it like she wants me to sample it so I take it and I ate it, I gave my thoughts about the food and I thanked her, and when I turned my head I realized that it was my coworker K.

I told her that I got that work email that she told me about and that I got another email, she smiled and she laughed, and then she said something that I can not remember and she closed the door or window or portal and she was gone before I could reply.

I then possibly heard her say something to me to remind me of something, it sounded like it was in my mind, and then I wondered if she had sent me a message telepathically so maybe she had not really been in the kitchen at all and maybe I wondered if she or someone else had tried to contact me remotely by thought from the real world or the dream world without actually realizing that I was dreaming exactly.

Besides my dad trying to talk to me from the kitchen I also got interrupted by a thin man from the first office who reminded me of a younger skinny version of the actor Robert Downey Jr, he was wearing a strange light-gray / white somewhat see-through maybe partly mesh slightly (very slightly) maybe rabbit costume themed onesie with hood (which possibly had small ears or points on them to go with the slight maybe rabbit or some kind of other non-human animal theme), which is crazy I know and makes no sense and I have never seen anything like that before, but he was wearing it like it was a relaxed dress day or costume party at work or something. 😀

The man walked into our house from the first office and he wanted to tell me something, and he walked me to a different area, and he possibly had a British accent of some kind but I can not remember.

We stood in an area near maybe a large printer / scanner / fax machine in an area that was somewhat like an office version of The BP Library, and he started to tell me some things that he said that he should not be telling me about the second office.

He said that the second office belonged to The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), that it was one of their small branches / offices, that they had strict security, that most of the workers were probably gone today for some reason, maybe he wanted to sneak over there and / or had before, and he told me a few other things that he has noticed about the FBI office that he was not supposed to know or share but I can not remember what he told me; I just know that he kept saying that I probably should not be sharing this, but… before sharing details anyway.

The security guard walked over to us with his submachine gun telling us that we were not supposed to be here, he knew the man talking with me, and he probably told him that he was not supposed to be sharing that information about the FBI office because he probably overheard some of our conversation.

The security guard joined our conversation because the two men knew each other and the man talked him down a bit, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate SS Commits Suicide And My Mom Gets A Deadly Contagious Disease In Another Country? | An Alien / Entity Called Mother With Followers?

*Somehow this post got messed up after I left to donate blood (which went very well, the best so far, no negative reactions) where duplicates of each dream, even an incomplete version of one dream with a duplicate YouTube video link, got added somehow; maybe a bug? And so I had to edit this post again. 😦 *

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the first dream where I was inside a fictional house where my family and I lived and I got a telephone call from my former male classmate SS, his brother MS, and my former male classmate MS.

All three of them were living together in Korea (probably South Korea where my former classmate SS was born), my former classmate SS and his brother MS were probably also working there again, and my former classmate MS was probably stationed there with the military again or he decided to start living there again; and all three of them sounded very happy like they were having a lot of fun living in South Korea again.

Days or weeks or months later my former male classmate DH came to our fictional house to give me some bad news of a rumor he heard that our former classmate SS was dead, the rumor was that our former classmate MS killed him in an accident, but it made no sense so we contacted an uncle of our former classmate SS; and he came to our house, and my mom was there as well.

The uncle of our former classmate SS was sad and he was crying as he told us that it was true that our former classmate SS (his nephew) was dead but it was not true that he was killed by our former classmate MS in an accident, he told us that he was told that our former classmate SS committed suicide but that he would have to see the official report to verify if that was the real cause of death or not, but I did not want to believe it because it did not seem like something that he would do and he sounded so happy when I last talked to him.

All that I can remember next is that during the end of the dream my mom, my brother GC, and I were in another country that was either in South Korea or The Philippines or Vietnam or a country like that in a small area over water with small wooden bridges / docks with small houses that was like a village on water where tourists would pass through to get rides / travel on / by small boats to reach land and/or other places inside the country.

We were following other tourists across the small wooden bridges/docks trying to reach the boat that would take us somewhere else, I remember one strange narrow light tannish colored wooden seesaw-like bridge that connected to the area/dock where the boat was, and it would go up and down in various parts as we tried to walk across it; and so everyone had to move cautiously as we crossed it.

We reached the area where the boat was and a man and a young woman who ran the boat were there forcing us to wait in line for some reason like they were stalling us as they looked at each of us, and when they got to/reached my mom I noticed that it seemed like her hair was gone and she had long scars over her head like someone had done brain surgery on her or something like that; and the man and the young woman who ran the boat noticed this as well.

Suddenly the man grabbed a syringe and he tried to stabbed my mom with it and I stopped him but then the young woman grabbed some sharp scissors and she tried to stab my mom in the head with it, and so my brother GC tried to stop her; and the man and the young woman were yelling that my mom was infected with a deadly disease that kills everyone who gets it, and that killing my mom was the humane thing to do and that it would help stop the spread of the disease.

The young woman grabbed a syringe and she stabbed my brother GC when he was not looking and it paralyzed him, and so I had to start fighting them as they tried to kill my mom; but they partly stabbed me with a syringe as well that started to somewhat paralyze me, but I was fighting for our lives so I resisted it.

It was a brutal and realistic fight where my body was slowly paralyzing so I had to quickly kill them to stop them, I stabbed both of them with a syringe and I stabbed them to death with the scissors and I beat them to death before my body fully paralyzed, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I somewhat remember part of my second dream which might have taken place on another planet during the day, and I remember being outside in a field near buildings where there was a group of people who were followers of an alien/entity that I think they called Mother; and I think that Mother was a floating / flying reddish colored egg-shaped alien / entity who was surrounded by a circular field of energy or air or something like that.

Mother seemed to be a kind entity/alien and so were her followers but something happened to her where she would change forms/states/whatever and her color and shape and personality and actions would change, and her followers would change into vampire-like entities who were faster/stronger/could jump higher/had better endurance/et cetera; and during this negative state her followers would attack people like vampires, and they would be wild and violent and they would avoid sunlight.

I happened to be walking near her followers when this change happened and it changed me as well but I did not turn violent or wild and I did not need blood/whatever and I did not avoid sunlight, and her followers would attack me as well because they did not recognize me as one of them because I was not a follower.

I could run faster, jump higher (even higher than the followers, but they were faster and stronger than me), I was stronger, et cetera; and during this negative change I would have to fight, run, jump, and hide from the followers as they killed people and tried to kill me.

Fortunately the followers and Mother would change back to their normal selves but this cycle kept happening, something was probably causing this to happen to them because they were a good/nice group of people but only during the change would they act like this and they had no control over it, and at the end of the dream I clearly remember running and jumping very high over buildings/fences/et cetera and through the field to escape them; and I would move into areas of sunlight so that they could not attack me (they would not go into the light), there were clouds that would sometimes block the sun in certain areas creating shade in those areas, and so I had to move around to the sun spots/unshaded areas as the clouds moved.

Interestingly the changed Mother probably would not attack anyone (she/it probably continued floating/flying in the sky above us), I am not sure what form Mother would take during the change but I think that her color would change from reddish to blackish but I could be wrong, and I remember wanting to help them stop this change from happening to them (when they would change back to normal they probably had no memory of what happened and I would tell them what happened, and they felt bad about it and they wanted to stop this change as well); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr