A Professional Wrestling Event | Ian McShane’s / King Silas Benjamin’s House?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of the first dream which took place during the day starting in a somewhat familiar outdoor area that felt higher in the air than normal, and at some point I walked into an opening of a building or mountain.

It was a stadium-like building inside with many people watching an entertainment wrestling event even though I can not remember seeing a wrestling ring, and my dad was probably in the crowd of people.

Some entertainment wrestlers like Scott Hall and several other wrestlers were wrestling each other around the stadium near and in the stands/seating areas as I walked around looking for a seat and/or exploring, I talked with my dad briefly and I continued walking around, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My second/last dream took place during the day and it possibly was inspired by the TV show Kings, something happened that I can not remember where I was talking with a man who looked and sounded a bit like maybe a taller version of the actor Ian McShane or his character King Silas Benjamin from the TV show Kings, and he was a rich and well-known/respected man in his community.

For some reason I was at his nice single story home like he had invited me like he saw potential in me and so maybe he was going to set up a special bank account for me to help fund my life and/or maybe he wanted me to date one of his daughters and/or maybe he wanted me to work for him and/or something like that I can not remember, all that I can remember is asking him if he was sure, and I remember being surprised and telling him that I disagreed with his positive views of me/my potential/my qualifications/whatever.

I remember sitting at a round table in his kitchen with him, his son who looked like John Mitchell from the BBC TV show Being Human, and his maybe three daughters who all had whitish colored skin with long hair and they were different ages (one of them was still in school, one was in college, and one was about my age or older).

His son was in a bad mood for some reason and he did not want to be there eating, drinking, and talking with us; but his daughters were nice, and we all talked about various things.

When I think about it I felt a bit like the character David Shepherd in the TV show Kings when he had breakfast with King Silas Benjamin and his family, and at some point I remember helping a thin male worker with medium-dark brownish colored skin who was wearing maybe a whitish colored cook-like hat move clothing into a closet in a bedroom as the Ian McShane-like man and one of his daughters helped and explained where to put them.

The male worker did not look very happy (mostly neutral-negative or negative-neutral) and I remember helping him move some clothing that was tied together almost like a rope of clothing, at first I thought that the clothing was tangled and I started untangling it, but that caused some of the clothing to start falling to the ground; and I realized that they were purposely tied together for a reason, and so I stopped trying to untangle them and I stuffed the clothing that fell back with the tied clothing.

After we finished moving things people slowly started arriving to the house for a gathering, important/rich people in the community were arriving, and there was food/drinks for everyone; and some people were setting up booths representing various companies/job providers/et cetera.

It seemed like maybe the gathering was somewhat focused on jobs, community (coming together to discuss problems in the community, and how to fix/improve them), and maybe to honor the Ian McShane-like man.

I remember people showing a lot of respect for the Ian McShane-like man almost like he was a king or president or just very rich/well-respected, and my parents’ came to the gathering as well.

My parents’ were talking to various people trying to find job opportunities for me, and they kept introducing me to people which was a bit embarrassing and annoying; but I knew that they were just trying to help me.

They introduced me to a woman with dark brownish colored skin who was working at one of the job booths, she gave me a card mentioning a certain company that might have some jobs, but her company was either out of jobs or I was not qualified for their jobs; and so I thanked her.

At some point I escaped my parents’ to use the bathroom and inside the nice and large dimly lit bathroom with tented glass walls on one side with views of the backyard was a man in a suit with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who wore glasses and he was talking on a mobile phone arguing with someone, and I greeted him and I started urinating at a urinal or toilet.

I was urinating strongly like I really had to urinate and it seemed like I would never stop urinating, I heard the man complaining about the Ian McShane-like man about something, and at some point the Ian McShane-like man heard him from the outside of the bathroom and he was going to come see who it was.

I warned the man and he escaped through the windows/walls through the backyard, and so only I was in the bathroom when Mr. McShane entered; and he looked at me wondering where the other person had gone, and I nodded my head at him smiling as a greeting and he smiled and nodded back at me.

He looked around the bathroom trying to pretend to not be looking for someone as I continued urinating strongly, and eventually I finally stopped urinating as he gave up his search; and I remember wanting to laugh but I woke up as I walked out of the bathroom, and in real life I had to urinate and so I went to the bathroom to urinate so that is probably why I had to urinate in the dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) At A Hotel And A Serious Accident On A Movie Set | Trying To Stop People From Walking On A Ledge

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My first dream took place during the day in another country at a hotel in the field that might/may have been the same hotel from one of my past dreams of a hotel in a field in Italy, several other people and me had stayed at the hotel for a while, and so we were familiar with each other and we would talk sometimes; and the dream started with us talking about some of our interesting experiences at the hotel.

I was talking with a man with whitish colored skin with long curly/shiny/wet/gelled/whatever dark-colored hair with almost fake looking short dark-colored facial hair who wore glasses and who slightly looked like a fake/wanna-be version of the entertainment Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) (he was a fan of him, and so I guess he tried to look like him), and I was talking with an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair; and they were telling their stories of how they met Razor Ramon/Scott Hall at the hotel.

The woman said that she met Razor Ramon/Scott Hall one day at the hotel and they went around riding together in a golf cart or something like that outside and maybe they had dinner, she showed us some photographs of the two of them on the golf cart outside the hotel and Razor Ramon/Scott Hall seemed to be acting very flirty and putting his hands on the woman in all the photographs, and she mentioned a few other things but I can not remember what else she told us.

The man told us his story of how he met Razor Ramon/Scott Hall at the hotel one day and he showed us a photograph that they took together standing inside the hotel lobby, the man said the two of them went back to his hotel room and had a drunken party with other people until they lost consciousness, and he woke up the next day unable to remember most of the party or what had happened; and so that was all that he could remember.

The three of us seemed to have stayed at the hotel for at least a month like we were on a long vacation in this country maybe but I am not sure, at some point I went to a dimly lit room at the hotel because I was to do/act in a movie scene for a movie that I was staring in, and the rest of the movie crew/actors/actresses/et cetera were already there.

The movie scene involved a duel between the two sons of the leaders of two ancient kingdoms with one kingdom being a Western-style kingdom with an older leader with whitish colored skin with a whitish colored beard and I was his son versus an Eastern-style Mongolian/Japanese-like kingdom with an older leader with yellowish colored skin with a son who looked like a younger version of him with very short blackish colored hair, and we were having a duel instead of a war.

My fictional father, a few guards, and a few of our people from our kingdom were on one side of the room and a few people from the other kingdom were on the other side of the room, people from both sides were there to witness our duel to make sure that the rules of the duel are followed, and the movie scene started with both of our sides talking among ourselves before the duel; and both of our sides briefly talked with each other to go over the rules, and then we started the duel.

The other leader’s son and I both wore no armor during our duel even though our fathers’ and their guards’ wore armor because it was part of the rules and we both had knives, and we started our duel and the other actor and I were free-styling/improvising the duel; and the other actor ran at me with his knife and I ducked his attack grabbing him with my knife behind his arm, and I took him down to the ground so that my knife would cut the back of his shoulder but his entire arm came off.

I was not sure this was part of the scene or not and so I stopped and I started to panic as the actor laid on the ground screaming in pain, the knife in my hand felt like a real metal knife and it looked like a silver kitchen knife that my parents’ have in their kitchen, and some of the movie crew ran to the actor to help him and I accidentally woke up in the real world from the panic/confusion of not knowing if his arm really got cut off or not.

Dream 2

I only remember the end of the second/last dream and it took place during the day at a fictional hotel-like complex on the ledge outside of one of the hotel buildings near a courtyard that had a swimming pool with people around it relaxing, and there were a group of people and an old woman who were trying to walk across the ledge to explore the area over-looking the courtyard/swimming pool, and I tried to convince them that it was too dangerous because they would die if they fell and missed the swimming pool and there was nothing on the other side of the ledge because I had already explored it but they would not listen to me.

The group of people and the old woman climbed through another window that was on the ledge to an even smaller ledge over-looking the courtyard/swimming pool, and then they realized that I was correct and they started trying to climb back but there was an accident that happened as a person tried to go around the old woman and the old woman started to fall and this caused some other people to fall off the ledge to the swimming pool safely (but maybe one or more people fell and died); and somehow I temporarily possessed/became the person who accidentally caused the old woman to start falling, and I grabbed the old woman and we both almost fell but I held on to something with my legs/body/elbow.

I held the old woman and I slowly moved us back to the window where there was a man with whitish colored skin with short orangish/brownish colored hair who wore glasses and a blueish/whitish colored long sleeve plaid button shirt with dark greenish colored pants, and I put my feet through the window so that he could help pull us through the window until I could hook my legs on the window; and then I pulled us through the window halfway, and the man helped us get completely through the window and I thanked him but the end of the dream repeated.

I knew what was going to happen this time and I tried to warn the people and the old woman again explaining that I had seen the future and I described what would happen exactly, but they would not listen again and so I quickly tried to decide how to stop them; and I noticed that the person who I temporarily possessed/became last time was the leader and this person was standing in front of the group trying to convince them to go on the ledge.

I quickly decided to do something that is very not like me, with no time left to make a decision I decided to knock this person unconscious as softly as I could but still strong enough to knock them unconscious, and so I side-kicked/did the Sweet Chin Music to the side of this person’s head as softly as I could but still strong enough to knock them unconscious; and the kick made a soft slapping noise when I softly kicked the person in the side of their head and it knocked the person unconscious, and I probably caught them and I slowly/softly laid them on the ground making sure that they were not seriously injured while apologizing to the person even though the person was unconscious.

My quick decision worked and everyone decided to not go further on the ledge, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr