SCP-4999 – Someone To Watch Over Us Tale (SCP Animation)

SCP-4999 – Someone To Watch Over Us Tale (SCP Animation)

What Is It?

The YouTube video SCP-4999 – Someone To Watch Over Us Tale (SCP Animation) by the YouTube channel SCP Explained – Story & Animation.

Here is the description for this video:

SCP 4999 is a keter class anomaly.
SCP-4999 is a humanoid entity of unknown origins and composition. Its physical appearance varies, with dark formal wear being the only constant between manifestations. Due to the rarity of recorded SCP-4999 manifestation events and the highly specific circumstances in which they occur, little data concerning its nature or intent is available; however, its behavior is consistent across all recorded sightings.

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Original Authors:
“Someone to Watch Over Us” based upon “SCP-4999″ written by CadaverCommander

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