Exploring An Underground Museum With My Cousin DE And Traveling With Characters From Farscape

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Lazy Overview:

Dream 1

Last night I only remember part of several dreams with the first dream taking place in a small strange dream world, and the dream re-started several times.

During at least two of the restarts I was in a strange dream world with my cousin DE, and we were walking in a small desert-like area of the dream world.

This dream world was strange and it had a desert-like area, a small sea, a few other land areas, and maybe a strange city in the distance.

In all the restarts of the dream, there was something in the direction of the city that we were afraid of seeing us, so we were constantly cautious; it was like there might have been a tower or something in the city, but I am not sure.

Whatever it was, we were very afraid, and we would use the sand storms as cover as we moved; and we tried to stay as far away from the city as we could.

I think it was a strange city in the distance, but it seemed to be quiet and empty probably, but we were too afraid to really even look in that direction for long; we would glance in that direction every so often to make sure that we were not seen, by whatever we were afraid of.

This dream world was so small, that you could see the entire planet/world, so it was a very small planet.

At some point my cousin DE and I found a small entrance in the sand, that led to an underground museum-like place.

The place was in good condition and had lights, and several rooms full of artifacts from several ancient cultures; probably Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, and maybe a few others.

My cousin DE was amazed and knew about some of the artifacts and was telling me about some of them.

At some point I remember either us finding another underground museum-like place or the dream restarted, and at some point we came across a group of men & women.

The men looked and acted like they were in a Latin gang or something, and they looked meanly at us as they passed by; but that is all I remember of those parts of the dream.

The other parts of the dream involved the cast of Farscape Season 2 being on a boat in this same strange dream world, and I was John Crichton.

We were afraid of the same unknown thing that my cousin DE and I were afraid of, from the same direction in the dream world, and we were traveling through the rough areas of the sea for cover.

Oddly the sea had some rough windy and wavy areas, like a bad storm, right next to calm areas of the sea; it was strange.

The dream restarted several times, but at some point we reached a calm part of the sea that was far enough away from the city area, that we did not have to worry about whatever we were afraid of seeing us.

In this calm area were strange sea creatures and some large sleeping water dragon-like creatures, and this part of the sea was cold like the arctic or something.

We had to be quiet to avoid waking up the strange water dragon-like creatures, and we managed to reach land at the end/back of this dream world/planet.

It was a small land area with a small library at the furthest part of this world and there were these strange sleeping alligator-like creatures around some of the book shelves, and I had to use this small hover board to float over them to avoid waking them up.

At some point I reached the top of a bookshelf in the corner away from the sleeping creatures, and I was supposed to use my dream powers to do something.

The other dream characters were waiting on me to close my eyes, focus, and maybe sleep in the dream to control it or something; but I am not sure what I was supposed to do exactly.

Whatever I was supposed to do was important and I was the only one that could do it, so my guess is that it had something to do with stopping/defeating whatever it was that we were afraid of in the direction of the city and/or maybe we were trying to escape from this dream world/planet.

While I was trying to focus, I remember hearing a school bell ringing and someone said that it was time for class, and I felt that I was supposed to be going to class; so I was going to have to wait until later to use my dream powers for whatever it was that I was supposed to do, but I woke up.

Dream 2

In my next dream I remember going to a small restaurant early in the morning to have a date with NF, but while waiting for NF to arrive, I see CW.

I was surprised to see her and we started to have a good conversation, I used to like CW back in high school, so I was feeling a bit odd & confused; since I was supposed to be having a date with NF soon, but I was having a great conversation with CW, and old memories/feeling were starting to come back.

NF arrived, which made me feel even more awkward, and so I had to briefly introduce CW & NF to each other; and I had to end my conversation with CW and I told her that I hoped to see her again soon, and then I began my date with NF.

NF wanted to eat breakfast I think but I wanted to have lunch later, but I went ahead and we ordered breakfast; while we were eating I noticed a plane flying in the sky and then suddenly it started to fall from the sky, and this happened to several planes.

People began to panic and they started to run to a gym that was near by, and I told NF to go there while I tried to find out what was happening; I was curious and wondered if I would see some spaceships in the sky soon.

I saw my family outside and I told them to go to the gym as well, and I went with them to the gym to make sure that NF was okay; she was fine and I told my family & her to stay in the gym until the situation was clear.

I then went back outside to watch the sky, but I woke up

The end,

-John Jr 🙂