An Oceanarium Gets Attacked By A Giant Fish

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved maybe me waking up in the dream in the morning, my mom had just returned from the city of LC, and I found out that she had went there for a doctor’s appointment.

I also found out that she finally got health insurance again, and so that is how she was able to go to the doctor again.

I was happy to hear this, and I suggested that she get an eye doctor’s appointment and a dentist’s appointment set up as soon as possible.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me, my parents, and my brothers TDC and KDC arriving at a multi-story marine park / oceanarium-like place that was built over / on an ocean or sea.

I assume that we were going to spend the night there or something because I had some luggage (a green military duffel bag, maybe a guitar-like case, and a smaller bag), we were probably going to check-in to our rooms, but a medieval reenactment / renaissance fair-like event was about to take place so we went there first.

Along the hallways were some small storage rooms to store your stuff, and maybe I divided my luggage in three of these storage rooms before we entered the room where someone would do orientation for this event.

A small boy with some kind of disability was doing the orientation for our group, he would explain the rules et cetera, show us around the area, and then help us get ready for jousting and other mock combat activities with maybe rubber weapons and replica clothing and armor that we would compete in on teams mostly.

Somehow when the boy walked outside to show us around I was the only one who followed, the others did not realize that they were supposed to follow him, and so it took them a moment to catch on and catch up.

While he was talking to the rest of the group I probably got my luggage and put it in one storage room, a woman with light-color skin probably stopped to talk to me briefly, and then maybe I returned to the group and maybe I briefly competed in some competitions until it was over and me and my family continued our journey to find our rooms maybe.

We reached a mostly covered outdoor area with stadium seating that went down closer to the water where the rails were, and they were probably putting food in the water to attract some marine animals.

Suddenly some very large great white sharks started to appear from under the water, one was probably the size of the largest real life sharks, one was probably the size of Jaws (Bruce), and the last one was even larger.

The largest great white shark seemed smart and was looking at the lower rows of seats like he (I sensed that it was a male) wanted to attack the people there, and was trying to decide if he could jump high enough to reach them.

I noticed this and I started to sense danger, we were up high fortunately, but then that sense of danger became fear as an impossibly large giant strange fish that was somewhat round and did not look quite like any fish that I can think of slowly rose closer to the surface.

This giant fish looked even smarter, it looked like it wanted to attack as well and so it seemed to be thinking up a plan, and then it possibly smiled which was super creepy because it seemed more human-like in its intelligence and expression.

That smile signaled that it knew how it was going to attack, and it started swimming under the structure with some of its body above the water trying to destroy the support beams et cetera.

Me and my family started running to the right to an area of many glass windows with a view of the water between this structure and another that was possibly on land or something, and others were running in panic.

The intercom system warned everyone to get to the other structure to our right, and so everyone was running to reach the tunnel that connected the two.

The area where we were started to fall sideways so we had to leave it to escape to the other structure, the giant fish was moving back and forth hitting the beams et cetera, and it was looking up and around at the chaos and possibly looked and smiled at me at least once.

It was clearly intelligent and was trying to knock everyone into the water where the sharks and maybe it could eat people, it did not really seem like a fish that needs to eat like that, but I had no idea.

We reached the other structure along with some of my mom’s side of the family like my aunt RE who I held across, my aunt SE, my uncle CE, and maybe my aunt DE and her family.

I then realized that my brothers TDC and KDC were missing, my mom said that she last saw them not long ago, and so I was going to run back to find them if they did not arrive soon.

I hoped that they were okay, but I woke up as I waited and prepared to go find them.

The end,

-John Jr


A Possible Felony & A Tour Of A Dock

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be at work at my shelver job at The B Parish Library, except it looked different and it was possibly an indoor/outdoor building, and I remember my female coworker Mrs. R asking me and some of our other coworkers a question.

My coworker Mrs. R had some documents I think that had possibly gotten wet, these documents possibly belonged to the government (maybe federal government) and/or another library and/or something like that, and she wanted to try to dry them using maybe a microwave oven (microwave) or something like that but she had heard that it was a felony (crime) to do something like that.


Surviving Waves

All that I can remember of this confusing and unclear dream from last night is that it was inspired by my brothers KD and TD talking about college as I was sleeping in the real world and the Ghost In The Shell franchise.

The dream took place during a day when the weather looked like it was going to get bad.


Rafts And Androids And President Barack Obama

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I can not remember important parts of this dream so it does not make much sense, and all that I can remember is that several people and I seemed to be stranded on the ocean/sea during the day on separate wooden rafts that we probably made; and so I assume that something happened to our boat, money, mobile phones, et cetera leaving us stranded/homeless/lost at sea.

We did not know where we were and all that we could see in the distance was water so we had to just keep moving hoping to find somewhere to dock before our rafts break, before dehydrating, before starving, and before getting eaten by sharks; and so our situation was bad.

Our rafts started breaking but fortunately we found a place to dock at a dock/platform-like area that was connected to a larger structure and/or island, there were some other homeless people in this area, and so we looked around for somewhere where we could sleep and find materials that we could use for various things and hopefully some food and water; and I remember finding a wooden pallet/raft with some blankets that I decided to use.

I remember wanting us to save energy and avoid swimming to a new location unless we had to because we did not have food and water, also my biggest fear were the sharks eating us if we tried to swim to a new location, and I remember us looking around for supplies and transportation and food and water and trying to ask people where we were and where was the nearest land et cetera; and I remember picking a spot where I would sleep later.

The dream gets confusing and unclear at this point but I remember someone or some group testing a male robot / android that they built that was humanoid shaped but made of grayish/silverish metal and slightly bulky, they were testing it in the area where we were, and then they started testing a newer model female robot/android who was shaped like a real human but she was made of a completely maybe mostly solid shiny black material.

They did some testing and adjusting/improving of both robots/androids, later in the dream they had both androids looking and dressing like humans with the female android having whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair pretending to be the mother of the male android who now looked like a teenage boy with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, and maybe we were on the larger structure or part of the island now; and some of my family was there like maybe they had come to get me, and The President Of The United States President Barack Obama was there to tour the area and give a speech so there were US Secret Service agents around the island.

I remember walking around with my family and the androids were not far from us, I remember seeing and hearing part of President Obama’s speech that he was giving from a high area not far from a parking lot, and after it was over President Obama and some of his Secret Service agents started to leave toward the parking lot to a small airplane; and my family, the androids, and I happen to be going there as well.

The androids wanted to avoid standing out too much and so did I, we did not want the Secret Service agents to think that we were threats so we tried to act normal, but for some unknown reason the male android decided to pretend to be a Secret Service agent and somehow he looked like a man wearing a suit; and his disguise worked because he managed to get on the small airplane where President Obama and the other Secret Service agents thought that he was one of them, and he even went into the room where President Obama was and somehow I saw this even though I was not there probably.

The male android told President Obama that the actress Sarah Jessica Parker had some video footage of his wedding that she possibly was going to upload or had uploaded and he asked if it was okay for her to do this, and President Obama laughed and he said that it was okay; and the male android left the room, and then he left the airplane to meet up with the female android.

I think that my family and I let them ride with us in my parent’s automobile, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Something Is In The Water

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of my last dream from last night, which took place on a fictional beach during a cloudy day or early morning or something like that, and I was with/around two women & two men.

The two men wanted to fish I think and the two women & I were walking around the beach.

At some point the two women & I noticed someone laying in the water, the water was very shallow near the beach, and so you could walk far out into the water; and so we decided to walk into the water.

We reached a man with medium-long blond colored hair with whitish colored skin laying in the water who looked dead & naked at first, but we soon found out that he was wearing swimming shorts & he was doing yoga-like stretches/meditations/whatever.

The man soon stood up to continue his strange yoga-like stretches, and then we saw two young men who looked like twins who were fishing in the water; and one of the twins went under the water in the deeper area but you could see the tip of his fishing pool, and so he was fishing under the water. 😀

The two men who were with us were fishing from the beach not the water but when they saw the twins fishing from in the water, they wanted to try fishing from in the water too, and so they walked into the water near us to start fishing from in the water.

The two women & I went into the deeper area of the water to swim, but soon the four fishermen started to get their lines tangled with each other & they started throwing their lines too close to us while we were swimming; and so a small argument began.

Then one of the twins saw or felt something in the water thinking that maybe it was a fish and I started to get cautious, and I was already starting to swim back toward the shallow area to avoid the fishing lines; but then I felt and/or saw something swim by/on my leg, and it did not feel/look like a fishing line or person or fish or turtle.

I started to panic a bit and I yelled for everyone to swim back to the beach, and I started to swim for my life back to the beach; but most of the others were not swimming back with me.

As I swam quickly back to the beach, I heard them saying that they saw and/or felt something in the water, and they started to wonder what it was; and then they started to get a bit scared.

I woke up when I reached the beach, I swam faster than I can in real life, so I got to the beach quickly. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂