Possessor (Film)

What is it?

The 2020 science fiction horror movie Possessor.

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POSSESSOR Trailer (2020) Brandon Cronenberg Sci-Fi Movie HD

Here is how The IMDb describes this movie:

An agent works for a secretive organization that uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies – ultimately driving them to commit assassinations for high-paying clients.

Tasya Vos is a corporate agent who uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies, driving them to commit assassinations for the benefit of the company. While she has a special gift for the work, her experiences on these jobs have caused a dramatic change in her, and in her own life she struggles to suppress violent memories and urges. As her mental strain intensifies, she begins to lose control, and soon she finds herself trapped in the mind of a man whose identity threatens to destroy her own.


Silent Hill (Film)

Radha Mitchell in Silent Hill (2006)
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What is it?

The 2006 French-Canadian psychological horror movie Silent Hill.

What is it about?

This is how Wikipedia describes this movie:

Silent Hill is a 2006 French-Canadian psychological horror film directed by Christophe Gans and written by Roger Avary, Gans, and Nicolas Boukhrief.

The film is an adaptation of Konami’s 1999 video game Silent Hill.

It stars Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Deborah Kara Unger, Kim Coates, Tanya Allen, Alice Krige, and Jodelle Ferland.

The film follows Rose, who takes her adopted daughter Sharon to the town of Silent Hill, for which Sharon cries while sleepwalking.

Arriving at Silent Hill, Rose is involved in a car accident and awakens to find Sharon missing; while searching for her daughter, she fights a local cult while uncovering Sharon’s connection to the town’s dark past.

My Thoughts

I saw this movie in a movie theater back when it came out, the arrival at Silent Hill with the ash babies/creatures creeped me out, and this movie was better than the usual video game movie and it was not bad for a horror film.

For some reason many people seemed to not like this movie back when it came out, but I liked it better than the critics.

The end,

-John Jr


Equilibrium (Film)

What is it?

The 2002 American dystopian science fiction film Equilibrium that was directed by the director Kurt Wimmer and stars the actors Christian Bale and Sean Bean.

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Equilibrium – Movie Review (2002)

What is it about?

This is how Miramax describes this film:

In an attempt to end wars and maintain peace, humankind has outlawed the things that trigger emotion: literature, music, and art.

To uphold the law, a special breed of police is assigned to eliminate all transgressors.

But when the top enforcer misses a dose of an emotion-blocking drug, he begins to realize that things are not as they seem.