Getting Touched

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember being in my parent’s yard and my dead female cousin AE was there with me and she was a kid again oddly, and strangely I did not remember that she was supposed to be dead and that she was supposed to be an adult because she was older than me.

Maybe one or more people were in the yard with us but I can not remember, I remember standing near the storage buildings when someone touched me from behind on my shoulder and butt, and it ended up being my cousin AE to my surprise and confusion.

It did not feel like an accident and so I was confused, I am not sure if I said anything other than that she should not touch people like that especially without asking for permission because it was rude and inappropriate, and then I remember my uncle CE walking over and saying something about this.

He had me tell my cousin AE to not do that again and he told me to take her to her mom (my Aunt ME), who was at The E House, and so I walked my cousin AE through Mrs. R’s yard and through the front carport gate and to the back door.

The door was locked but my cousin AE had a key and she opened it, and then I said goodbye as she closed the door and I walked away.

Later in the dream maybe in a fictional area by The G House some of my family and I were in this fictional area with water and maybe tiny islands that you could move between, there were tourists there and two tall and thin female models with white skin with long yellow hair who seemed to be from maybe a Scandinavian country, and some members of RocketJump were there as well like the actress Ellary Porterfield.

At some point we all got stuck on a raised maybe island-like thing, we were not sure if we could jump down without hurting ourselves, and so eventually I decided to jump down and it was safe so I helped the others down.

The last part of the dream involved me getting dressed up and I wore a gray or charcoal suit, and I walked to a fictional area near where the A Plant should be.

There was an outdoor open auditorium with a graduation/high school reunion/awards-like ceremony/event about to take place during the evening and night where most people were dressed up, and that is where I walked.

There were celebrities there, some of my former classmates and their families, and other people there as well like some of my family.

I remember picking a seat but then I walked back near the front because I saw my dad trying to help an old woman with dark brown skin fix a coffeemaker that was not working, there were two coffeemakers, and I saw that the electrical cord for one was cut and disconnected so I reconnected it which worked; but I warned them to disconnect it and unplug it if it starts overheating and/or sparking or something like that.

As I was walking back to my seat I saw the actor Sean Penn walking to the podium to start the ceremony/event like he was going to be the first speaker, I saw and greeted my former male classmate WT on my way to my seat, and he went to a seat behind me somewhere.

Everyone was standing as Sean Penn approached the podium, I felt someone touch my butt, and I turned around in confusion wondering if it was an accident and wondering who did it.

There were several people behind me including my former classmate WT so I was not sure who had touched me, but I woke up as Mr. Penn started his speech with some comedy.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside my parent’s house on a computer looking at comments on YouTube when I saw some commenting that they were having computer problems where the video would stop at a certain point, and so I started thinking about different ways to help them troubleshoot the problem and to help them secure their computer and update their software because I assumed that their computer was probably infected with malware and that their software and operating system was outdated among other things.

I was going to recommend that they use Google Chrome with the Adblock Plus and Web Of Trust (WOT) browser extensions, use and update and scan with Windows Defender if they were on Microsoft Windows 8 – 10 or Microsoft Security Essentials if they were on an older version of Microsoft Windows, make sure that their operating system was set to automatically update and check for and install any updates currently available, that they use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Edition as a backup scanner and use several of their tools to remove junk software and useless items in the start-up and use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free Edition to protect a few of their programs from exploits, and a few other things.

I was trying to figure out a way to simplify this for them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Making A Difference

Last night I had a dream that was one dream, but it switched to a different theme and with different characters during the dream.

It started with me and all the people I graduated from high school with, and we were in a room and it appeared to be our last celebration before we graduation or something.

Everyone was having fun and I did not see any teachers around, and we were sitting at tables talking mostly.

There was probably music, food, drinks, and maybe a few other things.

People who normally would not talk to each other, were actually talking to each other, and everyone seemed to be getting along very well.

I remember seeing BR, JP, MW, and many other people I graduated with.

I talked to a few people, but I can not remember what we talked about exactly.

Next I remember going to my house but on the way I saw my uncle WC, he told me about a good place to go fishing, and he invited my dad & I on a fishing trip.

So I think my dad, JP (A school friend I graduated with in high school & who was in the beginning of the dream), my uncle WC, and I went fishing the next day.

This part of the dream is unclear, but I remember riding around in a boat maybe in a swampy marsh-like lake with alligators & some snakes.

JP was trying to catch some alligators by the tail with some metal device, but their tails were too slippery.

We got close to some small land spots and some abandoned shacks, and so I decided to climb on one of the shacks for some reason.

Also, I took an ice chest/cooler that my uncle WC gave us up there with me on top of the shack.

I saw two snakes somewhere, but they did not attack me.

Suddenly some police officers or something came on a boat and they asked to check the cooler my uncle WC gave me, and there was a lot of beer in there.

I told them that I did not know that beer was in there, but they arrested me and JP for having beer anyway.

They took us to jail and we walked into the jail cafeteria to eat, and we were pretty uncomfortable and a bit nervous.

I think us and the other prisoners wore gray jumpsuits with white undershirts, and the cafeteria was big.

Before we could even finish eating, there were at least three separate fights in that short amount of time.

One man got beat pretty badly, and it took a long time before the guards came in to stop it.

JP looked very scared and I tried to act normal, but I was worried too.

JP wanted to get away from the violence so he went to our jail cell, which had at least 4 people per jail cell, but I kept eating my food.

After finishing my food I went to our jail cell and I saw two people run out of the jail cell, and then JP walked out with a black eye and he looked like he had been attacked/beaten up.

He was checking his pockets, and he said that the two men had attacked him and they took his wallet.

At this point I felt even more worried and I was in a defensive mode, and so I told JP and two other people in our jail cell that we had to work together to stop some of the violence.

I left to go see where the guards were, and on my way there I saw my friend SS and his brother MS.

I was shocked to see them and they were shocked to see me, and they asked me what I was doing in jail; so I told them what had happened.

They said that they were here to visit someone who was in jail, and I told them about all the fights I had seen already.

I told them that I hoped to be out of jail soon, and then they said good-bye.

Then somehow I either became a different person or the dream started to follow another character in the dream.

The new dream character was big, somewhat fat, tough-looking, and he was a prisoner with a bald head and he wore a blue bandana.

He was in the cafeteria eating and he was talking about how he was tired of being in jail, and he was tired of all the violence & other negative things that were happening in the jail.

A fight started somewhere in the cafeteria, and so he stood up&  ran over there and he stopped the fight.

He then gave a speech to everyone in the cafeteria where he talked about how they all were there to pay for their crimes but instead of doing all the violence & negative things, that they should start doing positive things to improve themselves, the jail, and their community once they are released from jail.

About ten prisoners decided to join him to start making a positive change, and so they slowly started to get more and more people to help stop the violence and to help start a positive change in the jail.

One day the police offered the thirty positive prisoners a chance to leave jail if they join the military for a short amount of time.

So they went to the military but the dream quickly jumped through that by only showing two parts; one part had the new main dream character leading and encouraging the other former prisoners through the military basic training.

The second part had him leading them through a combat mission or something.

After their short military service they were free to go back home, and so the main dream character returned to see his wife and kid or kids.

When he got home there were gangsters, illegal drug dealers, and other negative types outside his apartment and around his neighborhood.

He greeted his wife and kid or kids, and then he went straight to challenge the gangsters and other negative types in his neighborhood.

He walked up to them & he asked them who was in charge and he started to tell them that he wanted them to stop the cycle of violence and negative things, and that he wanted them to start a positive change in the community.

They seem to be shocked by his courage and they did not challenge him, and so they started to work together to improve the neighborhood.

They ended their gang, they stopped selling illegal drugs, they started to clean up the neighborhood, and they started to spend positive time with each other & their families.

The new main dream character was the leader of it all and everything went well, but one day he felt the need to go back to the jail to make more improvements there.

So he committed a simple crime so that he could go back to jail, once in jail he saw that the actor Sean Penn was in there for a simple crime too, and so he decided to either switch bodies with him or he somehow took control of Mr. Penn’s body or something; so that he could get more prisoners to make a positive change, by using Sean Penn’s fame.

After the new main dream character took control of Sean Penn’s body or he became him/possessed him, he went to stop a fight but the attacker attacked him too, and so the new main dream character (now in Sean Penn’s body) purposely killed the attacker hoping that he would get a life sentence in jail so that he could spend most of his life helping to make a positive change in the jail system and community.

His plan seemed to have worked, he got a longer jail sentence and he got hundreds maybe even thousands of prisoners to start making a positive change in the jail and once they got out of jail.

But since the new main dream character (now in Sean Penn’s body) had killed the attacker in self-defense and that he was making so many positive changes in the jail, the police decided to let him go back home.

The new main dream character then switched bodies back or uncontrolled/un-possessed Sean Penn, and he went back home.

His neighborhood still looked good, but he wanted to make sure that things were the same or better, and so he started to check his apartment building.

His apartment building was strange, it had about seven floors & each floor had only a small bed room sized apartment with stairs, and so it looked tall & skinny/thin.

Outside of the apartment there was a man with a blue bandana standing around, the new main character asked him what he was doing, and he said that he was doing his neighborhood watch duty & he welcomed the new main dream character back to the neighborhood now that he was out of jail again.

The new main character then went to each room on each floor of the apartment to check for any illegal activities, but everything looked good.

He also seemed to be looking for his wife and kid or kids, and he seemed to be in a slight panic/rush.

Once he got to the last apartment room on the seventh floor, he opened the door, and his wife was waiting for him like she already knew he was coming.

She smiled, gave him a hug & kiss, and she said that the kid or kids were at school.

She told him that she knew that he was trying to help the community and that she was not mad at him for going back to jail on purpose, and that she & his kid or kids had happily waited for him to return.

The new main dream character then apologized for leaving them like that and he said that he hoped and wanted to make a positive difference in the community, so that one day his kid or kids and everyone else could enjoy a better World, and they could continue to make a positive difference in the World as well.

He said that he felt the need to make a difference by action, and he tried to help where he could by starting with himself and moving to help the closet person(s) or thing(s) or place(s).

Basically starting from the ground up as they say, in hopes that the positive cycle would continue, and more and more people would work together to get things done.

He seemed happy, and I felt that he would probably join with his family & community to start helping and leading others to make positive changes in this World again.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂