My Mom Gets Shot | A Lucid Dream Within A Dream To A False Awakening Dream With A Dream Machine?

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I did not record most of my dreams, and so now I can only remember part of several dreams that possibly included a lucid dream within a dream where I woke up into a false awakening dream with a dream machine or something crazy like that; unfortunately most of my dreams are forgotten and unclear so things are missing and are possibly not in their correct order and I am not sure where some dreams really began or ended.

Dream 1

The part of this dream that I remember took place during the night at my parents house, I remember hearing a gunshot inside the house, and so I ran to the bedroom where I heard the noise.

My mom had been shot, there was possibly a child in the dream as well, and my mom told me that someone had just shot her so I ran outside to find the person before they could escape.

I ran around trying to find them, when I was near the coolers I saw what looked like a man running in a reflection on my right glasses lens, and I turned around assuming that the reflection came from behind me and that the assumed man was running past The G House back down the street.

I saw no one when I turned around or when I ran to the main gates, then I saw my brother CC running outside with either our brother TDC or KDC, and so I yelled to them to warn them about the situation but they already knew and were running to the back door of The G House to look for the shooter.

I told them to be careful and take their time and check their corners et cetera, but they ran inside the back door of The G House moving to quickly and I saw my brother CC using some of his military training but he was rushing and was very determined to get the shooter so I ran to catch up to them before they get shot or something by not being careful.

I assumed that our male cousin DE was still in jail so I assumed that he was not at The G House so it would be easy for the shooter to hide there because the front door can not even close because it is broken and has no door handle.

I ran through the back door and I heard my brother CC beating up someone and yelling questions at them about why did they shoot our mom et cetera, and when I entered the bedroom my brother CC was striking our male cousin DE who was probably on a bed like he had been sleeping.

I told my brother CC to stop, we did not know who shot our mom yet, and I did not think that it was our cousin DE.

CC was too angry to listen so I told him to stop before he gets blood on himself and all over the place, I reminded him that DE possibly had HIV / AIDs, and that he risked killing him if he did not stop striking him.

I told my brother CC that the real shooter could be getting away now because it was not likely that it was DE, and that we needed to find whoever it was quickly and that if he wanted to interrogate DE that he should just ask him instead of punching him et cetera.

I wondered how our mom was doing and if emergency services were on their way or not, I needed to decide whether to stay to make sure that CC did not kill DE or should I return to my mom or should I run back outside to run around looking for the shooter, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I can only remember some of this dream, which was really several dreams, unfortunately; and things are unclear, confusing, missing, possibly out-of-order, et cetera.

Part of this dream involved me going to work at The BP Library, the back employee areas looked different, and we had a different break room and even a separate locker room and one or more areas that we could use during breaks.

During a part of the dream that I can not remember I was walking to the shelving room, my female coworker JB was at the front desk and I noticed the tattoo on back of her neck, and so I stopped to look at it because I was not sure what the tattoo really looked like or what it was a tattoo of.

Before I could get a look at it JB turned around asking me what I was doing, I told her, and I joked that I was trying to see if it was a barcode tattoo like the one from the Hitman video game and movie franchise.

I joked that I was trying to see if she was a hitman / assassin / hitwoman, she had no idea what I was talking about, and so I explained that they were genetically engineered / enhanced and had barcode tattoos on the back of their necks.

My brother GC was working at the library at the same time as well so maybe I talked with him briefly as well, and then at some point in the dream I was in the break room and locker room.

In my mail slot I found a fine over $27 that was on a piece of paper that explained in detail about some alleged computer program that I have never heard of before that was installed on a work computer at the library and they thought that I had installed it, they had some kind of tracker or something logging almost everything that I do on the work computers so the paper listed times and dates and actions and programs and websites et cetera of all my computer actions at work, and how that program caused some damage so maybe it was malicious or something.

I did not install that program and did not want to pay a fine for something that I did not do, I also did not appreciate having all my computer actions logged and monitored at the level of detail, and so I was trying to see the exact date and time that the software was installed so I could see if that was even a day and time that I was there at work.

Oddly that part of the paper I could not see clearly or I could not look at, maybe it was blurry there and / or I just could not look at it like it was maybe partly transparent like the dream had not formed it completely so looking at it possibly risked me noticing the strangeness of the dream and / or destabilizing the dream, and so I never got to see this important detail.

I stopped to complain about this with my brother GC and then maybe my coworker Mrs. MW who was in the fictional locker room, and Mrs. RB and / or another female coworker of mine showed up.

I am not sure if this happened during a forgotten part of this dream or not but there was possibly a fictional male coworker there with light-color skin with maybe brown hair who had made maybe a dream machine, I am not sure and I am not sure what it did, but it was in a yellow plastic case and seemed to be powered by nine-volt battery.

It could fit in your hand or hands, it opened like a case, and inside were some simple components and wires et cetera like someone took a homemade electronics / radio / whatever kit and made this with it.

The next thing that I remember is possibly a dream within this dream that was possibly started by the assumed dream machine, but I can not remember.

I was in the locker room or a room like it with Mrs. MW and Mrs. RB and / or another female coworker of mine, we were trapped and I possibly was telling them that this was a dream so the dream was possibly a lucid dream, but I do not remember it feeling like a normal lucid dream and I did not seem to be trying to control the dream or use dream powers but I possibly was acknowledging it as a dream or as possibly being a dream and I was using my knowledge of past dreams and lucid dreams to help us get out of this room that we were trapped in and I explained my dream and lucid dream knowlege to the others to help them better survive this dream.

I found clues that I assumed were to a puzzle that would allow you to unlock a secret passage out of this room, we figured out the puzzle, I remember opening a locker that had several items in it and maybe we found a button or moved them in a certain order to activate a secret door in the wall.

I opened the door that led to another room or a stairway that was dimly lit, I asked the others to hold it cracked open while I check for threats before we move, because in dreams like this you never know what threats may be around and I named some previous dream threats to them like zombies et cetera.

The area was clear so we moved to the new area quietly, we cautiously moved to another area through another secret passage that was a door with no door handles et cetera, and it led to another upper stairway with a view to what looked like a windowless college building / college apartment with students below in the hallway.

We stayed out of sight, I was not sure if the other dream characters would attack us, especially Mrs. MW and Mrs. RB and / or whoever because I assumed that this was my dream, and that they may see my coworkers as outsiders.

I decided that we should move to another area and try to find our way out of this dream or dreams back to the real world, we possibly moved between several secret passages to either other dreams or parts of this dream, and eventually we reached the outside that I thought was the real world.

I assumed that we were awake now in the real world, but this was now a false awakening dream where maybe we returned to the previous dream because the possible lucid dream had been within another dream so we were possibly back in the first dream now.

My coworkers possibly walked away as I talked to the fictional male coworker who made and gave me the assumed dream machine, we were outside during the day in an area that looked a bit like the front of The D High School, and I opened the yellow plastic container that the dream machine was in to look at its insides.

The device was hot, I assumed that this had caused the strange things to happen in the lucid dream like being trapped in a room at first, and so I asked him if he thought that it was unusual and that maybe the nine-volt battery was bad and / or causing the heat or if there was some kind of problem with the dream machine that needed to be fixed.

He started to inspect the dream machine, he told me that he built it himself using basic electronic supplies, and that it was actually something that he made by accident in a way.

I asked him maybe what the dream machine could do and how it worked exactly and about the materials used to make it, and he started explaining the details to me which seemed more simple and inexpensive than you would think.

He had his own company, after making this machine by accident and seeing that it worked, he decided that this should be a product of his company so they were making more dream machines to test and improve before manufacturing them for the public; he felt that this would be a great business decision that would make his company a household name.

As he was explaining the details and troubleshooting and listening to what happened to me / us during the lucid dream et cetera, I woke up, and that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that I had more dreams and that more things happened.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping Two People Reach Secret Bathroom Passages

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I had more dreams but I did not record them, I meant to record at least one of them but I somehow went back to sleep I guess, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place at The BP Library, I was at work walking behind the front desk toward the shelving room, and several of my coworkers were doing various things while standing up in this area.

Among those coworkers were my female coworker JB and my coworker Mr. CF and several others, and they / we were talking as I moved through this area.

I remember wanting to find a peppermint or something because I was not sure if my breath smelled bad or not because maybe I had just taken my break and had eaten something, and so I was worried about that.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a possibly multi-story multi-purpose building that was like a store / shopping mall / college / office / et cetera building, and my dad or both of my parents and my brother GC were there too.

At some point I needed to urinate so I got in line to use the bathroom that was not too far from the entrance to whatever floor we were on, maybe an upper floor, and this area was a bit like a store-like / shopping mall-like lobby between the main walkways / halls.

The women’s line was very long but the men’s line was shorter fortunately, some of my former classmates were waiting in line and were in the bathroom, and so I briefly talked with them and greeted them while in line and when I went inside the men’s bathroom.

The inside of the bathroom was crowded with people waiting in there too, I found an open stall, but there was no toilet or urinal in it but there was a sink and something else in there oddly.

I walked out of this stall to wait for another one to open up or to look for another one, I saw maybe my former male classmate MT walking to the wall at the far right of the bathroom, and to my surprise he found out that there was a secret passage there.

I said something to him in amazement, and then I followed behind him.

The secret passage led to a quiet office-like / college-like hallway, MT had already left the hall, but I saw a male security guard with dark-color skin with black hair wearing a light-blue and dark-blue security guard uniform and hat sitting at a table on the left side of the hallway to the left.

When the secret passage closed I saw no handles or anything to open it again, I saw that there was maybe a women’s bathroom secret passage on this side too and / or there were two other bathrooms on this hall, and I walked around back to the line in the other area.

While back in the line a young man / boy and a young woman / girl with light-color skin wearing glasses in wheelchairs who seemed to have a physical disability of some kind rolled up in their wheelchairs to get in line behind me, and I let them get in line in front of me.

The girl had yellow hair and I remember them talking about being in a hurry, and so I told them about the secret passages to the bathroom and I offered to show them the secret passages to the bathrooms and / or the other bathrooms on the other hall (if there were any).

They accepted the offer, but they were in such a hurry that they decided to try to walk instead of use their wheelchairs which made no sense to me in the dream even and maybe I even asked if they were sure about this and they probably said yes.

They were very short and were struggling to walk so I offered to help them, I asked them if they wanted me to pick them up, but they said that they were not comfortable with that so I reached my hands out to them and they moved them to their shoulders and we started walking.

I did not have much of a grip on them and this position did not allow me to support them much at all, but it was what they were comfortable with so I went with it.

As we were walking the girl stumbled and partly fell causing all of us to partly fall, but I still was somewhat supporting them so they did not fall completely.

We continued walking, but I got awakened in the real world because I really did need to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr


Sneaking Into A Facility

File:Sr71 at national space museum.jpg
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This dream from last night was possibly partly inspired by the Japanese anime (animated) film Gall Force 3: Stardust War, which I watched last night, and all that I can remember of this dream is that a group of people and I were sneaking into a futuristic facility that belonged to a group who were the antagonists of this dream it seemed and various things in the dream were somewhat futuristic.

I can not remember what this group did to us and to the people we knew and others, but I assume that this group was doing bad things and unethical secret experiments at their facility (maybe they even kidnapped some people, but I am not sure).

For whatever reason(s) we snuck/sneaked into their facility, we had some communication devices that were probably in-ear earpieces that we used to communicate with a woman who was helping us, and she was letting us know about the situation outside and the situation in areas that we could not see.

We successfully sneaked into the mostly clean white somewhat futuristic facility without being noticed by the guards patrolling the outside and inside, I remember us being in a room about to sneak into a hallway, but then the woman communicating with us through our earpieces told us that the guards somehow knew that we had sneaked past their defenses so they were locking down the building.

The lockdown was meant to trap us inside as the guards try to find us, they did not know where we were yet, and so we ran into a hallway trying to avoid getting trapped but the areas that we were going to run through got blocked off by heavy walls/doors that lowered from the ceiling.

All of the escape routes were now blocked off, but then a woman (possibly a different woman) who worked at this facility who either knew someone in our group and/or who do not agree with what this group was doing and/or who was possibly a double agent from our group or who was possibly going to become a double agent for our group communicated with us through our earpieces telling us about a secret passage that led to a secret underground facility (base) where she worked and where she was at now all alone.

She communicated with us leading us to the secret passage and we went down the secret passage before the guards reached the area where we had been earlier, and we reached the secret underground facility where the woman was while the guards were still above-ground trying to figure out where we were and why they could not find us after locking down the building.

The woman who helped us had white skin with maybe long yellow hair and she wore a futuristic maybe white and gray uniform, and she was in an area with an underground hangar with a futuristic aircraft in it that looked somewhat like the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird except it was capable of transporting groups of people and cargo.

The woman was behind some glass in an upper area over-looking this hangar, and there were other areas behind her that probably led to secret research labs and other areas.

We talked with the woman who seemed somewhat worried and sad, she probably explained why she was helping us and she shared some information and she told us about some other things, and her plan was to hide us on the aircraft and fly away pretending to be on a normal mission hoping that the guards would not suspect that she helped us escape.

If they figured out how we escaped she would lie and say that we must have sneaked on the aircraft without her knowing, and she would lie about why she had left in the aircraft (she already had some lies ready that would make sense).

We asked her to leave with us, she wanted to, but she felt that staying would allow her to better help stop the bad things going on there and stop the group who she was working for by working with us as a double agent and passing on classified information and/or materials that would help stop them permanently once the public and authorities learn the truth of what goes on there.

She knew that being a double agent was dangerous and would possibly get her killed, tortured, imprisoned, fired, et cetera but she was willing to take the risk because she felt that it was the right thing to do even though she knew that we could not protect her there.

We thanked her and wished her well, the guards were possibly getting closer to figuring out that something was wrong and that we were no longer above-ground, and so she hid us on the aircraft and she prepared to contact her people to let them know that she was about to leave in the aircraft on a routine mission or something.

I remember the hangar and part of the runway opening to the outside so that she could take off in the aircraft, but I woke up as the aircraft started to move and take off.

The end,

-John Jr


A Mountain Complex & Dating A Scarlett Johansson-Like Woman? | My Dad Trying To Go Outside Wearing Only Underwear

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of my first dream but I know that there was more to this dream where several people and I explored a mountain complex that probably had zombie-like threats inside of it that we had to fight as we explored the mountain complex, but my memory of this dream is unclear because the end of the dream had very strong positive emotions until the very end of the dream when I accidentally woke myself up because of very strong negative emotions; and this caused me to forget the beginning and the middle of the dream, and parts of the end of the dream.

I am not sure what happened to the people who were exploring the mountain complex with me but eventually we stopped exploring the mountain complex and I assume that we went our separate ways at some point without exploring all the mountain complex probably because we wanted to take a break and it was a bit dangerous, and late in the evening or during the night I went to a hotel-like place near the mountains where the mountain complex was; and my family and some other people my family knew were staying at the hotel-like place with me, and I remember spending some time with them.


Hanging With Olga Kay | Talking To Kimberly Swan | A Fun / Maze / Scary House & My Fictional Little Sister Named Rose

I barely remember part of two or three dreams, my last dream once again caused me to forget most of my other dreams, and oddly once again I had a fictional sister in my last dream.

Dream 1

My first dream probably took place during the day at a dorm/apartment on a fictional college campus, I probably returned to college & needed a job & maybe a place to stay/live, and at some point I was walking through the hallway or somewhere; and I saw Olga Kay from YouTube trying to play a sport or something with some of her friends or some other students, but she was terrible at it & she was struggling & so I decided to help her.