An Unstable Brad Pitt Leading A Squad

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Source: IMDb

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day in a fictional area not far from the BM Hospital, I remember being outside watching my brothers KD and TD play American Football with other people, and my dad and various other people were there as well.

There was a man in the crowd trying to invent a power plug/charger/cable/whatever that could be connected to my brothers KD and TD as they played American Football, I am not sure how this was supposed to work or why he wanted to make this and so this makes no sense, but he was obsessed with getting the design portable and effective enough to work as they play American Football.

It seemed that my brothers KD and TD and their powerful playing styles were what he needed to test his designs on, so as they played he kept connecting different designs on them, and he kept improving them throughout the dream; and at first there were two different power plugs, then he tied them together, then he fused them together, then he made one with two different tips, and then he made it with one tip.

At some point I started walking away toward the BM Hospital parking lot, where there were lots of police officers having a party and maybe doing illegal street racing, and maybe I was a newly hired police officer or had a job where I had to work with them sometimes; and I remember being confused by their wild and illegal behavior and actions, and maybe I said something to them about this.

They were not going to stop so I went to another area that looked like a cave headquarters and this part of the dream was partly animated like an animated superhero cartoon, Superman was outside the cave entrance with a small group of security forces who looked somewhat like Bane from animated Batman series and some other people or entities like a woman who probably had superpowers who seemed to be one of his advisers, and another group of Bane-like people had attacked the cave headquarters.

Superman seemed to be in charge of a world security force but some people did not like this and so this group had attacked his headquarters, but Superman and his security force easily stopped them without even having to fight really; and they took the attackers prisoner, and it seemed that I was working with or helping Superman’s security force.

I remember my dad and the man obsessed with perfecting his power plug arriving as well, the man continued making his power plug more portable and effective as I listened to Superman and his female adviser talking about the situation, and they were preparing their forces for a major mission against the rebel forces to arrest them.

Superman let the leaders of the different squads met with the security forces under their control to prepare them, I remember the female entity wanting Superman to be more aggressive and maybe kill the rebels (even the captured ones) but Superman refused and he wanted to deal with this peacefully if possible, but if the rebels used deadly force his security forces were given the permission to use deadly force if necessary.

My squad was lead by an unstable Brad Pitt who seemed to be an experienced leader and fighter but he was unstable it seemed, I remember talking with him, and I remember us talking about something and him showing me something but I can not remember what it was; but I do know that my dad was there, and the man finally came up with maybe his last power plug design.

I can not remember what our squad’s strategy was going to be but I do remember testing the power plug and it worked, but I woke up as I was talking to Mr. Pitt trying to keep him stable and trying to make sure that our strategy made sense.

The end,

-John Jr