The Art Of Self-Defense (2019 Film)

The Art of Self-Defense (2019)
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What is it?

The 2019 American dark comedy crime drama mystery martial arts thriller The Art Of Self-Defense film.

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Defending An Area Against Superman

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a maybe cloudy dark day at a slightly raised area near water (maybe a lake) and a field, several people and I were defending an area with one or more houses and/or buildings and a yard and fence, and we were defending this area against a larger force of attackers who had Brandon Routh’s Superman / Clark Kent from the film Superman Returns on their side.

We were outnumbered but we had the advantage because of our more defendable area that was partly defended by the water that was down below and blocking access to most of the front of our area, and we had buildings as cover and a fence to slow them down; but they had Superman and we did not know how to stop him, and so we focused on annoying and distracting him instead.

The fighting probably involved guns and shooting, hand-to-hand combat, mêlée combat, explosives and explosions, traps, and more including me having the ability to partly see into the minds of our enemies and being able to remove some things from their minds including Superman’s mind.

There were several battles and we kept focusing on making them retreat after holding them back and annoying them enough, they would retreat but eventually return to attack again, and so that is why there were several battles.

We did not think that we could win unless we could get most of them to give up or stop attacking us because they had us outnumbered and they had Superman, we could hold them off for a while but not win, and so I used my special ability to try to see why they were attacking us.

Their minds were filled with anger and hate and many false negative things about us, someone or something or some group had filled their minds with lies and had tricked them into attacking us and maybe were somewhat mind controlling them it seemed, and so I focused on removing the lies; but the negative emotions and whatever else was done to them I could not remove.

This helped us to make them retreat again and as one of the last attackers (not counting Superman) was retreating, he was a man with white skin who possibly was a soldier, I left the yard after him near the ledge overlooking the water by The BV (one of my parent’s automobiles) which was parked near the ledge and I threw an explosive spiked ball and chain on him.

It would only explode if the spiked ball hit something so if he was careful there would be no problem, I did this because they would usually attack us as they retreated, and I wanted to help prevent this and I hoped that this would distract Superman and force him to help the man back to their base and remove the explosive spiked ball and chain there instead of attacking us as they retreated because Superman had not retreated yet.

This was working until Superman landed angrily from the sky to help the man, instead of taking him back to their base and removing the explosive spiked ball and chain the angry Superman broke the chain and threw my device in the distance toward the water to explode, and then the angry Superman turned his attention to me.

I explained to them why I did what I did, what I saw in their minds and did to their minds and that they had been tricked and more, that they were attacking us and that we were only defending ourselves in self-defense so they were not the heroes here, that we did not want to fight them, and more but Superman was too filled with anger and hate and whatever else was done to him to listen to reason.

Superman changed into Clark Kent (who was still acting like the angry Superman) and he looked at me angrily and then he picked up The BV and he threw it into the water, he thought it was my automobile so he did not realize that it belonged to my parent’s, and then he stared at me angrily as it sank.

He looked like he wanted to kill me but this was him sending me a message and trying to hurt me indirectly, I probably was a bit shocked and angry because that was my parent’s automobile, and I went to explain this to him as he floated in the sky staring angrily.

I wondered what we were going to do now to stop Superman now that he was angry and it seemed that he would not stop even if the others quit, I did not know how to defeat him, and so I probably walked back to our area to talk to the others to try to figure out what to do about Superman; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

October 27, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the earlier parts of the dream involved vampires but I can not remember the details, and later in the dream someone else and I were inside a windowless house; and we got approached by a tall large/big strong obese bald man with brownish colored skin, and he was possibly a vampire but I can not remember.

The big man or vampire approached us as we were walking into another room as we were trying to leave the house, this room was close to the exit, but the big man/vampire was not going to let us leave and was going to attack or kill us; and we tried to talk to him but he would not listen, and he attacked us.

We had to run around the room dodging and blocking attacks, distracting him, and fighting him and I was doing most of the fighting while the other person with me did most of the distracting; and after a while we managed to use the environment and objects in the house as weapons until we were able to finally defeat/kill the big man/vampire.

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Vince McMahon Selling Real Estate On Eastside | Tasing Carlton Banks In Self-Defense | Grace Randolph Is Happy About Something

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day on Eastside and I was outside walking with my mom near the G House, in this dream the CEO of WWE Vince McMahon owned real estate on Eastside that seemed to include the G House and some other properties, and so Mr. McMahon gave us a tour of some of these properties because my mom was possibly interested in buying some property.

Mr. McMahon was very professional, well-dressed, smart/cunning, and pretty nice to us during the tour to my surprise but at the end of the tour we found out how much he was selling the properties for and they were too expensive for us to afford; and so we told him so and we thanked him for the tour, and we said goodbye but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D near the field by the D High School where we used to play soccer / football, in this dream the field was a bit different and there were some fictional businesses/buildings near it, and I worked as a security guard at one of these buildings/businesses.

I was patrolling the hallway when I came across a confrontation where a very angry / wild / out-of-control Carlton Banks (in the dream he was called by this name instead of the name of the actor Alfonso Ribeiro who plays the character Carlton) from the television series The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was arguing / trying to attack a man and woman who worked in the building, and so I went to try to calm the situation but Carlton turned his anger toward me.

Carlton was angrily/wildly yelling at me and pushing me and walking me into a corner as I tried to calm him down, he started attacking me so I kept trying to calm him down while warning him that I would use my taser if he did not stop attacking me, but he would not stop attacking me so I pulled out my taser because I felt that using my taser would be safer for him instead of using hand-to-hand combat to stop him because I did not want to hurt him.

I gave him one last warning but he would not stop attacking me so I quickly tased him once and he fell to the ground, I went to help him and he tried to say something to me but he lost consciousness like something was wrong with him, and so I called emergency services for an ambulance as the woman and man watched.

Carlton was not responding and I started to feel terrible and I carried him outside as the ambulance arrived and they loaded him into the ambulance as people gathered outside to watch, and most of the people were former classmates of mine who seemed very angry thinking that I had killed Carlton and/or attacked him unnecessarily; and I was not sure if Carlton would survive or not, and so I felt even more terrible trying to figure out how could this happen.

My former female classmates DF and TC and several other former female classmates of mine were very angry at me, they followed me as I walked across the field yelling at me, and my former classmate DF called me Johnathan by mistake and she asked me how could I kill/hurt Carlton like that; and I reminded her that my name was John, and I tried to explain what happened but they would not listen.

A large crowd of my former classmates followed me to the small senior parking lot of the D High School, only a few of them believed me and the rest of them were very angry, but most of them seemed to be angry about other things and they seemed to be trying to take that anger out on me; and it felt like an angry mob who were about to reach a breaking point because of various other reasons, and so they needed someone to take it out on and unfortunately it was me (I was a security guard, which seemed enough like a police officer to them, and so to them I represented authority/the government/the police/injustice/et cetera it seemed).

I tried to explain what happened but they would not listen and I tried to calm them down but it was not working and my former male classmate LT approached me angrily like he was going to attack me, and other classmates surrounded me like they all were going to attack/kill me; and so the few former classmates of mine who supported me abandoned me because they felt that it was nothing that they could do to stop the majority, all they could do was not take part and complain about it and try to recommend better options, and I understood this because this is how I also feel many times when it comes to the majority in real life.

I felt annoyed/angry/betrayed/sad/et cetera as I was being surrounded by my former classmates (some of whom lived in the same neighborhood as me and who knew me since we were kids) who would not believe me or listen to me or wait for an investigation, and they were probably about to attack/kill me; and I did not even feel like fighting back, and so I gave a speech instead.

I reminded them all that many of them have known me since we were kids and that they knew that they could trust/believe me and that I have helped many of them before in the past, I reminded them that I was still trying to help them and the community as a security guard to help keep them safe, I reminded them about the rule of law and that I was innocent until proven guilty, I pointed out the flaws in their behavior, and I gave a passionate/dramatic speech about other things like I was making my last stand; but it was not working.

I told them that it seemed that they would not listen, just like Carlton would not listen and he would not even let me escape because he also backed me into a corner, and so I asked them to at least give me a chance to leave and that I would leave the city of D if necessary since they did not seem to want me around anymore and for my own safety; and I told them that I did not want to have to leave the city where I was born and raised, but that I would if necessary and if I was not wanted or safe.

I was not sure if they were going to attack/kill me or not so I kept talking hoping to slowly walk away, I feared that they would attack if I stopped my speech, but I woke up as I was trying to find an opening to escape.

Dream 3

My third/last dream is mostly forgotten now because I did not voice record it, but I know that it took place during the day at a fictional multi-story apartment complex where I lived with several fictional people; and during one part of the dream I was in a windowless room with brownish colored carpet where I either saw an online video by Grace Randolph from YouTube or she was in the same room as me.

I remember Grace being very happy about something that I can not remember and she kept talking about it, some projects that she was working on, and various other things that I can not remember; but unfortunately I can not remember most of this part of the dream, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At the end of the dream my apartment-mates and I were hanging out with other people who lived on the same floor as us having a good time and there was a man with whitish colored skin and some of his family members hanging out with us, him and his family had a reputation of being a bit violent/rough/country/dangerous/et cetera, and something happened where there was a confrontation between him and someone else that we had to break up.

After we calmed the situation down the man’s older brother came and after he heard about what happened he wanted revenge because his family’s beliefs demanded it, we tried to explain that the entire confrontation was an accident or something like that, but he did not care; and so maybe a fight happened and someone was hurt or killed when the older brother and the rest of his family attacked for revenge, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Killing In Self-Defense And Destroying The Evidence And Talking To Military Recruiter DJ

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I barely remember part of the end of one dream from last night, and I forgot most of this dream and my other dreams after getting caught in a quicksand-like cycle of sleeping/dreaming/daydreaming/awaking that happened after the only dream that I remember part of from last night.

In this quicksand-like cycle at the end I kept dreaming, daydreaming, and thinking that I was on my brother GC’s computer & that I accidentally kept sending an incomplete / error-filled / spam-looking message on a contact form on someone’s website that seemed like a spam message because my message was incomplete/error-filled; and I accidentally kept sending the message with my brother GC’s email address in the from section because his email address would always automatically be shown in the from section because he was logged in with his account.

I kept trying to send another message to let the person know that my first message was a mistake & to send it with my email address in the from section, but I would mess up again making the same mistakes accidentally; and this cycle would repeat over & over, and sometimes I would wake up partly thinking that this really happened; but then I would go back to sleep, and the cycle would continue.

Before this quicksand-like cycle I remember part of the end of one dream where I was at my grandfather’s house it seemed, before this part in the dream something happened earlier in the dream somewhere else where someone tried to kill me (probably someone I knew who followed me to an isolated area  to kill me & who I tried to talk to get them to stop trying to kill me, but they would not stop trying to kill me) & I killed them in self-defense which was very unfortunate, and this bothered me but I felt that the police would not believe me so I called my parent’s telling them to come meet me & when they arrived I told them about what happened to get their opinion(s).

They agreed with me that they were afraid that the police would not believe me (the person who I killed in self-defense must have had police/government/corporate/high-level connections maybe or something because we felt that almost no one would believe that I killed them in self-defense I guess), and so we decided to get rid of the dead body (corpse); and we probably destroyed as much of the dead body as we could, cleaned up the area where the death happened the best that we could, and we probably hid/threw away what was left of the dead body if there was much left.

We then agreed not to talk about it with anyone else and not to talk about it at all to prevent anyone from learning about what happened, even though I had only defended myself, and I did not like this at all; but I/we felt that no one would believe me if we told the police, and so we did what we did because of that.

Later in the dream I went to my grandfather’s house or what looked like it but I am not sure why I went there & my memory is too unclear, I just remember coming across my former classmate DJ (who joined the military in real life before or after we graduated from high school years ago) & several other people who were at the house, and I remember asking DJ if he would talk with me about the military because in this dream he was either a military recruiter or had been one.

I was thinking about possible job/career options, and I just wanted to get some more information about the military as I consider my options; and so I made this clear to DJ, and we went into what is supposed to be my grandfather’s bedroom to talk about the military but I woke up as DJ talked with me about the military.

The end,

-John Jr