A College Tradition & ME & Anissa Kate

Like the last several days, I did not sleep well or much, I was in & out of sleeping & dreaming, or trying to; I had more dreams that I remembered, I did not record them, so now I only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, I was at a college at the start of the semester, so I guess this was our first day or first week of college.

There was some kind of tradition / ritual / ceremony / whatever that students had to do at the start of a semester, or maybe at the start of their first semester.


Helping My Coworker Mrs. DT At A Tower In W Park?

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Dream 1

I was so tired that I went to sleep on the living room couch for about two hours, and I woke up barely remembering part of this dream.

The dream took place in another city that some of my family and me traveled to, I had recently finished a semester at a college in this city it seems, and I returned to the college to get signed up for the next semester while my family did something else in the city.

I remember being inside a one-story building with various hallways, I found an area where there were people lined up in the hallway waiting for medical attention I think like there was an infirmary in this area, and I remember seeing two former male schoolmates of mine who had medium-color skin but I can not remember who they were.

They got in line and they stood against a wall, they were acting a bit like they were possibly high on drugs, and my former male schoolmate / classmate AB walked over to get in line as well.

I greeted all of them and I started talking with them, one of the possibly high on drugs former schoolmates asked my former schoolmate / classmate AB if I had ever had sex with a man before (which seemed to be his way of asking if my sexual orientation was homosexual), and my former classmate AB replied with a hand sign where he moved one of his hands side to side which I translated to mean: I am not sure, but maybe.

I was confused and annoyed by that question and how my former classmate AB answered it, he might not know me that well but I thought that he should know that my sexual orientation is heterosexual and has always been heterosexual and that I have never had sex with a man before and I probably will never have sex with a man, and so I was confused by why would he ask that and why would he answer it like that and why would they even think that was a possibility.

I possibly responded to the former schoolmate even though he did not ask me and I probably let my former classmate AB know how I felt about his response, the two possibly high former schoolmates probably responded in an annoying way showing that they probably did not believe me, and my former classmate AB did not care.

The two probably high former schoolmates got distracted by someone, and then I walked away to a corner on the left where I found some small double-doors that were raised off the ground that led into a small office so I entered the small office because this was one of the offices where you go to register for the next semester so I found it by accident.

There were several other offices like this to the left of the office, in front of these offices was a small hallway, and on the other side were other offices as well and they were all small and raised from the ground as well so you had to walk up a few steps to get to each office and all the offices had small weak double-doors that seemed somewhat Japanese-inspired.

All of the offices on my side were empty but two offices across the hallway had two employees in them, one had a short old woman with dark-color skin who somewhat reminded me of an old version of my coworker Mrs. DT, and so I asked her about signing up for the next college semester.

She told me that they were about to close soon, that tomorrow was Good Friday so they would not be open again until Monday, and that the other employee two offices down from her office was one of the employees who handles college registration so I would need to talk to her so I thanked her and I walked to the other employee’s office.

The other employee was an overweight woman with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who had her children in her office, and they were maybe cooking some food.

I greeted her and I told her that I needed to register for the next semester, she told me that we would not finish the paperwork and sign-up process in time because they were going to close soon, and so she told me to come back on Monday.

I said okay and I left, I told my mom about the situation and I remember us complaining about it a bit, but I woke up.

Dream 2

After waking up on the couch I brushed my teeth and I got in bed, I went to sleep, and this was my last dream that I barely remember part of.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in the process of moving into a new place that I was sharing with several other people including a short man with light-color skin with short medium-to-dark color hair who wore glasses and dress clothes with maybe suspenders and who looked and acted like a stereotype of maybe a nerdy accountant, and my brother CC.

The building was maybe a one-story building in a fictional version of W Park in the city of D I assume, but I am not sure and it was possibly a gray day possibly late in the afternoon.

I think that I moved my stuff in and I signed some paperwork to make the move-in official, and I reminded my brother CC about signing the paperwork and he left to maybe get the rest of his stuff or something like that.

I saw our other suitemate or suitemates, and then I left outside into the park to walk to a tower.

The tower was a pretty crude mostly metal tower (like a smaller crude somewhat Eiffel Tower-like tower) with questionable stairs around the outside that eventually led to several crude living spaces that were / was on one or more levels of the tower, my coworker Mrs. DT lived in one of these small living spaces, and everything was pretty simple and crude like it was built by an amateur.

My coworker Mrs. DT needed my help with something so I entered her living small crude living space to help her, she was sitting down at a desk like she normally is at work, but I can not remember what I helped her with.

I just remember helping her and we talked briefly and I said goodbye and I left, it was possibly evening now, and when I reached the bottom of the tower I saw my former female classmate AM sitting on the ground next to another woman who was her friend as they talked while watching their children play in the park.

I greeted them and I briefly talked with them before walking back toward the building that I was living in on the left side of the park past where the playground equipment should be, I noticed that the park looked different and that there was new exercise equipment and playground equipment, and so I went to check out the new exercise equipment.

While doing that I remember seeing a man with light-color skin, possibly one of our suitemates, on a date with an attractive woman with light-color skin with long medium-to-dark color hair wearing a tight short maybe red dress so I probably greeted them.

I then looked at some of the new exercise equipment that included some chains that you could climb on, some pull-up and chin-up bars, some ropes that you could climb on, et cetera.

I then started to get a bit of exercise climbing and swinging on the chains and ropes, and I did some chin-ups and pull-ups.

I then walked back to the building where I lived, maybe the man and his date went there too, but I can not remember.

Our short suitemate from earlier approached me angrily with some paperwork saying that someone did not sign the paperwork yet, I looked at the paperwork and I had signed it, but my brother CC had not signed it yet.

Our suitemate said that meant that he was not officially living here yet until he signs it, he threatened to report my brother CC, but I told him to calm down and that my brother CC was going to return soon and that I would have him sign the paperwork like I told him to earlier.

I wondered why was our suitemate overreacting like this, it seemed that he took things like paperwork very seriously, which fit the nerdy accountant stereotype that he seemed to be.

I hoped that my brother CC would return soon so that we could get that done, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Attending A College With A Good Spanish Language Program

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I went to bed too late and I got awakened early by my alarm clock because I have to go do something early this morning so I got less than four hours of sleep, and so I did not get much time to dream and getting awakened suddenly from my dream caused me to forget most of the only dream that I can barely remember part of.

I know that the dream involved two different colleges, maybe they were in two different cities but I am not sure, and there were things that I liked about both colleges; but I had to decide which one that I would attend or which one that I would try first, and for some reason(s) that I can not remember I probably ended up attending the college who had a somewhat well-known Spanish language program even though my interest is in learning French.

I probably successfully finished the first semester because I remember being outside during the day talking to someone, I can not remember who I was talking to or what we were doing, but we both knew about both colleges and we talked about them and Spanish and French and language learning.

We talked about some of the problems and difficulties et cetera with both colleges, language learning, both languages, the professors, et cetera; but we also talked about some of the good things, advantages, differences, et cetera.

I talked about why I chose to attend the most recent semester at the college I did but I am not sure if I was going to try the other college or not, which possibly had a French language class, and I tried to guess some of the reasons that I was able to pass my first semester and pass my first Spanish language class easier/better than I had expected.

We were having a good conversation, we both knew about the topics that we were talking about and we both had interest in the topics, but I can not remember more unfortunately except maybe something about a dog (maybe cleaning a dog, maybe that is what we were doing outside as we talked, but I can not remember); and I got awakened suddenly by my alarm clock.

The end,

-John Jr


Playing Practical Jokes On / At A College Building

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I forgot all of my dreams last night except for part of one dream that I can barely remember, the dream took place over the period of several days/weeks/months with jumps in time, and it took place in a fictional LC-like city at a fictional M-like college that I was attending along with some of my former classmates like DH / JC / MT / JB / DS / et cetera.

I remember having one or more classes on one or more days at a college building that seemed to be combined with a narrow multi-story house that was in a hidden area of the building, and I went to this hidden house-like area one or more times during the dream; and this hidden house-like area seemed like it was a physical representation of part of my brain/mind where certain old memories are stored, and so this house-like area was very comfortable to me & I wanted to explore the old objects/memories hidden inside it.

This hidden house-like area was so hidden that I could not find it directly usually, I usually would found it by accident when searching for it and/or when a teacher/professor would send me to get something somewhere else in the building, but unfortunately I can not remember much about it; but I do know that it was old & a bit dusty & mostly made of wood, and one of the upper floors was like an attic with a window as probably the only source of light & this is where some old objects/memories were stored.

I usually did not get to spend much time in the hidden house-like area because usually a teacher would call me back to class or whatever, I forgot to mention some other things about this college building: this college building had mostly teachers & students who looked & sounded like they were from one or more countries in Asia, one or more hallways had a few apartment/dorm-like rooms where people could hangout/relax & maybe live, and this college building had several floors with lots of rooms & various areas.

I can not remember any of my classes that I went to in the dream but I know that one or more of my teachers were women, and at some point probably during the summer semester or during the end of a semester after we finished our classes or during a break between semester my former classmates JC/DH/MT/JB/DS & I would sometimes go back to that college building where we had most of our classes; and we would play pranks or practical jokes on teachers/et cetera for some odd reason, which is not like me/us at all, but fortunately we only did small/minor pranks that I can not remember.

There were time jumps over an unknown period of time with us playing pranks on/at the college building during each of these time jumps, it seemed that this was a tradition of ours to meet every-so-often to play pranks on that same college building, and I remember part of one of the days that we played a prank on that college building.

I think we all met up as part of our tradition on the college campus somewhere & talked about what we were going to do/what pranks we were going to try & we talked about other things and we drove to a parking lot not far from the college building, we walked to the college building, we went to the hall with apartment/dorm-like rooms to hangout/hide in one of the rooms using it as our temporary headquarters/hiding spot between pranks, and we started doing pranks around the building together & we would hide in one of the apartment/dorm-like rooms and/or somewhere else in the building.

At some point we split up to do our own pranks around the building alone and I also went looking for the hidden house-like area but I could not find it, at some point some of the teachers/workers/et cetera go tired of our pranks and they called for campus security to come stop us, and so we met up in the building again to decide what to do; and we decided to play hide & seek with the campus security because they were not very good at their jobs, and we had fun doing this but at some point the campus security called the police.

We got scared at this point and we ended up having to split up to run & hide as the police/campus security/teachers/workers searched for us/chased us around the building, and things go so bad that we were not able to meet up again to escape together; and so I ran around trying to avoid getting caught while trying to find the others to come up with an escape plan.

I could not find them and I could no longer keep avoiding getting caught for long, so I decided that I would escape back to the parking lot, but before I could leave the building an almost over-weight female student with whitish colored skin with long blond colored hair asked me if I was looking for my friends (I hesitated for a moment to decide if I could trust her & I felt that I could) & so I said yes; and she said that she saw some of them still running/hiding, and so I asked her to give them a message if she saw them again & she said that she would give them a message.

My message was something like: “We need to escape, leave the building to the parking lot where we parked and/or a certain spot that we often meet, I will be there waiting for you; and once we are all there we should drive away from the college campus.”.

I thanked the woman, who I think probably was in one of my classes and/or we would see each other in the halls on our way to our classes, and I escaped the building; and I ran back to the parking lot where we parked, but none of the others were there.

I got into my automobile to wait briefly, then I drove to several spots where we would often meet but they were not there either, and then I drove not far from the back of the college building hoping to see some of them escaping the building eventually; but I heard police sirens coming in the distance, and so I was going to wait only briefly & then drive away from the college campus alone but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Computer Freak | I Called The Police

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Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of three dreams from last night, the first dream took place at what I think was a fictional version of M College where I went to college, during the summer when not many students attend the summer semester; and the housing department was letting people rent rooms at one of the empty dorms, like a hotel, until the summer semester was over & so I rented a room for the night.

There was no key given or room number given to me, I walked around the building where the housing department was, and this multi-story building looked like a college building that has been in a few of my past dreams; and there were classrooms, bathrooms, hang-out areas, and various other areas in the building & no one else was around since it was the summer semester except for the people at the housing department & the janitors who clean the building early in the mornings.

I found a large room that had some rooms on the right side of the room and a large open area on the left side of the room, and one or two of the rooms on the right side were bed/dorm rooms or had beds for some reason; and so I decided to use one of them instead of going to the empty dorm building since it was nice & private & there was the large open area on the left side that I could use.

I was not sure if it was okay for me to stay there or not, instead of asking I decided to say nothing, and if they told me that I could not stay there I would move my stuff to the empty dorm building instead; I can not remember what else happened in the dream except that no one saw me or said anything to me, so I went to sleep at some point & I woke up in the real world.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a fictional area that has been in a few of my past dreams, and this area is a neighborhood on the side of a small highway in the country near a larger highway I think where/which I sometimes drive through in some dreams and/or I stop there briefly or to spend the night.

This neighborhood sometimes looks slightly different and if you keep driving past it down the small highway, the highway will take you past several small country towns, and maybe at some point it will connect to a larger highway that leads to a city.

In this dream my family and I were on vacation or taking a trip, we stopped in the neighborhood to stay at a one-story house that was turned into a bed & breakfast/hotel, and it was owned by three sisters with whitish colored skin with brownish blondish colored hair; and this house seemed to be the house that they grew up in, maybe they still stayed there, and maybe their parent’s were dead but I am not sure.

The three sisters used part of one room as a front desk and they each worked together to handle every part of their business, my family & I used one or more of the bedrooms, and we had access to the front & back yard & several areas in the house; and there were at least two computers, several TVs, and several other devices that we could use.

At some point I was talking to my dad and I went into a bathroom after our conversation, the youngest sister entered the room to do something, and I heard her talking across the room to one of her sisters about me it seemed; and I heard her say: “I hear that he is a Computer Freak.” (I guess that is a person who is good with computers and/or who spends a lot of time on/with computers).

I jokingly said: “Hey! I heard that!” and the youngest sister was surprised that I was in the room since she thought no one was in there, and she apologized; but I told her that it was okay, if she meant that I was good with computers and/or that I spend a lot of time with/on computers.

I told her that I could check their computers to make sure that their software/hardware is updated, that they are malware free, install a few free helpful programs, do a bit of computer maintenance, et cetera for free since I am a so-called Computer Freak (I said this part jokingly) if it was okay with them; and she told me that it was okay, and so I started checking their computers.

I remember checking at least two computers, they were running slowly, I suspected a malware infection, their software/hardware was outdated, there was no antivirus installed & so I started downloading Microsoft Security Essentials, but I woke up as I was doing this.

Dream 3

The last dream was a continuation of the first dream, I woke up the next morning in the bed/dorm room in the large room, and it seemed that the janitors had cleaned all the rooms except for the room that I slept in; and so I wondered if they had seen me or not, and so I quietly glanced out of the main door to the large room & I heard some of the janitors talking down one or more of the hallways.

Suddenly a little girl with whitish colored skin with long blond colored hair skipped into one of the hallways, and she saw me; and she skipped away, and I went back to the room leaving the door open trying to decide if I should pack my stuff & go or should I go pay to stay another night & ask the front desk if it was okay for me to stay in that room that I had slept in the night before.

While I was trying to decide what to do while packing some of my stuff, the little girl skipped in front of the doorway looking at me, and she said that she called the police; and that they would be here soon, I asked her why did she call the police but she did not say anything, and I told her that I had paid for a room but she skipped away.

I was annoyed and a bit afraid, I decided to stop packing and I thought about what I was going to tell the police when they got there/here, and I sat there waiting for them to arrive; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr