Sentient | Featured Creature | Short Film

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The YouTube video Sentient | Featured Creature | Short Film by the YouTube channel Crypt TV:

Sentient | Featured Creature | Short Film

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Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you..

Will you lie with the lamb?


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We believe scary stories unite us and help us face our most powerful emotions.

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A Crimson Edge production ( Written & Directed by: Neil Dua Producers: Sandra Ordiano, Nathaniel Upshaw

Director of Photography: Kenzo Le 1st

Assistant Director: Nathaniel Upshaw

Gaffer: Patrick Saulo

Key Grip: Alex Sosa

Grip: Lydia Tsou Swing: Jack Pallone

Prop Maker: Kaitlyn O’ Shea

Sound Mixer / Boom Op: Andres Barrientos

Music by: Wicked Cinema, Benjamin Shooter

Edit / Sound Design / Color: Kenzo Le

Assistant Editor: Lisset Mendoza

Special Thanks: The Benavidez Family

The Ordiano Family

Joey Krulock

Ron Yerxa

CAST: Charley Wagner-Frisella as Nora Thomas Avona as Joseph JC Henning as Marlene


Old AI: A Clean Fast End | SCP-079 (SCP Animation)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Old AI: A Clean Fast End | SCP-079 (SCP Animation) by the YouTube channel SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation:

Old AI: A Clean Fast End | SCP-079 (SCP Animation)

Here is the description for this video:

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Maxwell Tordai has been roaming the various SCP site locations looking for fellow survivors.

Some kind of anomaly has wiped out the population.

At Site-15, he comes across a sentient computer entity; an old AI.

This entity, known in the Foundation as SCP-079, informs Tordai that things are much worse than he could have imagined, and that is only one logical way out.

A clean, fast end…

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Original Author(s):

► “A Clean, Fast End” written by: Simartar:

► “Old AI” based upon “SCP-079” written by: far2:

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0…