Fallout 4 & The Real World

Fallout 4 – Settlement Essential Guide & Basics

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was clearly inspired by me playing a little bit of the video game Fallout 4 again & watching Fallout 4 videos on YouTube recently.

Fallout 4 – Launch Trailer

This dream combined the video game Fallout 4 & the real world / live action, in the dream I was working on my Fallout 4 settlements, my female coworker KE was there as well, and we talked & even had a debate during the dream; and the dream basically combined what looked like the real world combined with the video game Fallout 4 where both worlds were one.


Killing Piccolo

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This morning when I woke up to think about my dreams so that I can voice record them, someone interrupted me and they started talking to me, and so during this time I was not able to concentrate on remembering my dreams so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream from last night.

Either part of this dream or part of another now forgotten dream from last night involved a woman, several times today I came close to remembering this woman and what happened (especially during the time when someone was talking to me as I tried to remember my dreams from last night), but I still can not remember the woman or what happened.

All that I can remember of the end of my last dream from last night is that it was partly inspired by me playing some of the video game DLC Fallout 4: Far Harbor last night before I went to sleep, and something happened at the end of the dream that I can not remember where I assume that maybe someone knocked me unconscious from behind but I am not sure.

I woke up standing or hanging and maybe tied to something but I can not remember, and I was outside during the day under a metal cage-like structure that looked like something designed for a garden where vines and other plants can grow on it to form the walls and ceiling.

The animated character Piccolo (who is a Namekian) from the Dragon Ball franchise was there floating / flying / walking around wearing his usual gi and cape and turban (he was probably animated, but the rest of the dream was normal live-action), and it seemed that he had a woman and man and maybe several other people and I as hostages and / or slaves and / or something but even in the dream I was not sure what was going on.

The place seemed a bit like a small settlement on the Far Harbor DLC for the video game Fallout 4, the woman I saw had light-color skin and she probably did not look happy and the environment felt negative and oppressive like we were hostages / slaves / whatever, and I felt that we were being held here against our will by Piccolo for some unknown reason(s) (with my first assumption being that we were being forced to work, and maintain (keep up) this place like it was a slave settlement or something like that).

I was only conscious very briefly before I possibly lost consciousness again and / or there was a time jump to where I was more powerful now and ready to defeat Piccolo to free myself and the others, even though I had no idea what was going on, but I felt that Piccolo was the villain even though I was not sure what was going on.

I woke up and / or time jumped and I was still in the same area standing or hanging and possibly tied up, Piccolo floated and / or walked over near where I was, and then I felt that this was my chance to stop him now that I felt powerful enough to possibly defeat him so I started to power-up quietly.

After quickly and quietly powering up and building my confidence and focusing my energy and anger et cetera I unleashed an energy blast (fireball / energy wave) and I probably yelled as I did this, and I hit Piccolo with the energy blast to his surprise.

Piccolo looked stunned and caught off-guard, he looked down where I hit him with the energy blast, and while he was distracted I then hit him with a second energy blast which hurt him and weakened that part of his body and / or pierced that part of his body.

Piccolo was even more stunned and he was hurt, his eyes were bulging out in shock, and he was making gasping sounds or something like that from his injury and disbelief that I was powerful enough to injury him like this and like he was trying to talk but he could not.

Now that he was stunned, shocked, wounded, and distracted it was time to finish him off while I had the chance so I quickly charged my energy into two of my finger tips so that I could finish Piccolo off with his own technique called the Special Beam Cannon.

After quickly doing this I yelled something that I can not remember to Piccolo, and then I yelled Special Beam Cannon as I shot him with it and the energy blast went through his chest.

I could see the hole that the Special Beam Cannon made through his chest, it stopped Piccolo in his tracks, and he slowly fell to his knees with his eyes still bulging in disbelief and pain and then he fell to the ground completely like a sack of potatoes (it even made a sound that reminded me of someone dropping a sack of potatoes).

Piccolo was now dead, and we were free I assumed but I was still confused about what had happened and by what was going on.

Why was Piccolo here, why would Piccolo do something like this, what did Piccolo want with us, how did I get powerful enough to kill Piccolo, et cetera?

A man with light-color skin walked over to me to thank me and congratulate me for defeating Piccolo and freeing them, he told me that I had a chance to do some good things for this place, and he started naming some of the things that I could do to make this a nice place like a settlement.

We came up with some ideas that I would start trying to do soon to set this place up as a settlement and safe place with food, water, shelter, security, et cetera.

I then took Piccolo’s turban and cap so that I could try to put it up on a display like in The Elder Scrolls video games, but there was a glitch where the turban would not shop up on the display.

I then noticed at least two more pairs of Piccolo’s turban and cap that were scattered around this small settlement, and I started collecting them so that I could display them as well.

I then asked the woman if she was okay, I told her about my plans to improve this settlement, and then I went to start my plans but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Defending A Settlement From Alien Orcs?

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Last night I did not get out of bed to voice record my dreams and I suddenly woke up from this dream abruptly, and so I can not remember most of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of this dream.

There was more to this dream before and during this dream that I can not remember unfortunately, and so this dream will not make much sense because most of it is forgotten now.

There were several different things going on before and maybe during this dream, maybe different layers and/or perspectives to this dream or jumping between dreams or parts of the dream, and this part of the end of the dream possibly took place on another planet but that is just my wild assumption (guess).

This part of the dream was like a live action interactive movie (film) and video game combined with a dream, and it seemed to involve a maybe Viking-like group of assumed humans with primitive/old/ancient technology/weapons/armor/et cetera and some newer technology (I am not sure how new) trying to maybe settle on this planet in a small settlement that was possibly near water.

I am not sure if these assumed human settlers were originally from this planet or if they had just arrived, and they were being led by a maybe warrior-like woman with whitish-colored skin with long yellow hair.

Like a video game I had some control over this dream world, and the goal of this game/whatever was to defend the settlement from what I assumed to be tall muscular strong alien orc-like entities (humanoids) with probably primitive technology.

I am not sure if the alien orc-like entities were native to this planet or not or if they were settlers too, I just know that they kept attacking the assumed human settlers, and this was like a turn-based game where you only had a few seconds to prepare before each random attack.

You could spend those seconds preparing your fence/wall or arming and organizing your settlers or looking for randomly spawned items to help with the defense of your settlement or set traps or you could let the female leader handle things or you could maybe give a speech or you could do nothing or maybe you could share leadership with the female leader et cetera.

I remember playing/going through several turns helping defend the settlement, I tried different approaches and I even let the female leader lead sometimes, and things were challenging and randomized to make each attack feel more unique and stressful.

The assumed humans had better technology than the alien orc-like entities it seemed, but the alien orc-like entities were big and strong and relentless and outnumbered the assumed humans.

I am not sure if I was allowed to directly participate (take part) or not, I do remember possibly physically being there or seeing things like I was there, and the female leader was a good and strong leader and warrior who really cared about her people.

The alien orc-like entities were slowly wearing us down even though we were successfully defending against them each turn, and the battles were pretty action-packed and realistic and interesting.

The assumed humans had probably traveled all of this way and did not want to leave, and so they were willing to defend for as long as they could before considering abandoning the settlement (I possibly talked with the female leader about this, but I can not remember).

I possibly became more involved and I wanted to get directly involved, I am not sure if I got to or not before waking up, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Hate To Love

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The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Hate To Love, and the question was:

Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

Thanks for the great idea, Ana Santos!

And my answer is:

I am not exactly sure what is and what is not considered a guilty pleasure, and so I will just say that typing/recording/sharing/blogging my dreams is a guilty pleasure that I hate to love.

Typing and recording and sharing dreams can be time consuming and can take a lot of work/effort/dedication and offers little to no reward or interest from other people and it is not really something that most of us can use as a source of income/as a job (I wish which would be nice, instead of being jobless, and without a source of income the last three years and counting) and most people do not seem to care much about dreams, remember many of their dreams, record or type many of their dreams, share many of their dreams, think that dreams are even worth remembering or typing or recording or sharing, or seem to have much interest in other people’s dreams; and so it can seem like a waste of time and effort blogging your dreams, and surprisingly it does not offer much opportunity to connect with other people because most people do not seem to care enough to engage in conversations about your dreams and their dreams even when there is so much that could be talked about and many questions that could be asked.

There are some benefits to typing and recording and sharing your dreams (improved dream recall, typing practice, blogging practice, gives you something to do, et cetera), I have done it long enough that it is somewhat of a habit/addiction and something that is part of my daily routine to help keep me stable and alive, and so this is one of the reasons that I am probably still alive today.

I would not still be blogging today if it were not for this guilty pleasure, I would have given up long ago (which is still a possibility), and so I think that this probably counts as a guilty pleasure since most people do not seem to hold it in high regard.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was like a combination of the video game Fallout 4, a film, and a normal dream; but my memory of it is flawed and unclear so things or out-of-order, and I will probably make some errors as I try to type what I think happened during some parts of the dream.

I think that I was inside a house-like building and I remember watching part of a terrible trailer for what I assume was a fictional superhero film with several people (women and men, and one of the women was a woman with whitish colored skin with long hair who could fly) with superpowers, several people (Korey Coleman, Martin Thomas, and Tommy McGrew) from Double Toasted either watched the trailer with me then and/or later in the dream, and they left at some point I think.

An object fell or somehow got into an opening to a crawl space-like room/area with water in it, it seemed like a place you had to crawl or go into if you needed to work on the pipes and floor of the building et cetera, and I did not want to go in there because it was wet and probably nasty and I was not sure what non-human animals were in there (I assumed that roaches et cetera would be in there); and so I did not go in there to get the object.

Something happened that I can not remember where maybe I and/or someone else started playing the video game Fallout 4 and/or the dream world became like it except in live action instead of looking like a video game, I remember trying to help some settlers build a settlement, and at some point I had superpowers and the superheros from that terrible film trailer were there too and we worked together to help build the settlement so the dream was now like a dream combined with Fallout 4 combined with a film.

We started focusing on trying to build some defenses for the settlement, we wanted to place some turrets high in the sky/air above the settlement to protect it, and so I probably started building a tall structure; and I remember the female superhero flying into the sky to put up a spotlight first, but our settlement got attacked before we could put up the turrets or walls et cetera.

The attackers knocked down our spotlight, our settlers were in no position to defend themselves yet, and so the superheros and I flew around using our superpowers to fight the attackers; and it was cool getting to fly around, and I remember one of the attackers choking the female superhero as she flew through the air with him so they both crash landed on a couch in the ditch in the field outside of my parent’s yard.

They were both unconscious at first but woke up quickly, the woman defeated the attacker, and the rest of us finished defeating the other attackers; and then we had to repair the damage, check on the other settlers, and then we started focusing on getting the turrets up first but then maybe the dream switched back to normal.

I was back inside the house-like building and Korey and Tommy and Martin returned, I remember telling them about the object that fell in the water in the crawl space/whatever, maybe I told them about the settlement situation, and then we talked about the terrible trailer because it was so bad that it was funny.

The trailer was goofy and corny and reminded us of old superheros films that tried to be cartoony and overly wholesome and overly heroic and overly happy, the superheros seemed very one-dimensional and stereotypical, but I can not remember the rest of our opinions; but I do know that we had fun talking about it.

After talking to them I probably went to check on the settlement, I probably got to fly around some more checking the area, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in my parent’s yard, I was standing in the yard near the side of the house where the automobiles are parked, and I saw my male cousin DE walking through the alley by The G House by our fence; and he seemed unstable, and he walked into our alley where the pet cages are like he did not see me yet.

He sat down on the ground facing a direction where the side of his head was facing my direction so he did not see me yet, he sat there for a moment still looking and acting unstable, and then he turned facing my direction; and he saw me, eventually he turned in another direction, and then my parent’s walked into the alley and they saw him.

My cousin DE then moved to another spot like he did not want me to see him, my parent’s said something to me and I said something back to them that involved my cousin DE, but then I woke up as I wondered what he was doing exactly because this was unusual because he has never went to this location before and he usually goes to other locations and does other things when he is unstable (depending on which unstable mood he is in because he has several different ones where he behaves differently, goes to different places, and his moods move around in cycles between these different unstable moods).

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on an upper floor of a nice hotel, I was in a hotel room with whitish colored carpet and walls and ceiling that had windows with a nice view outside, and it seemed like maybe I was on vacation or something like that because I was clearly in a fictional unknown location.

The room had a television, furniture, and even various complimentary items (towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, food, drink, and various other things that a person might need or want); and there was one or more objects in the dream that I had or were using, but I can not remember what they were.

I never left the room and I was thinking about something and looking around the room and out of the window (which had some nice and realistic lighting and a nice view below) but I can not remember what I was thinking about or doing, I just know that if felt very realistic and it seemed like something that I would do in real life, and the details of the dream were so detailed and realistic that it was like real life; and I even remember thinking about room service and the previous people who used this hotel room, when I found some objects in maybe the bathroom or another room, because I was not sure if some of those objects were left by the previous people who used the room or not.

I wish that I could remember more details of this dream so that it would make more sense, I forgot those details because I did not voice record this dream, and so my memory of it has faded; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr