A Substitute Teacher | Flies & Drains

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and I was outside at my female coworker JB’s house helping them clean up after Hurricane Laura, her daughter WB and some of her friends were there, and later in the dream I was in a classroom waiting for a class to start.

JB and her daughter WB were there alone in one part of the classroom, I was in another part of the classroom, and there were some other students there as well.

Tomb Bugs | An Interesting / Creepy Underground Area

I had some interesting dreams last night, unfortunately I only have some text notes of them that I made from bed using my mobile phone before going back to sleep, I do not feel like editing them much or at all for now at least so I will just share them in their mostly rough limited original form.

Dream 1

I am inside a simple hardware store owned by someone from maybe India or Pakistan that sales wood and furniture and supplies.

Treasure Hunting In Sewers?

Last night I woke up remembering at least one dream, I remembered it so well that I was confident enough to go back to sleep without voice recording it thinking that I would still remember it when I wake up again, and I went back to sleep and I had at least two other dreams and woke up at least two other times.

Each time that I dreamed and woke up again I lost more of that remembered dream until I can no longer remember it now, and so now I can only remember the end of my last dream. 😀

James Bond (007) Or Dr. John Watson Gets Revenge

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it is unclear and incomplete and confusing, and it took place during the day and I probably was not even in the dream.

There were two men with white skin with short yellow hair who were friends, one seemed to be an investigative journalist and the other a spy (intelligence agent, assassin, et cetera), and one of the men looked like or was Martin Freeman’s version of the character Dr. John Watson from the television series Sherlock while the other man looked like or was Daniel Craig’s version of the character James Bond (007).

One of the men was married, probably Dr. Watson, but I do not remember what his wife looked like or who she was.

I think that Dr. Watson was working on a news report (story) involving one or more powerful people, and so he was investigating this person or these people for his news report (story).

Mr. Bond was probably going around doing spy (intelligence and assassination) missions as usual, the two of them would briefly meet to talk sometimes during the dream, but one day one of their wives (probably Dr. Watson’s wife because Mr. Bond was probably not married) was murdered in retaliation for something (probably the news report (story) and/or the investigation for it or for a mission that Mr. Bond had done).

I assume that a powerful person was behind the murder of the wife and that this person, probably a man, would probably get away with it so I think that Mr. Bond or Dr. Watson (I assume that it was Mr. Bond because he had the skills and the personality for something like this, but I can not remember) decided to get revenge for the murder of the wife instead of handling it legally since the person responsible would probably get away with it.

Which ever man it was, they did not tell the other man about what they were going to do, and one of them murdered the person (man) responsible for the murder of the wife.

I remember one of them hiding the body during the day under a somewhat public wooden structure with dirt and a sewer under it, and the body was either buried or dropped in the sewer; and the dirt or sewer was covered with some objects to hide it.

One of the men got suspicious that the other man had possibly gotten revenge, he did not want this to happen and he hoped that he was wrong, and so he went to investigate.

Somehow he found the area where the body had been hidden, he did not see the body, but he assumed that he was right and that the body was hidden here.

I remember him saying to himself in reference to what his friend had done: “What have you done. *sigh*”.

He did not want to see or find the body so he decided to not investigate further so that if asked he could say that he never saw a body and so he could not verify that anyone had been murdered, instead of reporting his friend to the police, he decided not to report his friend.

He knew why his friend had done it and that he had done it for him and his murdered wife but he did not agree with this revenge, but he did not want his friend to go to jail so he cleaned the area of any possible evidence and better covered the area to prevent the body from being found any time soon so that there would be little to nothing left of a body to find.

He then left to find his friend to talk to him, his friend was avoiding his attempts to contact him at first, but I think that he possibly finally answered his phone eventually.

I probably woke up as the two of them were talking about meeting to talk about the situation in person instead of on the phone.

The end,

-John Jr

Rob Thomas’s Birthday Party

Dream 1

I had some more dreams before this dream that I can not remember and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day inside a hotel with whitish and grayish colored carpet and walls and ceiling, and I remember waiting in a large room with an opening that led to the hotel lobby that had many twin-sized bunk beds and maybe some other beds with mostly other men sitting down on the beds.

I do remember at least one or more women being there, one of whom was a tall woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair, and I remember many of the other men constantly talking about the women and wanting to have sex with them and things like that (which was annoying to me, and I did not get involved with this and it seemed very disrespectful and rude in my opinion).

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