Strange Sounds In A Park | A Criminal Pretending To Be A Kid

Dream 1

I am at a park at night with family, we are going to camp out there, we hear strange sounds & then voices like maybe a girl’s voice who needs helped followed by maybe an adult male voice talking to her along with the strangeness, it was not clear if the voices were really people or not, or something trying to mimic human voices while making other sounds.

My brothers TDC & KDC & I go to investigate, I tell them to each bring a stick to defend ourselves just in case, the area where the sounds were coming from was some land surrounded by the paved walking trail, there was maybe some light, but there were various obstacles in the way with raised areas & lower areas preventing us from seeing anything from the trail.

Helping Kim Kardashian Make & Fix / Sew Something | My First Date With A Woman Named Ashlyn & The Hunger Games?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of the first dream which was an unusual and surprising dream in some ways, I think that near the end of the dream I was inside a house watching TV maybe, and I think that there was a TV show showing rich female socialites/celebrities like Paris HiltonKim Kardashian / et cetera.

At some point I think that I was talking on a telephone with a fictional female friend about that TV show and other things who then started a three-way call with her female friend, who was Kim Kardashian to my surprise, and Mrs. Kardashian mentioned that she needed help making something and her/my friend suggested that I could probably help; and she hung up the telephone leaving only Mrs. Kardashian and I on the telephone to try to force me to help her.

Mass Effect 3 Combined With Several Dreams Again With A Teacher Who Looks Like Sarah Palin

I forgot most of my dreams again last night but I know that the video game Mass Effect 3 was combined with them again, but this time instead of switching back & forth between to different dream worlds; everything probably took place in one dream world, where the Mass Effect 3 parts did not disrupt the dreams much or at all really.

Dream 1

One of the dreams involved me being in school and our class was in a Walmart-like store near where the sewing section and the sporting goods section usually are, but I can not remember the details of this dream; but I know that I had one or more classes over a period of time there with other students who were fictional and some were former classmates of mine, with possible memories from past classes in this same school/class/area.

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