Shadow People And The Hat Man | Who Are They? What Do They Want?

What Is It?

The YouTube video Shadow People And The Hat Man | Who Are They? What Do They Want? by the YouTube channel The Why Files:

Shadow People And The Hat Man | Who Are They? What Do They Want?

Here is the description for this video:

Shadow People and The Hat Man | Who are they? What do they want?

Here’s how it happens.

You’re drifting off to sleep; or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night.

You feel a presence in the room.

You see something out of the corner of your eye.

You try to look, but you can’t move.

You try to call out, but you’re unable to make a sound.

There’s an invisible weight on your chest.

Even breathing is difficult.

You strain to look, and then you see it.

The shadow of a person.

You can’t detect any features, but every instinct you have tells you: this is entity is not friendly.

You hear a light hum, maybe a rush of air, and the dark entity vanishes.

You’ve just encountered a shadow person.

This one was pretty benign, but there are some shadow people sightings that are more intense.

More real.

These encounters can be traumatic and in some cases: violent.

I should know.

Because it happened to me.

#Paranormal #Ghosts #ShadowPeople

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Looking For Somewhere Safe

Dream 1

I do not feel like typing my dreams today and so I will not waste much time, all that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day inside my parent’s house, and I was in the living room with my brother GC possibly trying to play some video games.

At some point in the dream I thought that I saw a shadow of a person move outside the window near the back door, so I got up to investigate, but then the older daughter who used to live in The G House entered the living room from the laundry room to our surprise/confusion; and then her younger sister entered the living room from the glass doors to the dining room.

I can not remember if they said anything or not, I just remember them looking bored like they were waiting on something/someone, and I remember my mom saying something to them about maybe not disturbing us or something like that; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was a pretty deep dream I think, it is unclear but I think that it took place during the day in a dream world where one or more major disasters happened like zombie-like attacks, and the dream world had a somewhat strange-looking/feeling environment (maybe somewhat surreal) and part of the dream world seemed to be based on some of my dreams that are somewhat inspired by the Fallout video games.

It seemed that many people were dead and/or gone and/or hiding in this dream world, you had to be cautious of threats from other people and maybe zombie-like entities, and I remember wandering around the dream world in mostly open areas away from cities looking for somewhere safe and/or for a group of people to join with and/or to help people; and I came across various people I knew like some of my former classmates like my former male classmate JR and maybe my former female classmate CW as I wandered, but none of them joined me.

I wandered alone until I reached the edge of a city with a lake/river/whatever and docks separating the open wilderness area where I was from the city, there were buildings/businesses along the docks, and so I was going to search this outer area of the city for somewhere safe because normally it was more dangerous further inside cities.

I swam or somehow crossed the lake/water to the docks, there was a small clothing boutique in this area that I was going to explore first, but to my surprise several scared women with light-medium brownish colored skin walked outside of it when they saw me; and one of them was a bit old so I assumed that she was the grandmother, and that the other women were her granddaughters.

I told them that I was not going to hurt them but then in the distance I saw two men with whitish colored skin looking around, I was not sure if they were dangerous or not, and so I told the women about them and I suggested that we hide and get ready to defend ourselves and the building if necessary; and so I ran into the boutique with them, we started trying to close and lock the doors after I suggested it, but one of the doors would not close or lock so we had to run hide with it still open because the two men were approaching.

I ran into a room and I ducked down to hide, I picked up a metal fork/pick-like utensil from the floor that is used to flip barbecue because I needed a weapon (I was somewhat afraid that they had guns, that they were dangerous, and that I would have to fight them with only a fork/whatever 😀 ), and then I heard the two men enter the boutique; and after waiting for them to get a bit closer and after building up enough courage/energy I looked up again to prepare to approach them with my weapon but I was surprised to see that the room was now full of boys, young men, and men (coaches) for maybe a baseball team all wearing light blueish and whitish colored baseball uniforms.

The two men seemed to have been scouting for a safe building for the team to hide in, I approached the group to talk to them and my former male classmate CB was among them, and then the women came out of hiding when I told them that it was safe; and then I sat down on a wooden bench to talk to my former classmate CB, he seemed to know a lot about me and he provided some comic relief, and I remember us talking about various things.

I remember telling him that I met our former classmates JR and CW during my journey, he told me that he did not like our former classmate JR and that our former classmate JR did not really like us, and somehow he knew that I used to like our former female classmate CW back when we were in high school and he mentioned this asking me about what happened when we met again and he made some jokes about this.

Then our conversation became deep and emotional when he asked me a certain question that I can not remember, I paused and I took some deep breaths as emotions and memories overcame me of the zombie-like creatures attacking my family and others and I, and the many horrors of the disaster and how they effected/affected me; and I started trying to stop myself from crying, and I remember my voice breaking up and I had to keep pausing because I could not talk.

I probably cried a bit as I talked about the hatred and many emotions that I had felt after the zombie-like attacks, I told my former classmate CB that I used to have a lot of hatred for those creatures, and that hate had started to consume me as I probably wandered around trying to get revenge by killing all of the zombies/whatever that I could find (I assume that they killed my family); and that my hatred grew so much that one day I realized that I needed to let it go, and that this hatred was destroying me.

Somehow I finally let the hatred go and I instantly felt better and I started focusing on trying to live instead of focusing on revenge and death and despair et cetera, my former classmate CB listened to my story, and he said a few things and then he lifted the mood again; and our conversation continued in a more positive direction, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Listening To Arya Stark & Spartacus

Last night I had a brief moment of sleep paralysis or I dreamed of having sleep paralysis, I think that it really happened, and it happened right before I went completely to sleep I think at some point after getting in bed.

I think that I was almost sleep but I woke up suddenly for some unknown reason, my body was paralyzed, and so I thought to myself that it was probably just sleep paralysis since I woke up suddenly at a bad time; and so I was about to think to myself to stay calm and remind myself that the feeling of extreme fear & of a presence being in the room would come, but the extreme fear & the feeling of a presence being in the room hit me before I could finish preparing myself.


The Battle Of LC

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of my dream from last night, except for the important parts of the dream, unfortunately; and it started in D during the night, and I was driving downtown.

The downtown area was very alive with many people enjoying themselves, unlike in real life, and there was music, food, drink, clubs, open restaurants, a theater with plays going on, and people of all ages enjoying themselves doing various things.

I decided to park my automobile and walk around to see what was going on, since the atmosphere was nice/happy, and as I walked around I noticed a few of my former classmates; who I would greet and then I would continue walking.

At some point I walked to a building next to the theater and I walked in the building into a hallway, I saw my former classmate BS and I greeted him by his name, but he did not seem to remember me; but he greeted me anyway, and we both continued walking in separate directions.

The building was windowless with narrow hallways with a few rooms on each hallway with dark or brownish colored carpet, and I saw my former classmates SS, SC, and JF; and so I greeted them, and then we continued walking our separate ways except JF was walking in the direction that I was going, which was further up the hallway.

JF was wearing suspenders (if that is the word) with a dress shirt and dress pants like an old style detective or something, and he walked into a small office in the hallway & he sat down at a desk; I walked in to ask him what his job was, but then he got a phone call that he needed to take, and so I walked off so that he could talk.

I walked down the hallway to a small lobby where the STC College was having registration for the next semester, and so I decided to start registering for the next semester; I asked one of the workers if I could cancel my registration at any time, and the worker said yes.

The workers went on a lunch break and I started thinking about cancelling my registration because I was not sure if I would be getting a job soon that would make it impossible for me to attend classes, and I wondered if I should register for the LT College which is closer.

The dream gets very unclear at this point and for the rest of the dream, but I think that a group of people with medium – dark-colored skin came into the lobby; and they were to be in a dance and/or singing contest, and so there was probably some singing and/or dancing in the lobby as they practiced.

At some point I remember seeing a man with dark-colored skin who looked somewhat like my former classmate AP, I can not remember what happened exactly, but him or I/me was walking on SB Drive in LC during the night; I am not sure if I was him or if I was somehow seeing this like a camera person who could also somehow know what he was thinking and I could feel what he could feel.

I think that it was a full moon outside and he was walking on the sidewalk, it was very quiet and no one was around like in a scary movie, but the dream felt somewhat real at this point; and I think that he/I felt that something was wrong, like something/a power had been passed to him/me or infected him/me or cursed him/me or possessed him/me but I can not remember if something had happened during the parts of the dream that I can not remember that would help explain this.

I am not sure if this was werewolf related or not, but I remember him/me starting to change a bit or starting to feel the power; but as he/I was walking on a sidewalk area that went partly on someone’s property, something tried to attack him/me, something non-Human.

He/I ran and more things started trying to attack him/I, I can not remember what they were but it might have been a combination of various types of things trying to attack us, and I do not know where they were coming from; but I remember him/I partly using his/my power to fight them as he/I ran to the Civic Center, but I can not remember what his/my powers were exactly.

The military, probably The Army National Guard, were sent downtown to fight the things that were attacking the city because the situation was that bad; it was like an invasion that seemed to be starting downtown, and so the military was dropping off soldiers at the Civic Center which was being used as a temporary headquarters.

He/I reached the Civic Center, but the mostly young soldiers seemed to be losing the battle, and the scary non-Human things that they were fighting had them scared & confused; and so I saw soldiers running away, crying, afraid, and ready to give up.

The military was about to retreat from downtown, so he/I decided to give a short speech to encourage the soldiers, and he/I continued fighting the things while still encouraging the soldiers to fight; and this part of the dream was dramatic, as he/I used his/my powers to fight the things.

I think that he/I fought with hand-to-hand combat and that his/my power made him/I faster, stronger, et cetera; and I think that he/I could increase & decrease the power level at will, and the more he/I increased the power level, the more he/I changed in appearance temporarily, maybe like a werewolf or maybe like a dark shadow would cover him/me or maybe his/my appearance would change in other ways temporarily, I am not sure.

His/my fierce fighting against the things, proving that they could die, speech to the soldiers, et cetera encouraged the soldiers to continue to fight and they started to charge forward to join him/me in the fight against the things; and we started to win, and eventually we won and/or forced them to retreat.

The soldiers cheered and they saw him/me as a hero, but he/I decided to leave before anyone could figure out who he/I was and to avoid anyone knowing about his/my powers; I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that I was at the lobby again the next day wanting to cancel my registration for the next semester.

People, soldiers, and the news media were talking about the battle and the unknown hero who helped win The Battle Of LC; and I remember listening and watching people talk about it.

At some point I remember sneezing and wiping my nose on a napkin and I threw it in a trash can near one of the worker’s desk in the lobby, and something happened later in the dream that made me wonder if the powers were passed to me and/or passed from me; and I tried to find the napkin, not knowing if someone would get the power if they came in contact with it or not.

I think that the power/curse/whatever could only be in one person at a time, but I am not sure, but I did not want to take any chances since I had no idea what it was or where it came from exactly; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


An Ancient Conspiracy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of an interesting dream from last night, that was like a movie during some parts, but my memory of the dream is blurry in some places; it started during the day and I arrived by boat maybe to this dock area with a small community built over & next to the water.

I have no idea where this place was, it seemed to be an area where some college aged people and some adults would come to during the summer for a camp, but some people lived there I think; it was a unique place, I am surprised my brain was so creative in making it, it had its own style & history & story.

The heads of the camp or whatever/whoever were welcoming us and showing us to our rooms & giving us a tour, and various other things; many of the people arriving appeared to be college athletes & members of various college organizations with various colored t-shirts & outfits of their groups & colleges.

Some of the housing was a bit ancient near the docks like it was built to last by people very long ago, but further in was a naval-like housing area where most of the new people were to stay, the newer area was mostly military-like metal & it was an entire complex that was separate but connected to the ancient areas.

It was like this was an ancient community that was later found by people in modern times and some of the new people started to build some new buildings next to it & they connected them to the ancient area, but there were still people and/or an unknown being or beings (entities) in the ancient areas; the ancient area had a secret, a secret that the people in the newer area did not seem to want to talk about, and they tried to cover up some of the strange happenings during our stay.

I think that I was one of the few or only people from/of the people who had just arrived who stayed/got to stay in the ancient area, I think that some of my family and/or ancestors had lived there and/or a few were still there, and so I already had a place there; it was like I would come back every-so-often to stay there or something.

I was part of the secret of the ancient place, but I did not know it yet, I think that somehow some of my ancestors had a special connection to this place and/or they and/or I had a special connection with the unknown being or beings who stayed there.

In the newer area various activities were being planned and people were getting to know each other, I can not remember much of these parts, but I do know that several strange people and/or beings showed up at various parts.

I think that they were human, but several people who appeared to be human, seemed to be part of a conspiracy or plan to do something that I can not remember; and they seemed to be working for an unknown being or beings.

They appeared to be enchanted or somehow connected to/possessed/empowered by/devoted to an unknown being or beings; it was like they had some power(s) through their connection with an unknown being or beings, maybe they worshiped this being or beings, I am not sure.

I think that most are all of them were from the ancient area, most or some of them knew me & I knew them, and I think that some of them wanted me to join them; their conspiracy, secrets, hidden knowledge & powers, and their hidden leader or deity or being(s) were all part of this place & I slowly gained some knowledge of what was going on during the dream.

One of them seemed to be my friend, who informed me of most of what I learned during the dream, and I think that this person did not agree with where things were going & the plans of the unknown being or beings & their human and/or human-like followers.

This person was too deep to escape the group, I think that the unknown being or beings had too much control over this person for them to ever leave, but this person did have enough power to at least try to help me to save myself & the others.

This person would meet me secretly in various areas during the dream to warn me of the situation, at some point I think that I followed a few of the other people from the ancient area, and I remember hearing a female voice of the unknown being or beings; who seemed to be a powerful being, who was leading the conspiracy, but I do not think that the being was really female, I think that was a disguise & the being was really male or had no gender.

Somehow whether due to my ancestry and/or genetics and/or getting too close to the conspiracy, something happened to me and/or something was unlocked in me and/or something was given to me and/or the unknown being somehow was somewhat connected to me somehow; and I remember communicating with the unknown being who sounded & probably seemed female at first, the being might have communicated with me somehow like we were somehow connected, but I am not sure.

The being wanted me for something, probably to help with the conspiracy, and the being told me some things to try to get me to help; the being probably lied to me a bit, and maybe I decided to partly help, hoping to get close enough to find out what really was going on.

This part is confusing, there were various layers to my contact with the being which makes it too hard to remember, I think that somehow I had a special connection with the being through my ancestry & genetics, and that some of the being’s power was locked inside of me and/or I was compatible enough for the being to use me and/or give me some powers but I can not remember.

There was something very deep going on that makes it too hard for me to remember, the being needed or wanted me especially for some reason, I was different from the other followers, I think that I was now the last living human with the ancestry and/or genetics needed for the being to use for a certain purpose; it was something big that the being had planned, and I was somehow part of the beings plan.

The being was trying to get me to help with the plans, hoping that I would get deep enough & connected enough, so that I could be used for the big plans that the being had; which I did not know at first.

I remember the dream becoming more movie-like at some point and many of the people and I were to get on a submarine to travel somewhere, we loaded up our stuff & we left on a submarine, some of the people from or with the ancient area were hiding among the people on the submarine; I think that one or more people from the new group were somehow converted & joined the followers of the unknown being to help with the conspiracy.

The submarine trip was a deep & dark experience, like I would expect in real life, but this part of the dream was too deep for me to remember; I just remember us reaching land at some point during the day.

We walked to a field in an unknown area near a small unknown city, Brad Pitt was somehow there, and it was a nice day; and this part was like a good movie scene.

Mr. Pitt and I were talking about various things, he was doing most of the talking, it was like he was doing a scene for a serious film that he was trying to win an award for; he was playing his part well and he said many memorable things, the scenery went well with his speech, and at some point he walked off dramatically like during the end of a movie.

Later the rest of us moved our stuff from the submarine to an abandoned diner, where we were going to stay at for a few days or something, and I remember us still trying to get to know each other; and we had a good time trying to fix up the diner.

The conspiracy did not really show up much during these parts, but that was part of the plan I guess, and at some point some or all of us left to another area; but I have no idea where we were, but we were on land.

I guess that the conspiracy was about to be revealed and a major scene happened where followers of the being did something, I remember maybe shadow-like powers or something that might have absorbed something from people and/or took over their bodies or something, but I can not remember; and the being revealed itself.

I think that the being needed to complete certain things and then it needed to take out someone to complete this phase of the conspiracy or the conspiracy itself, and the being was to use me to complete it somehow; and I remember something happening that either unlocked some powers in me and/or the being gave me some powers so that I could complete the plans.

Some of the followers of the being were in a formation doing some rituals or something as part of the plan, but the follower who had helped me had a plan to stop the being & I think that the follower sacrificed them-self to ruin the being’s plans from using me & it left the being vulnerable to be defeated; and then some of the followers & I began to attack the being while it was vulnerable & distracted, we probably had to fight some of the other followers.

I somehow now had the power to be the one to defeat the being once it was weakened enough, without the being having the power to control me, since the follower had broken the process/ritual in time; which gave me some of the power of the being and/or unlocked some of my powers, somehow we were connected, like I was part whatever the being was through ancestry and/or genetics but I can not remember.

The followers who were helping me were doing a ritual in a certain order and they would do a shout on the being one-at-a-time that kept weakening the being, layers of the being were being knocked off or destroyed or lifted, the being looked like a man & it sounded like a man now.

The being was talking during our attack, but the ritual & shouts kept knocking it off-balance & weakening it, but it was a very powerful being; and so it was going to take a while before I would be able to deliver the last attack to defeat it.

The being stayed on its feet and it was defiant, and it was not going to back down; and so it kept trying to fight, and I remember someone else, maybe the follower who had helped me, who kept talking to the being during our attack.

I think that the follower or who ever it was, had planned to stop the being for a very long time, maybe that followers ancestors had planned it for many years; and they had worked for generation after generation to stop the being, and finally their dream of defeating the being was about to come true.

There was still something about me and my connection to the being and/or the power(s), that the person told me, something that I had to be careful/cautious about I think; but I can not remember.

I just remember us attacking the being trying to weakened it enough to defeat it while these conversations were going on, and while I could feel & see power or powers in & around my body being unlocked; and I remember being told that only I could defeat the being once it was weakened enough, by using my powers.

I am not sure why the being needed me, maybe it needed my body to fully enter our world and/or to unlock its full power in our world or something, I am not sure.

Either way I, the being’s final weapon in its plan, was now being used to defeat it; but that is all that I can remember in this deep & layered dream, and some of that might be wrong but I did my best trying to put the pieces together.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂