Impostors | A Dock

Dream 1

This dream took place at a multi-purpose building that had a hotel or apartment where I was staying with most of my family.

At some point in the dream I returned to our hotel or apartment that had a door at the front and a door at the back, there was a knock at the front door so I answered it, and at the door was what I thought was my family; but they did not say anything.

It’sAGundam? | A Flying Mansion | Super Jumping | A Werewolf? | Mr. BB & JB | Getting A Blessing From An Egyptian God?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was not in it and that it involved some people talking about an It’sAGundam-like man or It’sAGundam himself, they knew him personally, and they were talking about some problems that he had when they last talked with him.

At some point a woman among them decided to call the It’sAGundam-like man or It’sAGundam to see how he was doing, he answered the call, and they talked.

On Dirait Que C’est Normal | Forgetting To Clock Out | Andrew Yang’s Food Stand And Hooch

The last two days in a row I have had the song On Dirait Que C’est Normal by Jeanne Cherhal on my mind briefly in the morning, and so maybe it was in one of my dreams last night and the night before:

Dream 1

I had this dream when I briefly fell asleep on top of my bed, then I woke up and I got up a bit longer, and then I went back to sleep.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was at The BP Library working at my IT Assistant job helping someone with a problem at a computer.

I remember someone mentioning something about logging in and logging out so maybe that was part of their problem, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at a fictional version of The BP Library that looked more like the old PL Grocery Store, it was like a combination of the library and a store, and at the front main room of the building was a big white screen where a movie or something was being projected on and watched.

I remember being in the back areas that were store-like, it was the areas before you get to what would normally be the back employee/warehouse areas, I was working but I am not sure what I was doing.

My female coworker JB and my coworker Mr. CF (who was the security guard as usual) walked back in the same area to work and talk, and we all talked together as we worked.

At some point JB disappeared before I could talk to her about something or before I could get a chance to really talk much, I really wanted to talk to her so I walked to the front to see if I could find her but I did not find her, and so I felt disappointed that I did not get to talk to her more.

I then decided to take a break, I forgot to clock out, and I left the building to drive somewhere during the day.

During this time I was still disappointed about not getting the chance to talk to JB, I remember driving past a parking lot that was probably similar to The BB Grocery Store parking lot when I realized that I forgot to clock out, and so I probably started to drive back to work.

But I woke up, and the disappointing feeling about not getting to talk to JB still lingered.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was driving my automobile during the day through a parking lot by a small park-like area, I noticed two connected small food stands/buildings, and so I parked and I went to them hoping to buy one or more desserts.

The business on the left side seemed to be owned by Andrew Yang and maybe his wife and his mother so he was there, and the business on the right side seemed to be owned by an old couple (husband and wife) who seemed to be from somewhere in Asia (Asian).

I went to Mr. Yang’s business first to ask what desserts did they have, his mother showed me a plate of some meat-looking stuff so I asked if they had any other desserts, and she showed me a plate of salad-looking stuff; and I asked them to combine them, and then I bought them.

I then went to the business on the right side, I asked them the same question but they dodged the question, I asked if they had any food but they hesitated, and then they handed me a sample of a drink.

The drink tasted a bit like maybe a tea with maybe a slight minty/citrus vegetable taste that tasted slightly fermented, it was strange, and I asked them what it was.

Once again they hesitated, I asked them how much was it and what did it come in, and then they somewhat nervously handed me a black trash bag that had liquid in it with two ears of corn; and it seemed that the drink that they gave me a sample of was some poorly made prison-like hooch drink.

They did not seem to be able to talk much, they wanted me to buy this but there was no way that I was buying it, and so I politely declined and gave it back to them while thanking them for the free sample.

A man with light-color skin with brown hair was behind me waiting in line, they asked about what that bag was and what it tasted like, and I told them.

The man then started to say negative things about it, about this business, how he would not shop here, and he started to make fun of them loudly so that other people could hear.

The two business owners looked sad and broken and defeated, this was the only product that they had, and then they shapeshifted into their real forms which were not human or they somehow had the power to trick our brains into seeing them a certain way which possibly wore off.

They were two creatures that were possibly somewhat pig-like, maybe not at first and maybe at first they looked like some small tan humanoid goblin-like creatures or something, but later they were more pig-like and walked on all-fours.

I started to walk away back to my automobile, but the two creatures started following me sadly in their maybe pig-like forms walking on all-fours.

I did not want them to know which automobile was mine and I did not want them following me, I tried to avoid them but they kept following me, and I even tried to talk to them but they kept following me.

They looked broken and like they were giving up on life and their business, the female creature even stopped and laid on the road, and she got ran over and killed by an automobile.

The male creature was even more sad and he went over near her body to lay down to die too, and I tried to talk him out of it but he had given up and wanted to die.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Tub To Sleep Paralysis | Were-Creatures?

After watching Toonami I went to sleep on the living room couch and that is where I slept the entire time, and I did not record most of my dreams but I still barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

I had some dreams before this dream but I can not remember them, I just remember that I was sleeping on my back on the couch in the real world, and in this dream I was in a strange large room laying on my back in a bathtub (tub) of water.

My head was halfway under the water so water was getting in my ears, I could feel it and hear it, and it felt real so I did not like this feeling.

I decided to raise my head above the water enough so that the water was no longer in my ears, and then I went to try to let the water drain out of my ears but during this I woke up into the real world into a sleep paralysis experience.

My brother GC was still in the living room on his computer, while I was paralyzed I heard my mom leave the bathroom and open the glass doors to the living room, and she told my brother GC that she was out of the bathroom so he could use the bathroom now; but my brother GC responded that he did not need to use the bathroom, and then my mom walked away back to her bed room it seemed.

I was paralyzed on my back on the couch so I could not turn to see her, I assumed that she / her voice had been a hallucination, but I was not sure so I probably tried to say something out-loud but I was paralyzed so barely any sound came out and maybe it sounded like I was snoring or something; and then I was able to move and / or I completely woke up.

I recorded this dream from the couch and I went back to sleep on the couch.

Dream 2

My voice recording of this dream is too low for me to understand some of it and I can not remember most of it, and so it is unclear.

This dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, I was possibly with my mom and my brother GC and / or several other people during some parts of this dream, and there was a fictional raised bridge with a park-like area under it not that far from The BB’s Grocery Store on Southside that we went to several times during the dream.

We also went to a building where there was some other people, something happened that I can not remember where there was a threat, and maybe somehow some white werewolves (their fur was white) helped defeat this threat after maybe several people got turned into white werewolves.

There was a quiet dark area in this building with various rooms along the hallway, and maybe I led the werewolves there where they could have a place to stay out-of-sight from normal humans who did not know about their existence; but I am not sure.

I discovered other creatures, were creatures / were people and / or shapeshifters, and some other entities; and they joined the werewolves in the dark quiet part of the building, and I moved between the main parts of the building with normal humans and the dark quiet area with the creatures / entities / et cetera.

Some of them could transform into a human form and back, but some did not seem to have a human form.

When I was in the normal human area something happened that I can not remember where a mother and young daughter with light-color skin entered the building needing help because some kind of threat was after them, whatever the situation was it was bad enough where I risked taking them to the creature / entity area where they could hide, and so we went there.

I trusted the werewolves so I was going to ask them to help protect them, and I was going to ask the others to not harm them.

When we got there something happened that I can not remember where I felt that one or more traitors were among the group, I felt that the mother and daughter were in danger from them as well, and so I did not want to leave them there without me around too.

As I was trying to find all the werewolves to talk to them about the situation while trying to let the others know to not harm the mother and daughter, I noticed a small creature with a hook nose who looked suspicious and he was watching and smiling with an evil grin at the mother and daughter, and something happened where some of the creatures began rolling in a pile that went over the mother and daughter.

The small hook nosed creature joined the pile and I went in to get the mother and daughter out while trying to stop the hook nosed creature if he was really a threat like it seemed, and that creature ended up getting accidentally crushed in the pile and I ended up accidentally breaking what was left of its mouth (it felt and made a sound like a fishes mouth when it gets broken when trying to get a hook out of their mouth or something).

There were possibly more threats among the group so I started to warn the werewolves and maybe some or all of the others, and maybe I went to take the mother and daughter down the hallway to another room.

Something happened in this area that I can not remember where a man seemly got mind controlled with some kind of shadow mind control power by a small girl-like entity, who possibly looked like a normal girl with light-color skin at first, but when we figured out that she was a threat she transformed / shapeshifted into a shadow entity of some kind who screamed / screeched at the man turning him into a shadow person temporarily.

We fought the entity and broke the man out of her mind control and he helped us attack her, she possibly died, but even in the dream I was not sure and maybe I went to make sure that she was dead or to see if she had escaped but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Defeating The Kraken?

I went to sleep on the living room couch but I failed to record my dreams that I had until I woke up (I had at least 1 major dream during this) and then I got in bed, I then had at least 3 major dreams that I remembered, but I did not record them so now I can only remember part of 2 of the 4 major dreams that I had.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in the city of D, in this dream there was a video game that I really wanted to play and maybe I tried to download a bootleg of it, and I was somewhere when I met the mother of my former male classmate DH Mrs. CH.

During our conversation I learned that DH had that video game, a legal copy of it and she said that DH was at her house and that I could stop by, and so I went to her house and she was still gone.

The door was unlocked and oddly I did something that was not like me and I went inside the house, the house was a fictional nicer house than in real life, and I walked into DH’s room and he was sleeping in a chair.

I once again did something unlike myself and I looked on DH’s computer, which was on already, and I found the video game that I was looking for; and I either started trying to copy it and / or play it and / or whatever.

DH woke up and saw me on his computer, I tried to handle this awkward situation by talking in ways that made it seem like his mom had either let me inside the house or that she had said that I could go inside without bothering to knock or ring the doorbell or that he had let me inside the house but had went to sleep at some point and forgot, and this partly seemed to work and I did not lie and I just avoided ever mentioning how I had gotten inside the house and I told him that his mom said that I could come over which was true.

DH seemed somewhat unsure about what had happened and my presence seemed to be a minor annoyance to him, and so I tried to make it clear that I probably would not be long and just wanted to get and / or play the video game; and that seemed to be working.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the night in a fictional somewhat larger city with many multi-story buildings with lights and many windows, and I lived in an apartment with my parents and my brother GC by a lake near the main bridge of the city that was possibly in the middle of the city but I am not sure; I just know that this area was pretty quiet which was nice.

A giant ancient squid / octopus-like creature with tentacles that was or that reminded me of The Kraken lived in this lake, and it would sometimes attack but probably not that often because it was usually deep under the lake out of sight most of the time.

Something happened in the dream before this that I can not remember where my brother GC and I possibly came in contact with The Kraken or something, and somehow we got changed like it where we gained many or most of the special abilities / powers that it had except we still looked human but we could transform into giant versions of ourselves who would become even more powerful in our giant forms; and whatever happened caused me to be even more powerful and larger than The Kraken or my brother GC (my brother GC became maybe equal in power and size as The Kraken), and so I must have been exposed to whatever for longer than my brother GC.

The Kraken was assumed to be ancient and thousands of years old like maybe he was semi-immortal and maybe a demi-god, and so maybe this was the same for my brother GC and I now but even in the dream I was not sure.

After whatever happened to us we possibly returned to the apartment where we lived with our parents and we possibly briefly talked with them, and the next thing that I remember is my brother GC and I facing The Kraken; but I am not sure if he had risen on his own to attack or if we brought him up, either way, my plan was to get The Kraken to agree to become a protector of the city instead of attacking it or to stop attacking the city or I would probably kill him.

I did not expect talking to work on The Kraken at first so I expected that he would try to fight us and I would have to prove that I was stronger before he might listen to my offer, and that is exactly what happened even when I tried to handle the situation peacefully.

I warned The Kraken but he did not listen so my brother GC and I transformed into our giant forms, I was the largest and strongest, and I easily defeated The Kraken and my brother GC had only helped briefly by grabbing him at first.

I let The Kraken know that I was stronger and that he could never defeat me and so he could take my offer or die if he dared to attack the city / my family / my apartment / et cetera again.

Eventually The Kraken agreed to my offer, I made it clear that if he broke his promise that I would possibly kill him depending on the situation, and that I did not want to kill him because I hoped that we could work together to protect this city because he was ancient and powerful and could do a lot of good if he only tried.

I was not completely confident that he meant it but I hoped that he would not do something stupid because I really did not want to kill him, and I started to walk away while transforming back to my normal size form while thinking about this; but while doing this I got shot several times.

I turned to see The Kraken holding maybe a black pistol and my brother GC was still in his giant form behind him in the distance standing in the lake, I was confused by this, and I felt and saw the gunshot wounds.

I was not completely back in my normal form when I got shot, this seemed to hurt me more than it normally should have and it did not seem to be healing or healing fast enough, and so I wondered if I needed to start transforming back to my giant form to heal quicker and to pushed out any bullets that may still be inside my body.

I quickly disarmed The Kraken and I either killed him or knocked him out or something, I can not remember which, and I remember briefly wondering if my brother GC had given The Kraken the gun and whether my brother GC had done this out of jealousy of me being more powerful and larger than him with maybe plans to use The Kraken to kill me and then use / control The Kraken.

I hoped that this was not true and this thought only briefly crossed my mind as I tried to act like the gunshots did not hurt me while trying to make sure that I was healing and trying to make sure that I was okay, I did not want to show weakness in case my brother GC was behind this, and I was also disappointed that The Kraken had lied and that I had either killed him or would possibly have to kill him now if I could not get him to accept my offer one last time.

But I woke up as I thought about this while saying something to my brother GC.

The end,

-John Jr

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