Trying A Dragon Shout In A Lucid Dream

I had a lucid dream again to my surprise without even trying and during my first night wearing my old Uboslav orgonite pendant again after switching pendants because the no-frills orgonite pendant is breaking, unfortunately I did not get right out of bed to voice record it or my other dreams and when I did there was a lot of noise and distractions while I tried to voice record my dreams, and so I forgot details from my dreams and lucid dream.

Dream 1

This dream is very unclear, it possibly took place inside an apartment-like complex, but I can not remember.

Some of my family, former classmates, and some other people were probably there as well but I can not remember.

I was in the dream too and I probably went to find a bathroom because I needed to urinate, but that is all that I can remember now of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place inside a fictional version of The BP Library, I was working near some shelves that looked like the shelves in the new book section, and two of my female coworkers were sitting in chairs on the right side of one shelf with one being on the left of it and our branch manager Mrs. PH being on the right of it.

At some point I noticed a hole that went through one of the shelves like either it got shot or something got stabbed through it, and so I started to investigate.

While doing this I told our branch manager Mrs. PH, but I woke up as we both investigated the hole in the shelf.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place inside a windowless upper middle-to-lower upper class hotel that had a nice more classical style to it and it had a large dinning room, a large meeting room, office spaces, a lounge, a party room, a computer room, a printer / fax / et cetera room, an entrance lobby with front desks, et cetera.

I remember being in the dinning room sitting at the large long rectangular table or one of them as everyone waited for the food and drinks I guess, people were talking, and I talked to several people including the professional wrestler Kevin Owens.

At some point as we waited and talked I decided to walk around the hotel, I remember noticing that there were not that many electronics around and even when there was / were (like computers, printer, fax, et cetera) they were not the latest and greatest and were older, and so the hotel seemed more conservative when it came to technology like.

I saw some business people and maybe employees along the way probably catching up on some business et cetera with the limited electronics available and on their mobile phones, and I heard someone complaining that the internet was slow so I assumed that they had a lower speed internet connection for the hotel.

I walked through the middle of the building until I reach the printer / fax / et cetera room which was a small room on the right side near the main entrance lobby / front desk, I glanced at it before walking to the front desk, and my female coworkers MH and our new female coworker J were working behind the front desk so I briefly talked with them.

They told me that the internet connection for the printer et cetera was not even high-speed, but I can not remember what else we talked about.

At some point as I was walking away either I noticed or heard or remembered something unusual (possibly something that was said during our conversation, but I can not remember) and / or I stopped because I felt that there was something that I was supposed to remember.

Whatever happened in that moment led to me realizing and loudly saying: “Wait a minute, this is a dream!”.

I was excited so I quickly went to start doing something but I felt that the dream was unstable, and so I went to spin around to stabilize it but I forgot to look down while doing this (I was looking up or straight ahead) so my vision and / or the look of the dream world messed up (maybe like throwing water on a wet painting and smearing the colors or like when you spin around and things blur together).

I quickly remembered Moment’s (Lost Truth’s) technique for stabilizing her vision in dreams, and so I started to tell myself out-loud that everything was okay and to relax and that my vision is good and that I can see and that the dream world is stable; and while doing this I calmed my breathing, and I tried spinning while looking at the ground this time and then the dream became more stable and I could see normally but I am not sure which of these things worked (maybe all of them).

The dream was more stable but I still feared that it was not completely stable so I rushed to remember what my lucid dreaming goals were, and the first thing that came to my mind was to try a dragon shout like in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim except I decided to just randomly shout without doing an actual dragon shout in that video game.

This is messed up but I possibly decided to test out a dragon shout on some people or at least near them since I knew that this was a dream, I could be wrong about this, either way that is messed up and not like me if I did do that.

I walked into the dimly lit party room where there were some people and tables and chairs and I probably took a deep breath and I quickly tried to charge up, and then I went to shout and release the energy but something strange happened where nothing came out at all and it felt very strange; it was like everything went mute and silent, no air, no sound, no energy, no nothing, it was so strange that I said that I was not going to try that again (in this lucid dream at least).

After that strange experience and failure I did not want to try that again so I stopped to think about what to try next, and the next thing that came to my mind was to summon a paper with my list of lucid dreaming goals so I tried this by quickly saying it while slightly focusing on my hand and moving energy toward it.

Nothing appeared in my hands but I did find a balled up piece of paper on the ground so I picked it up, I did not open it but it looked like blank paper, and so I tried to summon text on it by just saying it and directing energy toward it but that did not seem to work but I did not open the paper all the way to make sure.

Before I could think of my next lucid dreaming goal I got interrupted by the actor Harrison Ford who was probably angry about me trying to dragon shout at or near them earlier, he was angry and ranting and ready to fight me, and he probably yelled: “Do you know who I am? I am going to mess you up you little punk.” or something like that (he sounded like an angry grumpy old man 😀 ).

I apologized while laughing and smiling a bit and telling him to calm down, that this is a battle that he probably can not win, to think about his family and fans et cetera, and that I did not want to hurt him but that did not work so he tried to attack me.

I easily defeated him without even trying or probably even hitting him, I made sure not to hurt him, and maybe I even helped him up after I defeated him.

I then left the room and walked around trying to remember my next lucid dreaming goal, this is where my memory is messed up, and so I can not remember what happened after this or how or why I woke up.

I wish that I would have tried summoning Moment (Lost Truth) and tried several other things on my lucid dreaming goals list, my list is too long and unorganized (actually I do not have an actual list, which is my problem, sometimes I say that I should try this and that but I do not add it to an actual list; I just hope to remember it magically. 😀 ) so it is not surprising that I did not remember, maybe next time.

Also I forgot to mention that I really did need to urinate badly when I finally got out of bed after waking up and going back to sleep without voice recording my dreams, and so that is probably why I dreamed of trying to find a bathroom in the first dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Country Run And Owned By A Corporation?

File:Roma - Vaticano visto Castel Sant'Angelo (october 2008).jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I am not sure if this was part of another dream or part of one of the other dreams, and so I will type it as its own dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my former male classmate DH was in it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My voice recording for this dream was terrible so I could barely understand it, I voice recorded it when I woke up to use the bathroom during the night, and so parts of this dream will be missing.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I (some of my family maybe have been there too, but I can not remember) was in a very small unknown country that was possibly literally run and owned by a corporation, it was probably like Vatican City but it was a country probably run by a corporation instead of a religion, and this country was supposed to have strict security or something maybe from what I heard in the dream.

During one part of the dream I remember going inside a building to a room and sitting down at a table where maybe some kind of event for a college was to take place, and my supervisor Mrs. JM and our assistant director Mrs. C from The BP Library where we work were there too.

I remember talking with my coworkers a bit, and Mrs. C looked slightly different than she does in real life.

I could not understand most of my voice recording of this dream, but here are some of the things that I possibly said in my voice recording:

Something about a movie or film.

Something about entering and leaving the country.

Something about maybe someone or some people trying to steal something.

Something about automobiles.

Something about some detective-like people, and running and/or driving down the middle of the street to make try to catch up with them or something like that.

Maybe something about a ship?

But that is all that I could try to make sense of from my unclear voice recording of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night in a LC-like city, and I was possibly at a hotel with my brother GC and maybe our mom was in the dream but I can not remember.

We had probably explored parts of the city and had returned to our hotel room, but at some point I got a mobile phone call from my former male classmate JS.

My former classmate JS told me about a small Chinese restaurant that he recommended that was in the city and that they had some books and DVDs there that I might be interested in, and so my brother GC and I left the hotel to drive to the small Chinese restaurant that was not that far away.

The road there was like H14 and the small Chinese restaurant was on the left side of the road, we parked, and we went inside to see a few people there including my former classmate JS who was sitting at a table on the far left side with several other men.

I greeted my former classmate JS and we briefly talked before my brother GC and I sat at a table in the middle while looking at menus while sitting down sometimes talking, things were pretty quiet, and at some point my former classmate JS showed me the small shelf that had some DVDs and books on it.

My former classmate JS showed me the newest looking DVD that was on the top row on the far left side where the newer items were and it was possibly called 1987 which was a film that I have never heard of before even in the dream, he walked back to his table while I looked at the items on the shelf trying to decide if I should get any of them, and during this time I noticed how quiet it was as people barely talked oddly.

Most of the employees were older and probably from China (Chinese), and they were not making much noise or talking much either so there was relaxed boring silence mostly with occasional quiet talking and sounds in the kitchen.

But I woke up as I was still trying to decide what to eat and what if anything to get from the shelf.

The end,

-John Jr


Dreaming / Sleeping Deeply

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I think that I probably slept and dreamt (dreamed) pretty deeply last night, a feeling that somewhat feels like the negative feeling that you get when you over sleep and/or when you get that congestion feeling in your head, and I had many deep dreams that covered many different topics/themes/et cetera.

I did not feel like voice recording any of them or sharing any of them for some known and unknown reasons so I did not bother trying to remember them, and so I can now only remember a few random dream fragments from last night that I will type all together.

The dreams that I do not remember covered various topics/themes/et cetera exploring them emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, philosophically, et cetera.

Some of those topics/themes/et cetera involved family, depression, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, hopelessness, divorce, fear, low self-esteem, and more using various ways and things to portray and explore those things.

The television series Game Of Thrones was one of the things used to explore some of those things, but most things were explored through dreams involving me meeting and talking with other dream characters dealing with those things.

I still do not feel like typing my dream fragments so I will only type one that I barely remember, it took place during the day, and I remember being at an interesting modern and artsy and somewhat bare library that was possibly combined with several other types of buildings.

Maybe this was the grand opening and/or an event was taking place there so there were various people there, I remember seeing a man who looked like my former male classmate LT sitting at a table with a woman who was either his girlfriend or wife, and I was not sure if it was him or not as I walked toward them to look at a shelf in front of them.

I kept my back to them as I looked at the shelf, I heard my former classmate LT quietly tell his girlfriend or wife that I looked like his former classmate John, and I heard him whisper: “Is that John?”.

I did not turn around or say anything to them, they were not sure if it was me or not so they did not say anything to me either, and I remember walking away from them keeping my back to them hoping that they would not realize that it was me because I did not feel like being seen or talking to them for some unknown reason(s).

At some point I went to another room where I ended up having a conversation with my former male classmate SC, I think that his wife had divorced him or left him and took their children with her, and so he has lived alone since then.

He was depressed and suffering from other things like loneliness, isolation, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, and more.

I listened to him and talked with him giving him some advice and encouragement, sharing some of my personal experiences and beliefs, and being honest with him about his situation and the struggles of dealing with things like this.

I probably had other interactions like this with other dream characters in the forgotten dreams, there was more to this dream before this part and after this part, but I can not remember now that I went most of the day without thinking about my dreams.

That is all that I can remember and I do not feel like sharing more than that.

The end,

-John Jr