Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]

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Here is a YouTube video called Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer] by Mathilde:

Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]

A Sherlock The Abominable Bride Inspired Dream

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I had several dreams last night but I somehow ended up forgetting almost all of them except for barely part of my last dream from last night which was inspired by the special Christmas episode for the BBC television series Sherlock called The Abominable Bride, which I watched last night with my brother GC before going to sleep:

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me having to try to solve various mysteries and crimes like in mystery fiction books and like on the Sherlock television series, and so I guess that I was the detective instead of Sherlock Holmes.

The dream took place mostly indoors but some parts of the dream possibly took place outdoors, I would be shown a crime scene or location, and then I would have to examine it; and then I would have to try to figure out what happened.

My family and some other people were in some of these mysteries, so some of them took place at my parent’s house, and some took place in fictional areas like a storage building and other houses and other types of buildings and places like that.

The dream was a bit like being on a television show and inside a video game combined with being inside a dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Zombies And Sherlock Holmes And Mycroft Holmes And Becoming Old

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night, the dream took place in either a fictional version of the city of D or in a fictional city with a slightly fictional area from the city of D, and the dream mostly took place in an area that looked somewhat like the downtown area of the city of D near where the BP Library should be; and the dream took place over the time period of many years.

It seemed that the city was somewhat messed up/abandoned and like most people were either dead and/or hiding and/or gone, my family and I were probably hiding at my parent’s house but I can not remember if that is correct or not, and there were zombies in the city; and at some point I think that I walked to the downtown area to look for food/water/supplies/a safer place to live/et cetera for my family and I.

I probably had some mêlée weapons with me and I remember sneaking around trying to avoid zombies, maybe I killed some zombies as well but I can not remember if that is correct or not, and at some point I came across Sherlock Holmes from the BBC TV show Sherlock who was also searching for food/water/supplies/a safer place to live/et cetera; and so we worked together to find those things, I remember us sneaking around gathering supplies, and sometimes we fought zombies.

At some point we decided to go inside a nice brick multi-story apartment/hotel-like building to gather supplies and to see if we could clear the zombies out to make it safe, I remember the building being somewhat dimly lit but nice looking inside with many hallways and rooms and floors, and we sneaked around fighting zombies; and it seemed that this building would be a nice safe/sturdy place to live once we cleared the zombies out.

At some point we were on an upper floor after killing most or all the zombies and to our surprise a man approached us, the man was Sherlock’s brother Mycroft Holmes from the BBC TV show Sherlock, and he greeted us; and he welcomed his brother Sherlock, and he showed us the other survivors living in the building.

Mycroft and the other survivors had lived on the upper floors where it was safer but now all or most of the building was safe thanks to Sherlock and I, we were introduced to the other survivors and thanked, and they showed us around and explained how they had survived so far; and they invited our families/friends/et cetera and us to come live in the building as well, and so after checking the building again to make sure that it was safe I left to bring my family to the building and a family of survivors who(m) I met/saved earlier in the dream.

Sherlock, my family, the family of survivors I saved/met earlier in the dream, and I moved into the building and there was a jump in time in the dream showing us over the years as we all became a great help to everyone at the building and we turned the building and the entire area around it into a safe zone for other survivors; and some of the members of the family that I saved got married to some of the people who had already lived at the building and they had children, and those children grew up over the years during the dream until they were adults.

So at the end of the dream Sherlock, Mycroft, my parent’s, and I were much older and you could see that we had aged but we were still important members of the community helping keep the community safe/going; and I remember us standing outside having a good time joking around before splitting up to do security patrols and to search for food/water/supplies/et cetera, and the area was pretty safe because we cleared the area of zombies every day until there were little to no zombies left in this part of the city but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Stopped By The Police For A Drug Test | A Shotgun Experiment In Switzerland

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I almost forgot all my dreams from last night, but somehow I managed to remember part of two dreams when I laid in bed trying to remember what I dreamed about; and the first dream took place during the day on a fictional highway, and I was driving somewhere to meet up with my family.

At some point a police car in front of me blocked traffic for the lane that I was in, the police officer had whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair with maybe a tan-colored uniform shirt with maybe dark-colored pants, and he started looking at the ground like he was looking for illegal drugs that someone might have thrown from their window as they were driving down the highway; and so I did not think much of it at first, but then he started walking toward my automobile and so I let down my window.

The police officer looked at me and said in a positive tone: “You’re good.” , and then he walked to the passenger window behind me and I heard him yell with a negative tone like he did not like the person and/or he knew the person in a negative way: “You! *Something, Something, Something* Drug Test.” ; and I did not know that anyone was in the backseat of my automobile until now, and I did not know who it was.

I was annoyed at this point thinking that the person in my backseat might have had illegal drugs on them, I turned around to see who was sitting behind me, and to my surprise it was my brother KD with his hair set in an afro since in real life he is waiting to get his hair braided again soon; and he was wearing a muscle shirt/a-shirt and/or a sports jersey and he was making his usual negative-neutral facial expression(s).

I wondered why in the world would the police officer stop traffic and decide to test my brother KD (the passenger) for illegal drugs, we were not breaking any laws, and my brother KD has never been involved with illegal drugs as far as I know; and so it seemed that the police officer did not like my brother, maybe he knew him somehow and/or racism had a part in it, and this annoyed me even more.

The police officer was nice to me, I guess my lighter skin color played a part in that maybe, and so I sat there waiting for the them to finish the drug test while people drove by us which was a bit embarrassing & annoying; I was confident that my brother KD would pass the drug test, and he did pass the drug test (clean, no illegal drugs) and so the police officer left/drove away disappointed (like he was hoping that KD would fail the drug test) & without apologizing to my brother KD as expected.

The rest of my family drove up behind me, they saw some of what happened, and I told them about the other parts that they missed; and my dad was complaining/talking about the situation, and then we drove to the place we were headed in the beginning which was an office-like building/rest-stop and/or tourist center.

At some point I remember having already bought a new automobile, oddly it was just a small yellow plastic thing with four wheels that barely had enough room for me to sit on, but somehow I did not find this strange in the dream; what bothered me was that I felt that the plastic was not strong enough to last & it was more expensive than I liked, and so I went inside the office-like building to get a refund since I think that it cost between $5,000 – $15,000.

A female worker who looked like one of the female detectives from the BBC TV show Sherlock was at the desk, she had light brownish colored skin with light brownish colored hair in a hairstyle that is somewhat like an afro but more frizzy/curly but I am not sure what it is called but it is a nice looking natural hairstyle, and I asked her if I could get a refund but it did not seem like I could get one; and so I went & told my mom about the situation & she convinced me to try again, and she went back to the office with me to ask for a refund.

My mom asked a lot of questions as usual and even got the female worker to admit that the price was too expensive, this was all done politely as usual, and eventually the female worker gave me my refund & I thanked her and my mom; and then the female worker told me that one of her friends used to like me back when we were in public school years ago, she asked me if I was still single & I said yes, and then she told me that she would tell her friend that & that her friend might try to contact me in the near future (she did not tell me who the friend was, but I was guessing that it was my former female classmate FS).

I said goodbye and walked off with my mom, my mom then told me that my uncle CE was having financial problems (which was no surprise because of his spending habits), and I predicted that it was because of his spending habits of buying stuff that he does not need/does not know how to use/rarely uses like electronic devices/barbecue pits/various tools/hunting & fishing supplies/weapons & ammunition/et cetera and from gambling; I did not feel sorry for him really but I did hope that he would learn from this and adjust his spending habits, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is very unclear but it was inspired by a news article that I read on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website / RSS feed last night called: Arizona gun advocates to give away free shotguns.

In my dream Switzerland was going to use this idea to do an experiment to see if arming some single women & some home owners with shotguns & training would increase or decrease violence, and in the dream there was an increase in deaths / accidents / possible suicides that did not seem to be related directly to the shotguns & training but started increasing after the shotguns & training oddly; and so we were investigating this to try to make sense of this.

Most of the deaths that I remember seemed to be men or mostly men dying from supposed accidents (I felt that some or most of them were suicides made to look like accidents) at a certain part/area of an obstacle course-like place that reminded me of a roller-coaster combined with an obstacle-course, this makes no sense to me, and my memory of the dream is too unclear to make sense of this; but I remember seeing two videos of two supposed accidents/deaths on this obstacle-course-like place, both in the same spot, where most of the deaths occurred.

These two deaths took place on the same day or at least in the same week, to me both men in the two separate videos seemed to be pretending that things were okay, but I felt that these were planned suicides made to look like accidents for various known & unknown reasons; and I felt that each of the men slowed down when they got to the area where most of the deaths occurred, like they were preparing to make the/an accident/to die/to kill themselves in a way that looked like an accident, and I felt that they knew this area well enough to avoid an accident but they wanted to have an accident since this area had a deep drop/slope/dip/whatever I think.

So if a person accidentally/purposely fell in this spot/area, they would be more likely to die or be seriously injured, but I woke up as we/I were still trying to analyze data/information/evidence to make sense of this & compare our hypotheses.

The end,

-John Jr