A Superhero Headquarters Gets Attacked By Goddesses?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I kept waking up a lot last night knowing that I was just dreaming but not being able to remember what I dreamed about because my mind seemed to be waking me up constantly so that I can see if I had a lucid dream or not and it was accidentally blocking me from remembering my dreams (I could have remembered some of them probably if I had tried hard enough probably, but that would have interrupted my sleep even more; and so each time I kept reminding my mind what I wanted and then I would go back to sleep each time but my mind kept making the same mistake), it was like when you remind yourself that you need to wake up early in the morning and so sometimes your mind will keep waking you up to look at the clock so that you will be up in time, it was like that.

Many times when I would go back to sleep there would be a male dream character who was not me but maybe I was either him and/or he represented me/my conscious mind and/or I was just able to somewhat feel/experience things from his view, one or more other dream characters who possibly represented my subconscious mind would keep asking him what to do next, and it was like my subconscious mind was trying to communicate with my conscious mind/me not realizing that I did not realize that I was dreaming.

They/It kept asking the man/me what now, the man/I had no idea what they/it was taking about, and so he/I would assume that they/it wanted to know how to continue a story/book/film/television show/play/et cetera (it varied in each of these short dream fragments); and so he/I would mention something, and his/my idea would start being used in whatever story/book/film/television show/play/et cetera.

These short dreams would probably happen each time that I went back to sleep throughout the night after being awakened by my mind, they were very short, and then another dream would probably start; but I can not remember most of these dream fragments of the man/me/my conscious and they/it/my subconscious, but I do barely remember part of one which I will type below along with a few other dream fragments from last night but expect errors because my memory is super flawed because I barely was able to remember these after waking up permanently for the day.

Dream Fragment 1

The man/I was in the living room of E Manor during the day and sitting across from me was they/it/my subconscious (but I have no idea what they/it looked like oddly, it is like I was too busy looking somewhere else while trying to think and figure out what they/it/ was talking about/wanted, and maybe I could not see they/it because I only remember a bit of light and a blur like that part of my memory is damaged or censored/blocked).

They/It asked him/me the usual question of what now/so now what/et cetera, he/I was confused as usual and he/I probably asked questions while trying to make sense of what they/it wanted (he/I mostly had to just figure it out on our own because he/I probably did not get many if any answers because they/it said that he/I was to decide that), and eventually he/I started with some ideas based on a small dog who was a pet dog (it looked a bit like whitish/grayish colored Yorkshire Terrier or Shih Tzu) of the man/me.

The dog was outside in the parking lot of the shopping center near W Park in the city of D in the corner area near the traffic light on the street by W Park, I remember the scene being adjusted as I came up with new ideas while asking they/it what they/it thought but I probably would not get a response, and so I remember the dog being in a water puddle; but then I decided to remove the water puddle because it looked fake, and I probably felt that was good enough but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 2

The second dream fragment took place during the day and all that I can remember is probably looking at pea coats and other clothing again, maybe something about professional female tennis players (maybe several famous female tennis players were in the dream), and I remember talking to my former coworker at the BP School Board Mr. CG; and I remember having somewhat negative feelings toward him and/or our conversation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream Fragment 3

The third/last dream fragment took place inside a dimly lit windowless building, I remember being in a buffet restaurant area eating/drinking/talking with superheros (Iron Man was one of them, and there were other known superheros there as well who I can not remember), and further in the building was our headquarters it seemed.

At some point several of the superheros and I walked back to our headquarters to a room that had one or more swimming pools to relax, and we had one or more attractive women with us; and the woman or women transformed into one or more large powerful creatures or large forms of themselves, and maybe she/they were possibly a goddess or goddesses.

They tricked us into letting them in our headquarters and they were going to kill us and the other superheros as they slowly returned, maybe they had some other plans, and so a fight started and maybe the dream went semi-lucid because I remember jumping very high to escape to warn the others; and then I started to power-up, and then I probably went back to fight them but I was too powerful probably so I decided to let the others fight them.

I remember Iron Man (Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark) complaining and hoping that his research lab was not destroyed and/or something like that, I remember him joking and being his usual self, and more things happened that I can not remember; and maybe they won, but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr