Assassin(s) & A Boat Station & Nora (Norah) & An Obstacle Course?

Last night I got more sleep than any day this week and I slept pretty deeply, and I had some very detailed dreams but I am only able to remember some parts of some of them because of how deeply I was sleeping and how I went back to sleep several times.

Dream Fragments

I am not sure which dream or dreams that these dream fragments go with so I am typing them together in this section, but I do know that the second and third dream fragments were featured in at least the two dreams that I remember part of from last night but I am not sure where in those dreams did they take place.


Finding A Shotgun-Style Room With A Macintosh Computer With A Webcam | Someone Gets Hired To Attack / Kill Me

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Dream 1

I had another dream before this that possibly involved video games and/or something animated or anime related, but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was on a second floor that was like a somewhat fictional version of the second floor at The E House, which is basically just a hall with some rooms on the left side, and a main/master bedroom at the end (which was my grandfather CE’s and my grandmother DE’s bedroom back when they were still alive).

As I walked down the hall past the rooms I found a room that I had never seen before, it was a narrow shotgun-style room with an opening or open door at the end that connected to a hospital hall, the front had an opening or open door, and most things in the room were on the right side and the left side was mostly left open so that you could walk through the entire room.

The room was like a narrow shotgun-style hotel/bedroom that was one open room with its own bedroom, living room, mini-kitchen, small bathroom, small dining room, et cetera that had partial privacy thanks to each of these rooms being down a straight line on the right side so various objects in each section created partial barriers between each section.

If you stood at either end of the room on the left side where the openings were you could see straight through the entire room to the halls on both sides of the room, and so I could sometimes see doctors and maybe nurses moving in and out of rooms and in and out of the hospital hall that was connected to the back of this room; and they probably could see me.

There was a wooden cabinet with chest of drawers with some double-doors at the top, I saw a very old webcam connected to what looked like a Macintosh computer from maybe the 1980s or early 1990s in the top of this cabinet, and it seemed to be connected by a proprietary connection instead of USB but I could be wrong.

I looked on the assumed old Macintosh to see that I could see what the webcam could see in real-time and the quality was better than I had expected, and this confused me because I did not think that they had webcams back then and that the quality would be this good and that a computer this old could handle that.

On the outside of one of the cabinet doors was a metal hook so I hooked the webcam on it and I moved the door at different angles so that I could see how many different angles the webcam could see as I moved it around, and as I moved the door the camera angles changed in real-time like they should so this dream was very realistic.

I was amazed by this and by this room, then I noticed a video file on the computer that was over 2 minutes long, and so I clicked on it.

The video was footage recorded by the webcam that showed a man with whitish-color skin with dark-color hair and what looked like the musician Pauline Croze, they seemed to be dating and on vacation, and the video showed various clips of them in this room having a good time.

This was a very positive video, I could feel the happiness and sexiness and other emotions/feelings as the video showed various short scenes of them having fun and goofing around in this room, and some of the clips were of Mrs. Croze in black lingerie making sexy poses on the bed and having fun making some goofy poses as well.

Mrs. Croze probably looked the most relaxed, happy, free, attractive, sexy, et cetera that I have ever seen in either a dream or the real world.

They were using this room like a private hotel-like room that was its own little world, even though it was a short video, it was pretty amazing.

After watching the video I adjusted the webcam trying to see if I could set it up as a security camera because I wanted to start using this room, and I wanted to know if anyone else tries to use it or take something from it.

I then realized that some televisions were playing in the room, I realized that there was another set of double doors above the computer, and in there I found at least three old television sets from maybe the 1980s and/or early 1990s that were on.

Amazingly these old televisions were able to pick up a few television stations, I turned the televisions off eventually, and then I closed the cabinets.

I then went to explore the room and try to figure out if I could secure it and maybe close the doors to keep other people out of it, if there were any, and I tried to see how much could people in the hospital hall could see from their side.

This little room was pretty amazing to me and I wanted it to myself, but I woke up before I could do most of this.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a Walmart-like grocery store during the day, and at some point I saw my former male classmate JC and a woman who I assume was his wife.

I wanted to say something to him but I decided to keep my distance at first, I also noticed a former female classmate of ours, and at some point I walked over to my former classmate JC and I greeted him.

I remember asking my former classmate JC why he has not contacted me in a while, and he replied: “that he has not contacted me in a while because he did not think that I wanted him to contact me.”.

I asked him why he would think that because that was not true, but I can not remember what his reply was.

At some point during our conversation he said: “that we were both raised with a silver spoon in our mouths.” which I interpreted to mean that we had both been sheltered growing up/we had lived sheltered lives growing up (because we both were raised in low income lower class families so the traditional meaning of that phrase would not apply to us, and so I interpreted his phrase to mean something else).

I replied: “that is probably true so we were not prepared for various things once we became adults, and that I guess we still have/had some maturing/et cetera to do.”.

I then told him that I had seen one of our former female classmates inside the store but I could not remember her name, and then his wife probably walked over and I was introduced to her.

I then invited them to see the room that I found in the first dream, I told them how I had found this amazing narrow shotgun-style room, and so they accepted my offer and we started to walk out of the grocery store to the building/house that the room was in.

I remember a woman with whitish-color skin with black hair following us, I did not know who she was but I assumed that maybe she was a family member of my former classmate JC’s wife, and so I did not object to her follow us because of this even though I also felt that maybe she was just a random nosy woman who overheard us and decided to follow us.

This time there was no hospital connected to the building/house and some other things were different, there was an underground floor where you entered the building, and in this underground area was a hall with a washing machine and dryer and some other things.

There were some stairs that took us to the second floor which once again was a somewhat fictional version of the second floor at The E House, this time the room looked a bit different maybe, but it was still there.

There were windows around this area that gave us a beautiful view to the outside, it was a nice sunny day, and we had a good view of the yard and the grocery store and some other areas.

I then walked through the halls pointing to the other rooms and bedrooms, I walked them to the back of the hall where my grandparent’s room was, and the door was closed and I assumed it to be locked because it was supposed to be somewhat off-limits because after my grandmother DE died my grandfather CE somewhat closed off the second floor and did not really want people going up there and even though he is dead now the family still does not go up there much and their bedroom is off-limits basically.

The woman who had followed us made a comment to herself and she tried to open the door even after I just explained this, this surprised me, and I think that she opened the door so I politely asked her not to go in there so she probably walked out of the bedroom after briefly looking around which somewhat annoyed me so I decided to end the tour hoping to get her to leave.

We walked down the stairs to the underground floor, I decided to say a few more things to my former classmate JC and his wife before we leave, and then as we were about to leave I heard the washing machine so I turned around to see that the woman who had followed us was trying to wash maybe a pink baby outfit or something.

This annoyed me even more, I was trying to get her to leave and we were about to leave, and she started using the washing machine without permission to wash maybe one thing so now I would have to wait for her to wash and then dry it.

As I was trying to decide how to respond to this woman (I was trying to be nice because I still was not sure if she was a family member of my former classmate JC’s wife or not), suddenly an unknown man with whitish-color skin who was either bald or who had very short yellow hair climbed down the hatch into the underground room with us.

I recognized him from the grocery store, I had seen him walking around in the store looking a bit suspicious, and he somewhat reminded me of the character Shades (Hernan Alvarez) from the Netflix television series Luke Cage.

I felt that this man was probably up to no good and that he was probably a threat, I felt that he was probably targeting me (I assumed that he was probably spying on me inside the grocery store looking for an opening to attack me when I was alone), and that he would attack me.

I decided to greet him and offer him so water, and I told him that we were just about to leave.

I hoped that this would distract him, and maybe get him to not attack me for now at least.

I started talking to him as I got him a cup of water, he thanked me, and he started to drink the water while talking to me like things were normal but I still sensed that he was going to attack me soon.

The next part of the dream is possibly a semi-dream/daydream as I was waking up, and in this the man tried to attack me after finishing his water and thanking me like I had expected.

I was ready so I easily defended against his attack and I defeated him, I had him pinned down on the ground as I tried to decide what I should do with him (should I kill him, should I call the police, should I let him go, et cetera), and I remember a woman (either the woman who had followed us or the wife of my former classmate JC) saying that she recognized the man as someone who gets hired by usually mafias/gangs/et cetera to do bad things like attack/kill people so someone probably hired him to attack and/or kill me.

I felt that this was correct, the man confirmed this and he said that it was nothing personal, and that this was business.

He said that someone had hired him but he would not say who, but I woke up as I continued to question him.

The end,

-John Jr


A House Dream And A Continuing Westworld Dream

Last night I went to bed too late and I had to wake up early for work for the first time since the Thanksgiving holidays ended, and I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up.

My body/subconscious did not want to let me sleep in a bit longer so there was a constant battle this morning between my conscious and my body/subconscious as I tried to keep going back to sleep but my body/subconscious was trying to keep me awake to get ready for work.

During this battle I kept barely going back to sleep briefly to maybe the same dream (a continuing dream) but my body/subconscious kept fighting with me in the dream stopping me and causing me to wake up again, and so this caused me to forget most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream and amazingly I just barely remembered part of an earlier dream from last night as I was typing this.

Dream 1

I just barely remembered part of this earlier dream from last night as I was typing this post, and this was what I now call a house dream.

The dream took place during the day, my memory is too blurry and unclear, but I remember being at an old furnished house and I assume that some of my family was there with me.

I can not remember if this house had several stories or not and I can not remember if it was a house from a past dream or not, it was possibly similar to a previous house in a past dream where the house had a small bridge on the upper floor that crossed over a street and the bridge connected to a hospital, but I am not sure.

I think that this house was probably in a nice quiet neighborhood where some rich people probably lived, this house was nice by our standards, but it was old and probably had some damage and some work that needed to be done so the neighbors probably looked down on this house and us.

We were probably checking it out and/or were in the process of moving in or we had just moved in, I remember there being some nice old curtains and some nice dark golden sunlight coming from the windows as I looked outside and the floor or some of it had maybe brown/gold carpet, and maybe one of the doors was broken or badly damaged.

I probably went around the house exploring and looking at the damage and looking at what we could fix and how we should clean and organize things, and there was more things that happened during the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream that I had forgotten but suddenly remembered while typing this post.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by the television series Westworld which I watched an episode of last night (season 1 episode 9 (The Well-Tempered Clavier)).

I am not sure if I was myself in this dream and/or if I was someone else, maybe both because I went in and out of this dream as I battled with my body/subconscious trying to stay sleep and keep dreaming a bit more, and all that I can remember of this continuing dream is that it took place in either the Westworld amusement park or a Westworld-like amusement park in a Western-themed area.

I and/or the character who I was controlling was in this amusement park and there were other people there as well, and some or most of us had a host (android or robot) with us (maybe we had to have one with each of us, but I can not remember).

The dream probably jumped around between the different dream characters during the dream, I can not remember what was going on exactly other than the dream took place during a gray day and one area that we visited several times was a shotgun-style building on maybe hill in the middle of nowhere, but the battle between my conscious and body/subconscious was effecting/affecting the dream in various ways.

One of these ways was that my character and/or I and probably other dream characters had something trying to stop us, nothing physically there but something was effecting/affecting us mentally, and we kept trying to struggle against it to continue what we were doing in the dream but I kept getting stopped and confused and awakened from the dream.

I started to wonder if I was a host (android) because something was mentally stopping me/us from doing things, if I was really a host this would make sense because I/we would be programmed and we could be controlled, and so I remember trying to figure out if I was human or a host (android) while struggling against whatever kept mentally stopping us.

But that is all that I can remember after waking up and going back to sleep barely and briefly many times as I battled against my body/subconscious.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate JC And A Group Of People

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I forgot the main parts of my dreams from last night due to be awakened by a phone call, so the dream fragments do not make much sense without those forgotten parts.

Dream 1

One dream involved a group of people and I at a shotgun-like style church-like building, and I remember a woman who was probably in all three of my dream fragments being there, but I can not remember anything about her or what she looked like.

I can not remember what we were doing, I just remember the building having an entrance with an area that led to an area similar to where a preacher preaches (pulpit), and on the left and right were/was two areas like where church seating would be.

I am guessing the group of people might have known each other and/or were close, and I remember people talking.

At some point my former classmate JC arrived, and I remember talking to him; but that is all that I can remember of the first dream fragment.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment involved this group & the woman & I going somewhere outside, we probably drove there, and we went to an area near water; and I remember us enjoying the view, talking, et cetera but that is all that I can remember of the second dream fragment.

Dream 3

The third dream fragment involved this group & the woman & I going to another area, we probably drove there, and we stopped on a road near a neighborhood to have class or something related to learning.

I just remember the woman leading the class / group, and it had something to do with learning/education/et cetera.

All three dream fragments took place during the day and this area had some shade trees over/near the road/street, and the street was quiet except for maybe some birds & other non-human animals in natural & there was no traffic.

I can not remember the details of this dream either, then I got awakened by a phone call.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂