Library Vaccines | BB Guns & A Shotgun

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was working at The BP Library, and some of my coworkers (like Mr. CF, Ms. MB, and several others) & I were giving out vaccine injections.

I do not know what the vaccine was for, I just know that there was a shot / injection in a syringe that we would give to each person, a different syringe for each person, but there was as second device that we each only had one of that we had to use on each person.

Family Drama In The Countryside

This dream involved me driving someone to the countryside to a house, I waited in my automobile while they were inside the house visiting whoever lived there, but at some point I walked to the door.

A young woman with light-color skin with brown hair was walking out the door as I was walking toward it, which scared her, I apologized, and she kept walking like she was going for a walk or jog.

An Active Shooter And Jennelle Eliana And Korey Coleman

Dream 1

This dream is unclear and one or more characters changed throughout the dream without me noticing during the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I remember possibly watching the news and possibly seeing live footage of an active shooter situation that happened during the day, it possibly started inside, but was taking place outside now.

The active shooter was a man, probably a man with light-color skin, and there was a woman with dark-color skin who was trying to survive.

Somehow the woman got maybe a shotgun from the active shooter, maybe he dropped it without realizing it, but he had one or more other guns as well.

Instead of fleeing completely, the woman got into a shootout with the active shooter, and their duck and cover shootout moved around outside and maybe inside.

There was not much shooting during their shootout, mostly it was them moving between cover ducking and hiding and peaking, and only sometimes shooting at each other.

The woman was trying to prevent him from killing more people, the police were trying to avoid accidentally killing someone, and so they were keeping a distance trying to avoid shooting the woman.

At some point the woman took cover inside a room inside a one-story building to hide from the shooter and from the police so that they would not shoot her, and I was there as well.

She possibly left the shotgun behind and/or did not have any more ammunition, but I can not remember.

At some point Jennelle Eliana was there or the woman eventually became her or they were both there, then one of them became my female coworker DC or she showed up, and then Korey Coleman from Double Toasted was there.

This room belonged to Double Toasted so that is why Korey was there, and I remember them talking about getting custom group T-shirts made; and I remember Korey talking about how if he could make at least $100,000 a year then he would be doing good and he would pay the others for helping on the show (Double Toasted).

I do not remember anyone ever saying anything to me, maybe they did not even notice me, but I am not sure.

Someone replied that $100,000 would not be enough, Korey replied that they were correct and he mentioned a higher number, and then he would pay them; and someone asked: “What about J?”.

I wondered if they were talking about my female coworker JB especially since my female coworker DC was there.

Korey jokingly replied with something like: “$100 is all that she gets, f### her!”.

Someone replied that was mean, I agreed but I did not say anything (it was still like they did not notice me), and someone replied that she was tall (implying that she might beat up Korey for that).

After hearing that I wondered even more if they were talking about my female coworker JB, this confused me because I never heard or saw anything about her or DC working with Double Toasted, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a room, possibly in the same building as the other dream, but I am not sure.

We were having some kind of computer and/or internet problem, and so the internet company and/or computer company sent a technician to check out the problem.

The technician was a man with light-color skin wearing glasses, he sat at the computer that I was at to check it, and I sat down next to him explaining some of the problems.

I remember a white USB flash drive being plugged into the computer, there were files on it, and the technician did several things on the computer that I can not remember as we talked about computer stuff.

After he was finished he deleted the files on the flash drive and then he went to hand me the flash drive, I then realized that it was not mine but his, and then we realized that the computer that he had worked on was his not mine.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Judge Jury And Execution – Luther – BBC

Judge Jury And Execution - Luther - BBC
Source: YouTube

Today’s video is a YouTube video called Judge Jury And Execution – Luther – BBC by the YouTube channel BBC Studios from my YouTube Alice Morgan Playlist of a scene from Episode 6 of the television show Luther (Season 1):

I like the funny sound that Ian Reed made when he was getting choked and the acting and how he yelled at John Luther as he taunted him, and Alice Morgan had my favorite lines when she said:

He swore he wasn’t going to kill you, he thought that humiliation of prison would be worse, the beatings, the rapes, the incessant fear for your life.

But I told him no John, you’re wrong, dying would be worse; because well, honestly, it is isn’t it?

Dying is just worse.

I think that I agree with Alice Morgan here, dying is just worse.

The end,

-John Jr

A Female Werewolf Turning Women

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, I am not sure but I was possibly in an automobile on the side of a road near the outside of a yard, and there was a family there with light-color skin.

Two of their young sons walked outside their yard trying to look tough, one had a shotgun and he was wearing overalls and straw-like hat, and the family seemed cautious of outsiders.

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