An Anime & Parking Garage | Strange Children | SS’s Mom Goes Missing

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and part of the dream involved me watching a fictional old 1980s-looking anime movie with good animation that took place on another planet in the future during the day.

In the anime there was a giant ship / vehicle / building on tank treads driving through a mostly barren wilderness, and in this area was the main character who was a man with light-color skin who possibly had a hover bike or motorcycle.


An IBoy (iBoy) Inspired Dream

File:IBoy poster.jpg

This dream from last night was partly inspired by a Netflix film that I watched last night called IBoy (iBoy).

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that part of the dream that I was not in involved a husband and wife with whitish-color skin who had adopted a boy who also had whitish-color skin, and so the boy was their son now.

At some point the boy was angry that he was the only child and that his adoptive parent’s had not had and/or adopted any more children, and I remember him talking to/arguing with his parent’s about this.

Something happened that I can not remember where they discovered that the boy had the superpower/ability/power to make/create more money, something happened that I can not remember that possibly involved a container with some money in it, and somehow the boy was able to increase the amount of money that was in the container by just using his mind.

So the boy probably used this superpower to create more money in the container several times, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

There was another part of this dream that I barely remember part of, I was in this part of the dream, and this part of the dream involved a threat that another family had to deal with.

I remember going to help this family, and I remember going outside to the area near The G House and where the R Trailer (Mobile Home) used to be and my aunt JE’s house.

I can not remember anything else about this dream other than that most of it took place outside in this area, and maybe some of it partly took place inside the house of this family.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


An Automobile Accident On Vacation And A New Baby Sibling And My Cousin TE And My Cousin CE

By the way, this picture of my Japanese baby c...
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I only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day in a fictional place where I was on vacation with my family, including my/our new fictional baby sibling (I am not sure if it was a boy or girl, but I think that it looked like a girl), and our fictional small pet dog.

We were staying at a house / motel in a field next to a highway that looked like a house that was equally divided into three parts with three different doors, one for each part, and my family and I stayed in the middle part; and one or more families were staying in the other two parts.

On the left side of the house/motel was a bank I think, on the right side of the house were several connected houses / condominiums that had mailboxes near the sidewalk that went through this neighborhood, and on the right side of the condominiums was an indoor recreation center for this neighborhood that had a swimming pool, gym, et cetera.

I remember holding my/our fictional baby sibling several times in this dream, during one of these times I was outside with my family and our fictional small pet dog enjoying ourselves, and one of the other families staying next to us were outside enjoying themselves as well; but something happened that I can not remember where I think we called the police for some reason(s).

As we waited outside I saw a woman with whitish color skin with reddish colored hair whose hair was obviously not really a reddish color but a very fake reddish color that was obviously dyed driving a sports car at the drive through window at the bank, and she drove her car into another two-door car that was stationary and being driven by a woman with whitish colored skin.

The woman with the fake reddish colored hair knew that she hit the other car but she reversed her car and she tried to escape, but the other woman drove after her and she blocked her car from leaving the parking lot; and she called the police, and the police arrived by helicopter because we had already called them for something else.

The police went to deal with the automobile accident first and so we decided to go to the recreational center to wait for the police to finish with that first, and I carried my/our fictional baby sibling and the fictional small pet dog and some other things; and once we walked into the recreational center we saw our female cousin TE and her daughter our female cousin CE, and we greeted each other.

They looked at my fictional baby sibling saying how cute he or she was and how he or she looked more like me than the rest of my brothers, and I remember looking at the baby or a baby who had yellowish/light brownish/whitish colored skin with dark hair in a nice unique braided hair style that was somewhat long and seemed more feminine; and the baby was cute and the baby looked female to me, but my cousin TE maybe had referred to the baby as he but I am not sure.

The baby looked a bit like me combined with my cousin TE and my cousin CE, I remember the baby smiling, and I remember my cousin TE saying that the baby looked like he or she had my immune system; which I thought was a strange thing to say and I tried to make sense of that because I did not see how it would be possible to figure that out just by looking at someone and the baby was only my sibling not my child, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Reopening The Shop

Dream 1

Last night I remember two dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place in D during the day, and I was across the street from BB on Eastside.

I walked into a building that my former male classmate JS’s dad owned, the building was torn down long ago in real life, but it was still there in my dream; and it was a bit dark inside as expected.

To my surprise it looked like someone was fixing up the place to reopen it, and it seemed to almost be ready to be opened again.

The building used to be an automobile shop where JS’s dad would paint automobiles, change rims, change tires, et cetera; and JS probably would help his dad too.

As I walked across the building I heard voices and around a corner I saw JS, his dad, and his sister; and so I greeted them.

They seemed to be inspecting the building and making decisions on what else to do to the building, JS was further away in a dark spot where I could not seem him at first, and his sister walked closer to me where I could see her & I could partly see their dad.

I told them that I was a former classmate of JS and I asked them if they were going to re-open the shop, and I complimented them on the improvements that they made to the building so far.

They told me that they were going to open the shop again soon and JS’s sister made a funny comment about JS & their dad agreed with her funny comment & they both laughed, and then JS came out of the shadows where I could see him to respond to his sister’s comment.

Strangely JS looked nothing like himself, he looked like the actor Kirk Cameron for some strange reason, and we all began to talk; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment took place during the day in D as well, but it took place near my former classmate SS’s parent’s house; and I guess I had driven there or something.

I remember walking near a fictional small house or storage building, and I saw SS & his brother MS near the trunk of a car in a garage; and they greeted me.

They indirectly invited me to join them and they walked toward their parent’s house, so I followed them, and then to my surprise from my left side a woman who I had not seen before walked over to SS & MS.

The woman had shoulder length straight black colored hair and she seemed to be from K, I guess that she was a friend or girlfriend or family member of SS and/or MS, and she joined SS & MS on their walk to their parent’s house while talking; and I think that she was speaking in Korean instead of English.

I greeted her and I started talking to SS & MS from a distance as I followed behind them wondering if they had really invited me and/or if they really wanted me there or not, and I wondered if the woman knew any English so that I could talk to her; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Dream Julia Starring Tilda Swinton

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I remembered some of my last dream, which took place in a fictional version of a real city.

I can not remember the beginning parts of the dream, so, some of the key parts of the dream are missing.

All I remember is going to a hotel-like building with my fictional step-mom or soon-to-be fictional step-mom and my two fictional step-siblings (one was a young woman and the other was a young man, and they both appeared to be between 15-18 years old). 😀

This is all very odd, especially since in the dream I had two moms (not in the homosexual sense/way/meaning), my real mom (who was not in the dream, but I did think of her in the dream once) & also this fictional step-mom, but I do not remember ever thinking about my dad or who my dad was in this dream; in real life I have only one mom & dad, and they have never divorced. 😀

I do not remember the details, but I do know that we moved our stuff into the hotel room and I drove my step-siblings around town.

My fictional step-mom was Tilda Swinton as her character Julia, from the film Julia, and in the dream her name was Julia. 😀

She seemed to act almost just like Julia in the film and she had an alcohol addiction & was drunk most of the time, she did not take care of her kids, she would come home late at night with unknown men, she would leave without telling us, etc. 😀

In the dream I had just got/gotten a job in this city and so did my fictional step-mom, who I will refer to as Julia from now on, but I can not remember the job parts of the dream.

But I do remember one part in the dream where Julia came back to the hotel room drunk and I tried to talk to her about that, but she argued with me, but I could barely understand her with her slurred speech & she would say things that did not make sense since she was drunk; so instead of arguing with her I had to help her get to her bed or couch and she went to sleep, and she ended up missing work the next day, while I was gone to my job. 😀

I came back from work and she was still asleep :D, and so I woke her up & tried to talk to her about the situation; she made some excuses & argued with me and so I warned her that she could lose her job if she kept missing days of work like that.

After that conversation, I remember a situation where she would not take my step-siblings/her kids somewhere in the city, so I took them instead.

After my siblings and I returned, Julia was gone, and so we tried calling & texting her mobile phone but she did not respond.

We waited around until late at night hoping that she would call, since we were worried about her, but she did not; so we went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and went to talk to the manager of the hotel/or whatever it was, because I was not sure if Julia had paid for the room or not.

I do not remember most of my conversation with the manager, but I remember mentioning that Julia was my step-mom and not my real/biological mom, and I remember thinking of my real mom; I do not think she was dead or anything, but I do not remember thinking about my real brothers or my dad.

In fact I do not remember thinking about a dad at all, which is odd.

I then walked back to the hotel room to talk to my step-siblings and we noticed Julia leaving her room with two unknown men, and the two men left the room; so I went to talk to Julia about where she had been and about her other problems.

I tried to explain some of the problems to Julia and let her know that I wanted to help her get some help with her problems, but I woke up as we talked/argued. 😀
The end,

-John Jr 🙂