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I had more dreams and there was more to the two dreams that I did record part of, unfortunately I did not record most of my dreams or the details.

So now I can only remember part of the end of two dreams.

Dream 1

This was a nice little dream with false memories, involving me traveling around a familiar fictional city for possibly more than one day.

I am not sure how long, and some false memory-like memories were made during the dream from my time spent in the fictional city during the dream, which is a phenomenon that Moya mentioned recently.

Unfortunately, there were time jumps during my favorite parts of the dream, and so I am not sure what happened during most of the dream.


A Wonderful Walk And Conversation With A Woman

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream from last night, all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream I seemed to be in or near downtown of the city of D during the day, and I remember walking as there were other people around.

My memory is too messed up but I think that I worked with a secret Human organization involved with aliens where we would search for and find aliens, alien objects, et cetera and investigate and research and interrogate et cetera them.



Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Fandom, and this is what it said:

Are you a sports fan?

Tell us about fandom.

If you’re not, tell us why not.

And this is my response:

Not really, but I do like playing sports and I do get to play sports sometimes rarely; but usually alone.

I am not really into fandom anything for a variety of reasons so it is no different when it comes to sports fandom, and I rather play sports than watch them.


I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place at a slightly fictional version of the shopping center by W Park, I probably went to several businesses in the shopping center and I probably went around the sidewalks and parts of the parking lot, and I probably talked to some of my former classmates and several fictional people during the dream.

Most of the dream probably took place on an upper floor of a fictional building near where the Dollar General store and JCPenney should be, I remember a lot of my former classmates being there, but I can remember if this building was a college and/or school and/or business or what it was exactly (it probably was a multi-purpose building).

I think that during an earlier part of the dream that I can not remember, that something happened to my former female classmate BD where she was given a lot of blood like maybe she had been given a blood transfusion, and after this she developed special abilities / powers / superpowers; and she soon learned that it was the blood that gave her these special abilities/powers/superpowers.

I can not remember what all of her superpowers were but I do know that they were realistic and not overpowered, one of the superpowers was probably a healing factor that allowed her to heal a bit faster and better than normal, but that is the only superpower that I can remember specifically seeing in action and hearing about unfortunately.

My former classmate BD soon learned that if she gave / donated some of her blood to other people, that they could temporarily have the same superpowers as her until their bodies use up the blood and/or the superpowers/whatever, and so the more blood that you gave someone the longer they would temporarily have the superpowers probably; and so my former classmate BD donated some of her blood to some of our former classmates and to other people during the dream who asked her for some of her blood, and they each got superpowers temporarily.

Something happened to my former classmate BD that I can not remember where everyone assumed and thought that she was dead and no one saw her anymore after this, most of the rest of the dream involved me going to the bathroom a lot on an upper floor of this same building, and so most of the dream was a bathroom focused dream probably.

The bathroom was a public bathroom in the building that was a large bathroom with many sinks, toilets, bathroom stalls, maybe showers, mirrors, et cetera; and maybe men and women could use it, but I can not remember.

At some point in the dream I was in the bathroom when I suddenly saw my former classmate BD enter the bathroom, I was confused because people said that she was dead and  I thought that she was dead, and she was very pale; and I remember greeting her letting her know that she was supposed to be dead, and I told her that she looked like a ghost because she was so pale and she probably looked sickly or drained.

She seemed very tired and drained and she sounded tired and drained when she spoke, she told me that she was alive, but that she had lost her superpowers when she ended up losing most of her blood somehow (maybe another blood transfusion and/or donating blood and/or an accident); and she was not sure if she would get her superpowers back or not once her blood levels increased again.

Her blood levels were very low and so that is partly why she was so pale and tired-looking, the doctors/nurses/scientists and her did not know if her superpowers were permanent for her or not, we knew that her superpowers are only temporary for people who are given some of her blood; but no one knew what would happen if she lost all or most of her blood, if the superpowers would still be in her new blood that her body makes or not, and so she and other people were worried about this.

It was possibly that her superpowers were only temporary for her as well once she used up most or all the blood that had been given to her earlier in the dream, but it was also possible that the superpowers were now a permanent part of her; and so all we could do was wait and see.

I remember us walking to meet some of our other former classmates to let them know that she was still alive, they were surprised to see her alive as well, and most of them also commented that she looked like a ghost; and some of them asked if she could give them some of her blood because their superpowers had worn off, and we told them about her situation.

My former classmate BD was very weak and I took her to see the nurses/doctors/scientists on another upper floor of the building, they had her lay in a chair near a window with a view to the parking lot as they ran some tests, and as they probably treated her to help hydrate and feed her because she was dehydrated and she needed food so they probably connected her to an IV bag; and I remember one of the nurses wearing a whitish colored old style nurse’s outfit and hat and shoes and stockings, and she was somewhat tall and she had whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair that was pinned up(?).

I was worried about my former classmate BD and I stayed with her to talk to her and comfort her and encourage her, I probably recommended that she stop sharing so much of her blood with other people because it was dangerous for her and for other people depending on how they used those temporary superpowers, and I probably talked to some of the other people and our former classmates to tell them to stop asking her to give so much of her blood; and I told them that this was not a game and that the superpowers were not a game, and that this was serious and that they should be worried about her health and the possible consequences of using those superpowers like it is only a game.

Most of the people did not seem to care about her, they were like parasites or vampires who only wanted her blood to play around with temporary superpowers for fun instead of to help people, and I probably warned my former classmate BD about this.

Before I woke up it was possible that the doctors/nurses/scientists started to notice signs that my former classmate BD still had a bit of her superpowers left, it was possible that getting some food and water was helping to strengthen her enough to use a bit of those superpowers, but it was not clear if that only the last bit of the old blood that was left or if her body was making new blood with superpowers; and I woke up before we could learn the answer to this because it was going to take a while before we would know for sure.

The end,

-John Jr


A College And A Hotel And A Talent Show And A Little Girl Brushing A Light Switch

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well/deeply last night and I had a long and detailed dream so I forgot most of it, and it took place during a nice day in a fictional place that was like a combination of a college campus and hotel with courtyards/fields with sidewalks and a dock area near water.

During the dream I walked around exploring the various areas like the college campus-like buildings where there were college students, one of the small multi-story buildings was where the religious classes/organizations/groups/et cetera shared the same building with their own parts or rooms on the various parts of the building, and most of them were Christian denominations including Presbyterian (I saw a sign with this word on it over one room area), and several others; and there were a few other religions represented like maybe Judaism and Islam and maybe a few others, and I was surprised that they shared this building which was nice/good in my opinion.

I also explored parts of the hotel-like area where maybe I was staying which had its own cafeteria/restaurant/dinning hall that even the college students seemed to use, I remembering going there to probably eat/drink and it looked nice, and even Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s Poirot was there; and there were other activities taking place and parts of the hotel-like building that I can not remember.

I went back outside at some point to explore the nice courtyards/fields/sidewalks and the dock area near the water, this was very nice and there were other people outside as well, and a talent show was taking place either outside or in semi-outdoor area somewhere a field/courtyard; and so I watched as various people competed and there was a television crew there along with maybe a few celebrities like this was being filmed for television.

There was one man with dark-brownish colored skin from maybe Africa whose talent involved racing around a track on all-fours and normally very fast, it was pretty amazing, but then him and another man got into an argument and then fight; and I had to stop it, but then someone tried to fight me so I had to deal with that too.

After these annoyances I returned to the hotel-like building and I stopped at one of the shared public bathrooms in the hall (probably the men’s bathroom unless it was uni-sex(ed)/uni-gender(ed)), to my surprise/confusion a little girl with whitish-colored skin with long yellowish hair was in the bathroom standing on a stool brushing the light switch with her toothbrush, and so I kindly talked to her about this explaining that she was supposed to brush her teeth not the light switch; and I saw that the light switch was wet, and it was not working and so I kindly told her how it was dangerous/not good to wet a light switch.

I explained everything in a kind/comedic way that she could understand and it made her laugh/smile and this was fun/funny to me a bit as well because I had never seen anyone brushing a light switch before instead of their teeth (she probably asked me several funny questions like kids often do, and it was fun/funny answering her questions and having this silly/interesting conversation; it was nice getting to see how children often are again and how their minds often work), her father and her young brother (who both had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair) walked into the bathroom to see what was taking his daughter so long, and I explained the situation to him; and he tried to look for excuses about why the light switch was not working instead of the most obvious reason, and I recommended that he let the hotel know so that they can check it to see what was wrong with it.

He left with his daughter and son but I was not sure if he would do as I recommended or not, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Hostage Dream And Several Random Dreams

My dreams last night seemed very random because each dream was about something else.

I ate some food before I went to bed and my stomach started to hurt a bit, but I went to bed anyway.

I had at least 5 dreams last night but I can only remember a bit of 4 of the dreams.

Dream 1

My 1st dream started at an apartment I think, all I remember is that I was walking through the apartment building and I was carrying something but I don’t know what it was.

I think someone else was with me and I was helping them carry stuff, a group of gothic looking people were going into their apartment room but they stopped to look at the stuff I was carrying and they gave me a compliment about the stuff I was carrying.

I said thanks, and I was going to tell them the stuff was not mine, but I did not.

That is all I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My 2nd dream was in a building, me and a group of people were hiding from something or someone.

We were on the top floor of an old house, building, or some small apartment.

The group of people was a mixed group of different people of different ages, and the only person in the group that I knew was Mrs. SF.

We were trying to figure out what we should do, stay in this room hiding or try to run out of the building.

I think a few of us had weapons and maybe a gun.

We decided that a small group of us should go look for a way to escape, and so me and a few people left the room with our weapons.

That is all I remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The 3rd dream was about a movie actress from the television show ER and a few other celebrities that were going to a recreation center, but she was going to a public recreation center instead of a private one.

The recreation center seemed to be at the top of a big building in a big city like New York City, the outside looked a little old and dirty.

She went inside and things looked nice inside, there were many things to do inside for people of different ages.

It seemed that she was going to exercise at the gym, but on her way there a kid said something to her so she stopped.

The kid was at some game table and needed a partner to play with, so he asked the actress to play with him.

She smiled and said okay, then the kid said something that was funny and surprising.

The kid said : “Hey lady no offense but I know a lady like you that normally looks good would not usually stop to play a game with a kid like me, but today you do not look that good because your hair is pulled back, so I guess this is my lucky day, and I am sure that next time you will fix you hair and will look better & will ignore an annoying kid like me.”

The actress laughed and made no comment, and then they started to play the game.

Then that dream ended.

Dream 4

My 4th dream was about me, my dad, and other workers at the school board getting held hostage by a group of criminals.

We were leaving a building that looked like the building from my second dream, and some guys with guns told us to stop.

Outside the building there was a big field with a baseball field, soccer field, sidewalks, and a neighborhood.

There were kids riding their bicycles, but no one noticed that we were being held hostage.

We just sat outside for a long time, and I did not know what the criminals wanted.

It seems that maybe they were going to rob the school board or something?

Then I woke up,

-John Jr