Being Silenced By A Non-Disclosure Agreement

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night that I forgot because I did not voice record my dreams when I woke up to use the bathroom and then I went back to sleep, but I barely remember part of my last dream from last night.

The dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during a gray day late in the afternoon and I think that I worked at a private company who worked with the government or I worked for the government, either way the government was involved in some way, and at this job I saw something that I felt should be shared with the world but I can not remember what I saw but it must have been serious.

Almost everyone at my job was under surveillance and so the administrators / whoever saw the exact moment when I saw whatever it was that I saw, and they immediately called me to the office to talk to me; and I remember talking to a somewhat strange/creepy/whatever man with pale whitish colored skin with short medium-to-dark colored hair who wore a dark-colored suit who told me he saw/knew what I had seen, that they were watching me/all of us, and he reminded me that we all had signed non-disclosure agreements and so I could not tell anyone what I saw.

He warned/threatened/reminded me that I would be under even more surveillance now, even when not at work and they would probably be investigating me and keeping records on me, and that they would be making sure that I did not tell anyone what I saw; and if I did tell anyone there would be serious consequences, whatever it was they wanted to hide it was probably something illegal that the private company and the government was/were involved with, but I am not sure.

After work was finished I remember going to my grandfather’s house, I could not stop thinking about the situation and trying to decide what I should do and I felt a bit sad/depressed/negative/et cetera, and my uncle CE walked inside my grandfather’s house and he started talking to me as I was trying to think and when I was ready to leave; but I stayed to listen to him to avoid being/seeming rude but my uncle CE could clearly see that I was ready to leave, and he somewhat angrily told me that I could leave if I wanted to instead of pretending that I wanted to stay to listen to him.

I wanted to explain to him what I was thinking about but I could not because of the non-disclosure agreement and because I was probably being watched/listened to even inside my grandfather’s house, I tried to apologize but it did not work, and so I left to walk somewhere; and I remember walking across Eastside and past the shopping center where Dollar General is, and I still was trying to decide what to do.

I wanted to follow the non-disclosure agreement because I take that seriously and supposedly we all had to sign it before we got our jobs, but whatever I saw brought up some serious moral concerns probably that were so serious that I felt that the world should know what I saw; and so whatever I saw had to be very serious and to me the world had a right to know, but I did not want to break the law because I had supposedly signed the non-disclosure agreement and so I was trying to decide what was the truly right thing to do in a situation like this but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr