My Family Trying To Help Me & Katharine Isabelle Singing

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember being outside, and my brothers TDC & KDC were trying to get me to try or get another job.

They felt that I could make more money & do more with my life at another job instead of my IT Assistant job at The BP Library, I told them that I was okay with my current job at the library, but they kept trying to convince me.

Pauline Croze – Wow Jah

Pauline Croze-Wow Jah

This is a difficult to find song (Wow Jah) by Pauline Croze that I found by accident a couple of years ago when I was looking around for Pauline Croze videos on YouTube, the only info that I could find about this song is that it was supposedly featured on the music album Reggae Massive 14, because this song is not on any of her music albums that I have; and it is not on any of her official websites / social media / et cetera that I know of.

In her short documentary, reggae music & some reggae musicians were among some of her musical inspirations, and so it is cool that she got a chance to make a song that was featured on a reggae music album; and it is among her only songs that are in English.

Pauline Croze Wow Jah.wmv

Pauline Croze – Mal Assis

Pauline Croze – Mal assis (Lyric video)

This song, Mal Assis by Pauline Croze from her music album Pauline Croze, is the last song on this music album, but I think that it is: a bit too slow, is a bit too long, and so it is one of the songs that I listen to the least on this album.

I do think that it fits tonally / moodwise as the last song on the music album though, and so I do think that it is a good ending song.

Pauline Croze – You’re The One That I Want

Pauline Croze – You’re The One That I Want

This song, You’re The One That I Want by Pauline Croze from her music album Pauline Croze, is the only English language song on this album, and it is a cover of a song from the movie Grease.

It is probably my least favorite song on the album, but it is cool to hear her singing in English.