Silvia Saint And My Cousin CE And JH

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of at least three dreams, with the first dream taking place in a slightly fictional version of my grandfather’s yard, and the people in the dream seemed to be from another time period like the 1950s or something; their hairstyles, clothing styles, and behavior seemed to probably fit that time period.

There was a group of people, mostly men, in the yard for some type of show; and I was there with an unknown woman and a woman named Silvia Saint, who I think was supposed to be my girlfriend, and she looked slightly like Marilyn Monroe.

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Michael Jackson’s Children

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Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in D during the day, and I remember slowly traveling my usual route from W Park to downtown D.

I probably met a few people along the way & did a few things, but I can not remember.

Dream 2

The next dream is very blurry & I remember being in a building or house, and I remember something to do with a Christian church service & I think that my dad was there; and we met a large man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with short black hair, who I think was a Christian preacher, like my dad & his wife was there.

After the church service or whatever, the man & his wife told us about a situation that they were trying to deal with, that involved Michael Jackson’s kids; I think that there was about seven kids or more.

They were worried about the money situation involving the kids, and the situation of taking care of the kids; and so they had called a gathering of all of Mr. Jackson’s kids, some of whom had probably never met before.

The kids were various ages and had various appearances, and they seemed excited to meet each other as they arrived at the building or house; a bit of a welcome party was thrown, where they all performed a few songs & dances together.

The man, his wife, my dad, and I were still talking about the various issues & situations & what to do about them as we watched them perform.

One of the performances got a bit loud & the lead singer was showing off a bit too much, and so the man & him got into an argument about that, and the man punched him; and then my dad & I tried to hold the man back, he was very big & strong, and so it was not easy.

A few other people helped, I was able to lock the man’s arms so he could not punch, but he was still strong enough to move; and so we had to talk to him to get him to calm down, since he was too strong.

He started to calm down & we started talking about what happened that made him lose control like that, and we walked to another area to avoid more conflict; the young man who he had punched, which was one of Mr. Jackson’s kids, was okay fortunately.

The man started to explain his frustration(s), but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Charlotte Gainsbourg And Róisín Murphy Performance

Last night I remembered most of my last dream, which was very short, and took place when I briefly went to sleep for a few minutes after waking up in the morning.

I do not think that I was in the dream exactly (well not in the main visual world of the dream), I was seeing the dream almost like I was watching it on TV or something, and it started with a live performance by Charlotte Gainsbourg.

She was on a small stage at what appeared to be an awards show, something like the Video Music Awards or Video Game Awards or something; I seen some letters on the curtains behind the stage, it may have said VMA(s) or something.

The room was darker and there was this blueish colored light around the place and Mrs. Gainsbourg was on the stage alone at first singing into the microphone, some song that I can not remember, and she was almost completely naked; she may have had some kind of see-through fabric clothing or something, but her nipples & pubic region/groin were covered.

At first she was lip syncing and made a few mistakes, but then she started really singing & during some parts of the song she was singing with/over a recording of the song, and she was performing in a somewhat provocative/sexual way.

I think there was a screen behind her and/or her shadow would cast against the wall behind her, I just remember seeing her hair stand up like the wind was blowing it and her teeth became long like a vampire; it was either the shadow of her or the screen image of her or her or all three, and I remember wondering was it a special effect or was she really a vampire or something. 😀

Then some dancers came out and danced as she sang/sung, but I am not sure what they looked like exactly, I remember the color red and that maybe they looked like Santa Clauses or something crazy like that. 😀

Then there was a change of music, that started with the harp music from the end and/or beginning (depending on which version of the song you listen to) of Róisín Murphy‘s song Overpowered (probably a remix); then Mrs. Murphy walked on stage singing the Overpowered part (“When I think that I am over you, I am overpowered, its long over do, I am overpowered” or something like that as the harp music played) and the crowd started to cheer.

I was surprised and wondered how in the world were both of them about to perform together, and at this point it was like I was really watching this on TV; in fact I thought that I was watching TV in the real world at this point. 😀

Mrs. Murphy was wearing a white mask (either ceramic or plastic) that covered her entire face and she was wearing some costume-like dress, and Mrs. Gainsbourg started to sing backup vocals during some points of the song & they sung/sang a duet/together at other parts of the song.

Mrs. Murphy’s hair was straight and a very yellowish blonde color (almost like a dandelion flower), and a group of dancers that looked just like her came out and started dancing (which I found odd, since they looked just like her), as Mrs. Murphy & Mrs. Gainsbourg sang/sung.

The performance was going pretty good, especially Mrs. Murphy’s performance/parts, with only a few problems due to Mrs. Gainsbourg voice messing up a few times; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Trip + The Last Patriot + Pauline Croze Practicing = Trip Patriot Croze

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I remembered most of my last dream, which was split into at least three parts.

A Trip

The first part I remembered I will call, A Trip, it started with my mom and I talking about going on a trip somewhere; then we actually went on the trip, but I am not sure where we went exactly.

It appeared to be in The United States (USA) somewhere, and I remember us going to tour some small walking bridge over water.

As we were touring around with other tourists a man stopped to talk to me, and for some reason started asking me questions about my plans for the future & my past experiences from my college period until now.

He started to offer advice and point out flaws in my plans and/or how I was handling the situation, but I can not remember the specifics.

The Last Patriot

After that the next part of the dream started which I will call, The Last Patriot, which started after I left the bridge and walked to an area near it that appeared to be a high school stadium.

There was a group of people my age standing and listening to a man give a passionate speech, it was Tom Cruise looking like a mix of his character Nathan Algren in The Last Samurai and his character Senator Jasper Irving in Lions For Lambs.

He was talking about the military, their training, their sacrifice, bravery, etc.

He was very serious and was walking around as he talked, and even was showing us examples of some of the training; particularly the hand-to-hand combat training.

He talked about how The United States (USA) needed more citizens to train and defend the country like the many soldiers of the past, and stuff like that.

He brought up different issues like his character in Lions For Lambs, but was dressed somewhat more like his soldier character from The Last Samurai.

After a while he finally stopped and left us all to think about his words as everyone walked away; his speech was actually inspiring and made me think a bit.

As I was walking away with the others, I decided to sit in the stadium seats to think, so I was the only one staying behind.

I was on the first row of seats and I noticed a little stage next to my row on the ground, and sitting on the stage playing a guitar & singing alone was Pauline Croze.

I wondered what in the world was she doing in the USA and figured she was practicing for a concert, which I found odd but very interesting.

I have no idea what songs she was practicing but she was just playing and singing with no microphone, and no one else was around now, but the instruments for the band were sitting on stage.

Soon she noticed me sitting down and came over and started saying something in French to me, that I did not understand so I told her in French that I did not understand.

She then asked me if I understood French, in French, and I told her that I understood a bit of French, in French.

Then we started talking in a bit of French and English, I spoke mostly English with a bit of French and she spoke mostly in French with a bit of English, and so we both only could understand each other a bit; but enough to talk.

I think we talked about her up coming concert, some of her songs, what she was doing here in the USA, about how she became my favorite music artist, about classical guitar & my plans on learning to play it, some other things I can not remember, and I think she offered me free tickets to her concert.

After a short conversation I decided to leave so that she could get back to practicing, and then I woke up as I walked away.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

My Brother GC’s Dream Fragment | Brock Lesnar Goes Crazy | President Barack Obama Answers Questions

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My Brother GC’s Dream Fragment February 24, 2009

This morning my brother GC only remembered some of his dream, since it was short I decided to add it with my dream entries.

My brother said that he remembered being in a grocery store that was similar to the one he works at in real life, except that it was bigger.

He was in the back of the store with two other workers who were crushing boxes in the box crusher machine (trash compactor).

As they were putting boxes into the machine something flew at them and chopped their heads off.

He ran from the back of the store to the back of the normal store area, as he stopped and noticed some strange alien-like creatures hidden around the store.

He said the creatures were humanoids but had black eyes, no clothes, tan skin, and something connected to their heads like long tails.

Some were hidden in darks spots by shelves, some were on the ceiling, and some were on the wall.

He saw a female creäture that was hidden in a dark spot by a shelf, she whispered something to a man who was across the store, and as he was turning around to see who had called him; something flew at him and chopped the top of his body in half.

My brother then ran to the front of the store as people were being killed in ways similar to the other three people who had already been killed.

It seems that these creatures would whisper people’s names, and stuff would fall on them or fly at them & kill them.

My brother decided to hide by some boxes in a corner of the store, and this is where one of the most disturbing things happened in the dream, in my opinion.

As he was hiding by the boxes, scary looking rats started to come from nowhere, they were all around the store.

The scary looking rats may have been summoned by the creatures to finish killing everyone in the store; it reminded me of the end of my dream 30 (Thirty) Days Of Rats.

Anyway, the rats started to dance and sing in small voices; which is freaky just thinking about it.

They were singing & humming some/an unknown song like: “Something something something something something hmm hmm hmm hmm… hmm…”.

Some of the rats that were dancing came close to his box, so he would push them away with his feet, but after singing their song they all stopped & were quiet.

Then they started to look wild and started to jump all over the place attacking people, and so my brother started to fight them, but then he woke up.

Brock Lesnar Goes Crazy

Now I will start with my dreams from last night, I barely remember this first dream.

I think the dream started at a clothing store in a building that looked like a small mall, but I do not think there were any other stores in the building, instead there was an empty school were there normally would be other stores.

I was in the clothing store with a woman about my age and a few guys that were about my age as well.

I do not know who they were, but I was walking around with them as they were talking & having fun in the store.

Something happened, but I can not remember exactly, so I will mention what I think happened if a few moments.

The next thing I can clearly remember is that me and the woman were walking & talking near the empty school area alone, and Brock Lesnar came out of no where looking very angry with a katana sword in his hand.

He said that no one beats him in a fight, and that he was going to kill me.

Here is what I think happened:

“I think during the part of the dream where I was at the clothing store, some of the people I were with must have gotten in a fight with Brock Lesnar, and I tried to stop the fight but Brock Lesnar tried to fight me too & I either knocked him out or beat him by submission; so now he was back for revenge.”

The woman I was with started to scream so I told her to run, and Mr. Lesnar started to chase me into a hallway.

The hallway had lockers and classrooms, but all the doors were locked; so I was trapped.

Mr. Lesnar had the sword in his hands and yelled: “I am Brock Lesnar and no one beats me, AHHHHHHHHHH!”.

Then he started swinging the sword at me wildly, so I kept dodging and running, trying to find an open door.

I kept telling him to calm down and that I was only trying to stop the fight, and that I had defeated him by accident but he kept screaming that he was going to kill me and kept trying to chop me with the sword.

I was scared but I tried to stay calm, he chopped me with the sword a few times barely, but the sword was not very sharp so it only cut me a bit.

I noticed that the sword was weak and not sharp, so I decided to try to grab the sword, also the woman who I was with earlier was outside of a door behind me screaming for help.

I grabbed the sword from Mr. Lesnar, and started to swing it at him as I kept telling him to calm down but he would not listen.

I knew if he got close enough to grab me that he would probably easily kill me, so I tried to keep him at a distance by swinging the sword as I continued to look for an open door.

I felt that the door where the woman was standing behind was my only chance, so I started to run toward it, but I woke up.

President Obama Answers Questions

My last dream took place in a nice school gym, and I was sitting in the stands with other people my age as we asked The President Of The United States Barack Obama questions and he would answer them.

Sitting near me was a woman and some guys, like the other dream, they were joking around having fun as President Obama spoke.

They were not too loud, so no one noticed, and they were listening but they liked to joke around a lot.

For some reason I did not see any United States Secret Service agents, which I found to be odd, but I felt that President Obama was safe & they were probably hidden.

President Obama was in a good mood and took time to answer each person’s questions with detailed answers, which was surprising.

I only remember one particular question and answer, it was about health care, and the questioned was asked by a guy.

The guy wanted to know why did President Obama’s estimate of the cost of his health care plan change, because before he won the election he had given a different estimate.

President Obama had a folder in his hands of some of the promises he had made before he won the election, so he stopped to look at his old estimate.

After looking at his paperwork he gave an answer, he said that him and his advisors had made a new estimate after making adjustments to his healthcare plan.

President Obama then either took a break or left for good, I am not sure which, but I do know that he went into a room that looked like a break room (a room where workers take lunch breaks to eat and talk) which probably had a bathroom connected to it.

Some of the people in the stands with me decided to go take a break outside or stay inside, and one of the guys sitting near me decided that he would try to follow President Obama.

He was going to go into the room that he had went into, but a female Secret Service agent came out of no where and told him that he could not go in the room.

Then I noticed a male agent across the gym, so I guess the Secret Service agents were hiding all that time, and some were probably undercover agents disguised as students in the stands.

I decided to go take a break outside as well or just leave, so I went out of the exit with a few other people.

The gym doors were two big red doors that you push open and that led to a small sitting area where some students were sitting around talking at, and on the other side was the exit.

There was a woman with a baby walking behind me, so I held the door open for her, as I was doing that I noticed some people I went to high school with BS & RM.

I heard someone say Dr. Baltar, and then they kept saying Baltar, so I turned around & they were talking to me.

I was confused, since Dr. Gaius Baltar is a character from the Battlestar Galactica TV show, but as I was thinking I saw a reflection of myself on the door.

I had my new glasses and I looked like I needed to shave (which I really do need to do in real life now), so I guess that is why the had called me that.

I noticed that it was BS & RM that said it, they were laughing, so it was just a joke.

Them, a group of people, and I then started to laugh; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂