Flying And Comedy Skits And Ray William Johnson

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember five parts of my last dream from last night with the first part of the dream taking place outside during a nice day in my parent’s yard, several people and some of my family and I were in the yard, and I remember our male mail carrier driving a truck in our yard that was pulling a small airplane on a trailer or the truck was also an airplane.

At some point the mail carrier was able to take off/lift off in the airplane and he flew around a bit over the neighborhood, at some point he landed, and he started pulling/driving his truck/airplane away; and I remember waving goodbye, but that is all that I can remember of the first part of the dream.

The second part of the dream took place inside a fictional windowless version of my parent’s house with brownish/orangish colored carpet that felt a bit like it was underground and it was larger than in real life, I remember watching and/or seeing some comedy skits, and my former female classmate LB was one of the people in some of the comedy skits.

One or more of the comedy skits possibly involved flying and one of the comedy skits involved my former classmate LB kissing several people goodbye with the first person (a woman) having stinky breath so my former classmate LB looked grossed out after the kiss, she quickly kissed the second person, she barely kissed the third person, and she fake kissed the last person; and this was all done in a comedic way with facial expressions, a laugh track/laughing audience, et cetera but that is all that I can remember of the second part of the dream.

The third/fourth/fifth parts of the dream all involved Ray William Johnson and his comedy team/crew doing comedy skits/videos, the third part of the dream was a skit where Ray and part of his crew were inside a medium-sized passenger airplane, and they were flying around; but it probably was not them really flying the airplane and they possibly were not even really in an airplane, I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of the third part of the dream.

The fourth part of the dream involved what looked more like a real life story than a comedy skit but it was probably a comedy skit, it involved Ray when he was a kid, and he lived in another country; and his dad ran a small Chinese general/grocery store/market (that also probably cooked/sold Chinese-style food), and there was a somewhat older woman sweeping with a broom there who probably spoke Mandarin and/or Cantonese (but I am not sure who she was).

Ray could speak maybe Mandarin and/or Cantonese or he could at least somewhat speak it because I heard him using it to greet and say goodbye to customers et cetera, Ray looked happy and his dad’s business seemed to be doing pretty good, and there were probably some laugh tracks/et cetera used during various comedic moments; but that is all that I can remember of the fourth part of the dream.

The fifth/last part of the dream involved Ray inside an old fighter jet-like airplane with a pilot, the pilot was driving the aircraft down a highway trying to take off/lift off, but Ray asked to fly and so the pilot let Ray fly the aircraft; and Ray took off/lifted off under or over a bridge almost hitting it.

This time it seemed that maybe Ray was really flying a real aircraft to my surprise but I was not sure, Ray flew around dangerously low and around buildings/bridges/et cetera, and he even did barrel rolls and other stunts; and it looked fun but dangerous, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Talking / Telepathic Female Pig / Hog | Grace Randolph Doing Skits | A Group Loses A Million Members Trying To Kill Another Group

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My memory of my dreams from last night is pretty unclear and I barely remember about three different possibly random fragments with the first dream taking place during a somewhat dream-like/surreal looking evening in my parents’ yard, and I remember several other people being in the yard but I can not remember who they were.

I remember two dogs being in the yard near the back gate near a dark-colored female pig/hog who was also in the yard, something happened where the two dogs and the female hog started fighting, and the female hog caused a large gash/wound across the stomach of one of the dogs; and the dog fell on the ground on its side like it was dead, and a young man in the yard and I ran to stop the fight.

We stopped the fight moving the hog outside the back gate into the alley(way), a man (maybe my dad) told us to put the hog back in her cage, and so we took the hog back to her cage; and when we got the hog in her cage she started talking to us to our surprise.

I think that she talked to us mostly or completely telepathically but I could be wrong and when she talked to us in my mind I would see a woman with whitish colored skin with short brownish and/or blackish colored hair who possibly somewhat reminded me of maybe one or more women from France like the French actress Marion Cotillard and the French singer Berry in maybe appearance and maybe accent, but with my eyes she was a hog but visually in my mind she was not a hog for some reason.

The hog talked to us/complained to us about being caged and about how most humans treat other animals poorly, and she tried to make the case/prove that she was sentient and our conversation probably became a bit philosophical; and I remember feeling a bit bad and agreeing with some of the things that she said, but after the fight with the dogs we did not think that it was safe to let her out of the cage yet and the man (maybe my dad) told us to keep her in the cage.

I forgot to mention that maybe the hog got wounded in the fight as well, amazingly the dog that we thought was dead was alive and it got up on its own, and the other dog was okay; but someone probably was going to take them to a veterinarian or already did as we were talking to the hog, but I woke up or the dream jumped to another dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during the day in the city of D and I remember being near the shopping center where Dollar General is across the highway from BB, and I got on a bus with some other people; and I remember seeing many people outside from the window like maybe a funeral had taken place because some people looked sad and were crying, and they were spread out in various areas.

Sitting across from me were two rich young men with whitish colored skin talking and they said that a man (a somewhat young man) who was in the Navy had died and that his funeral and maybe burial had just ended so people were honoring him outside together in a ceremony, and one of the rich young men started talking about things philosophically like in the movie Cosmopolis.

We were riding on this bus instead of a limousine like in the movie Cosmopolis, and I listened as he philosophically talked about life, death, the military, war, et cetera; and I remember him talking about the soldier’s death specifically about him dying because of war and/or the military and/or something like that, and his friend felt that he was being a bit disrespectful/mean/et cetera.

At some point they stopped talking philosophically and so I started watching a video with/of Grace Randolph on a whitish and/or silverish colored laptop computer that I magically had, and Grace was talking about a new somewhat Game Of Thrones-like show that was a bit comedic and that had a lot of unnecessary nudity/sex/violence/et cetera.

The video had a higher production value than normal like maybe the company who made the show was paying Grace to talk about it and like maybe they help her film her video with a better camera and special effects, and between clips of the show and of Grace talking about it were clips of Grace acting in short skits about the show.

I decided to jump/skip around the video to get some quick glimpses of various parts of the video for some unknown reason(s) and as I jumped through there were skits of Grace wearing revealing clothing, partially naked, maybe naked, making sexual moans and sounds, making sexual movements, and acting out various comedic/sexual/et cetera short skits involving the show; and Grace was acting energetic/quirky/comedic like in some of her video clips of her theater work/acting that I probably saw on her website before.

I did not watch any of these, I was just skipping through, and then I went back to watching the video from where I left off so that I could watch the entire video in order; but either I woke up or it jumped to another dream that possibly was inspired by that show.

Dream 3

The third dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D and I remember maybe some young men and women with brownish and whitish colored skin playing together on a fictional version of Eastside or the poorer parts of the city, and something happened involving their dads and them; and fighting against a group or something, and the father of one of the young men with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair died.

There was a funeral and a katana with a purplish/golden-colored handle was left at the grave by one of the families who had dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, the son of the dead man blamed all of his friends and their dads for his father’s death for some reason, and he stole the katana as we watched (I was there for some reason, I guess I grew up with them or lived in the same neighborhood).

The young man looked back at everyone like he was going to kill everyone he blamed for his father’s death one day, another young man and/or I said that he was going to come back to haunt/attack us one day, even though I do not think that it was anyone’s fault that his father died; and then the dream jumped years later when everyone were adults, and we were standing in a field in our neighborhood.

Most of the people who were there when the young man’s father died/was killed were now in their own group of some kind that involved combat like maybe they were a special mercenary/private intelligence/private assassin-like group who would get contracts from various people (including governments/militaries/intelligence agencies/et cetera), and they seemed to favor mêlée weapons like katanas/daggers/et cetera; and this part of the dream reminded me of the Kill Bill movies.

A man ran across the field to us to tell us that one of their fathers’ and/or one of their members’ who was supposed to meet them/us in the field was missing and probably kidnapped, and we instantly knew that it was the young man whose father died years ago; and that now he was finally starting his plan of killing everyone he blamed, and this was his warning to us to let us know that it was him and that he was coming for everyone.

Some members of the group went after him but they did not return so more members went but they did not return, and maybe the government or someone like that came with a contract to kill the same man and his group who they were now at war with; and so the group accepted the contract, and they used the government’s money/resources in their fight against him and the government gave them almost unlimited resources because they really wanted him and his group destroyed for some unknown reason(s).

The dream jumped in time and I was talking with the last few surviving members of the group (all the others had died in their fight against the man and his group), who were all women with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and they told me that they had lost a million members of their group.

They kept hiring new people and a million people in their group died fighting over however long they fought the man and his group, and now they were the only surviving original members of the group; and they were about to go fight the man and his group because he only had a few people left in his group as well.

I followed the woman as they went to fight their last fight at the headquarters of the man and his group, which was a multi-story building in a field, and we entered the building because they were expecting us; and the man seemed confident as his mostly female bodyguards moved forward to fight the women, and I probably watched as they fought.

People died on both sides during the fight and eventually the man joined the fight and his group was winning until one of his bodyguards who was a woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair betrayed him, and she was actually a mole/spy who was a member of the other group maybe; and she killed him, and she helped kill the rest of his group.

After the battle some of the family members of the woman who betrayed the man came and once they found out what had happened they were angry at her, and they started arguing with her; and things were getting serious, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dream With 4YallEntertainment

My memory of my last dream is super unclear for a variety of reasons and so all I remember is random unclear fragments of the dream; and so the dream will not make much sense.

I know that several members of the YouTube channel 4YallEntertainment were in several parts of the dream, and they are part of the reason that I can not remember this dream because in the dream I thought that they were recording my dream along with their video skits that they were filming; and so I kept thinking that it was not necessary for me to bother remembering my dream because of that.


Fighting The Leader Of A Caravan

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night except for part of one dream, I remember part of the middle until the end of the dream, and I think that it started in a slightly fictional version of D during the day.

At some point in the dream I think that my mom drove several of my brothers & I to W Park in one of my parent’s automobiles, we went to the entrance by the tank, but there was a fictional bridge that you had to cross that was mostly meant for walking because it was a rope/chain-like bridge with wood that moved as you crossed it; but you could cross it with an automobile if you were careful, and so my mom drove across the bridge.

The drive across the bridge was a bit scary but we made it across without dying, we spent some time at the park but I can not remember the details, and we left at some point; and there was a time jump in the dream where I drove to W Park again through this same entrance with my former classmate AK & the actress Gillian Anderson in my automobile during the day, and we spent some time at the park.

My former classmate AK & Mrs. Anderson started filming a comedic skit while we were at the park, it seemed that maybe they had a video channel where they would upload their comedy skits, and the comedy skit(s) involved AK being the cameraman while Mrs. Anderson played the role of a news reporter reporting a fake news story I think; and the fake news stories would be comedic & Mrs. Anderson would do minor comedic things while reporting the fake news stories, and Mrs. Anderson would also play the role of another news reporter who looked the same as her other character except that she would change the color of her shirt or jacket (this was done to make it obvious that both reporters were the same person, so this was meant to be comedic).

The comedy skits were short and they would upload the videos online probably when they finished, and they would probably upload bloopers from the filming of each comedy skit; and in the dream there were back-to-back time jumps showing us driving to W Park over the bridge on different days in different automobiles, and each time they would film more comedy skits & this went on & on several times over several different days.

At some point while we or some other people were at W Park, we decided to go through an opening in the woods to a new area, and this took us to a different place like a portal to another dream world but you could not see a portal; and there was a field where an old American football match was taking place that was in old style color like from the 1960s or some time period like that, and people were standing on the sides of the field because there were no stands/stadium.

One of the teams had mostly people with brownish colored skin while the other team had mostly players with whitish colored skin, some players had old style football one-bar/whatever helmets while some players had paper/fabric/leather helmets & some players had no helmets & some or most of the players had little to no pads, and the people with me & I walked along the sides of the field on our way to another location to explore while watching the football match as we walked by.

At some point while we were near the end of the field near another open in the woods, the team with players with mostly brownish colored skin had the ball near the touchdown zone & they did a running play using a small skinny running-back with no pads or helmet who looked like Taco Bennett from the TV show Loiter Squad, and he was about to get a touchdown but a player from the other team who looked slightly like a combination of Dan Marino /my former baseball coach Mr. M/my former classmate AM/& someone else double-drop kicked the running-back in the face with football cleats.

I was shocked and angered by this, and I ran on the field to see if the running-back was okay & to tell the referees that was not allowed & to face the player who kicked him in the face; and the referees acted like they were not going to do anything, the player who kicked him & his team were acting racist & like they wanted to kill someone, and so I continued protesting what had I happened & this caused a big situation.

Fans of both teams started to act like they were going to fight, both teams started to act like they were going to fight, and I almost got in a fight with the player who kicked the running-back; but I decided to start walking away to avoid violence, and I guess the referees decided to stop the match to avoid a huge fight/riot & so everyone started to walk away toward the opening in the woods.

This opening in the woods took us to another area like it was a portal, like the first opening in the woods, and this dream world took place in an older time period where we were in a caravan of many wagons/whatever; and some or a lot of the people had mêlée weapons (swords, spears, axes, sticks, et cetera) instead of guns.

There was a dangerous group of men in a caravan group near us who reminded me of the football team with players who mostly had whitish colored skin & one of them even looked like the player who kicked the running-back in the face, and they were threatening/attacking/robbing/et cetera people in other caravans & they even threatened my caravan.

I tried to avoid violence, especially since they had more people who looked & acted more dangerous & who had more weapons than my caravan, and at some point all the caravans stopped in one area slightly on a hill to take a break or to camp; and so the dangerous caravan decided to come to attack/kill my caravan now that we stopped, and so I told my caravan to leave while I fought/distracted them & I had a one-handed sword.

I wanted my caravan to go back through the opening in the woods to reach the football field and then cross the other opening in the woods to reach W Park to avoid them being killed, I was not sure if I would live or die, but I wanted to protect them & stop this dangerous caravan; and so they started leaving while I distracted the dangerous caravan, and I waited until they were far enough away to start my fight against the dangerous caravan.

I decided to fight using a freestyle fencing-like sword fighting style inspired by Syrio Forel from the TV show Game Of Thrones, who is a master sword fighter & teacher of the Water Dance swordfighting style, and several of the men from the dangerous caravan attacked me with mêlée weapons; but I easily defeated them using the speed, grace, footwork, dodges, counters, et cetera of the fencing/Water Dance-like style.

I fought several waves of them until I defeated most of them, and then their second best fighter fought me one-on-one; and he was the man who looked like the football player who had kicked the running-back in the face, and who I saw terrorizing other caravans & so I looked forward to defeating him in front of his caravan.

We both probably exchanged words/taunts/et cetera, I probably used some Syrio Forel inspired quotes during our fight, and I embarrassed him during our fight; and I defeated him in front of his caravan, but then the real leader of their caravan stepped forward to fight me & he acted over-confident.

To my surprise he did not look or act like the rest of his caravan who mostly had whitish colored skin & who acted like dangerous/racist killers/criminals, he had brownish colored skin & he wore a lot of jewelry with hardly any clothes in an ancient Egyptian/Persian-like style, and he reminded me of King Xerxes I Of Persia from the film 300 except that he was of average height & he had a normal voice & something about him seemed a bit feminine even though he acted macho & he seemed like he was from a royal family.

I guessed that he was probably good at mêlée combat but terrible at hand-to-hand combat, so my plan was to be defensive while slowly testing his weaknesses & strengths until I could find an opening to disarm him & fight him using my grappling skills, but I was not sure if I would live or die; and so I got very serious & focused at this point as I prepared myself & my strategy/plan.

Their leader acted super confident ordering his men to back up & to not interfere with the fight, he bragged about himself, and he taunted me (I felt that he was pretending to be tougher than he really was, but I still did not under-estimate him); and he picked up or was handed a strange double-sided weapon that looked like a metal curtain rod with a curved spearhead on both sides, a double-sided curved spear-like weapons basically, and I saw another weapon like that leaning against one of their wagons/whatever & so I picked it up.

I tested the weapon in one hand & then I decided to use two-hands for it while still holding my sword in my right hand, so that I could block and/or attack with it as well when necessary, and then I got into my fighting stance still serious/focused & ready to follow my strategy/plan until the end & the fight started.

As planned I fought defensively never using an attack that would leave me unable to block or counter, I fought slowly to test his strengths & weaknesses & to keep the pacing slow at first so that I could speed it up when necessary to throw him off-balance, and as expected he was pretty good at mêlée combat; and at first he was winning as expected because I was barely trying, and I was only testing him.

He was good enough to where he almost got me a few times during my testing part of the fight so I had to start trying harder to avoid losing, slowly the fight became even as I slowly continued trying harder, and then eventually I started winning; and it was a good fight, but then I finally saw a weakness that I could exploit & I did an attack with the strange weapon forcing him to block & to knock my strange weapon from my hands & I knocked his strange weapon from his hands with my sword causing him to stumble.

I then got in close to grapple him & do some clinch strikes, he went from acting confident to acting afraid & defeated & cowardly, and he even begged me not to kill him quietly where his men could not hear as I went to put him in a finishing choke hold; and then I locked in the choke hold hard, and I told him to tap out unless he wanted me to choke him unconscious and/or kill him in front of his men & so he quickly tapped out/gave up.

His men started to move toward me to attack me but he ordered them back, and he walked me to the side to talk alone where his men could not hear; and then he revealed the truth to me, well I believed him at least.

He said that he was never much of a fighter but he was good at mêlée fighting from training that he received growing up as a member of a royal family, he enjoyed the arts (music, theater, painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, et cetera), he had become the leader of the dangerous caravan by defeating their original leader (probably the man who looked like the football player who kicked the running-back) because he wanted to do an experiment in his quest to make the world better by seeing if he could slowly turn this dangerous caravan into a group that helps people instead of hurt people & he hoped to get them to enjoy the arts, and so he had to act like a tough guy until he could slowly change the dangerous caravan over time.

I told him that sounded positive but like a long & dangerous experiment, I asked him if he wanted to follow me back to my caravan because I was afraid that me defeating him would put him in danger because some of his men might try to challenge him but he told me not to worry because he still was the best mêlée fighter of the group & so they would follow his lead, and then he told me that I was a good fighter; and he told me that if we ever meet again that he hoped that I would help him improve his hand-to-hand combat skills because he is not good at that, and I told him that maybe I would if we did meet again.

He was a cool guy it seemed and I enjoyed talking with him, it was a good fight until the hand-to-hand combat part at least, and I wished him the best; and I said goodbye, I walked off to catch up with my caravan, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr