Penny Dreadful Being Filmed At The E House

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I remember barely part of two connected dreams from last night, the second dream was a continuation of the first dream, and both were inspired by me watching the next to last episode (episode 8) of season 3 of the television series Penny Dreadful last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the end of the dream took place during the day, I was in the yard of The E House standing near the fire pit, and part of a fictional episode of the television series Penny Dreadful was being filmed in the yard.

It was a scene involving a kitten who was laying on the ground in the middle of the yard relaxing, the actor Douglas Hodge who plays the character Bartholomew Rusk was dressed as his character from the show and was kneeling on the ground by the large barbecue pit helping with the scene, and I was watching and sometimes helping with the scene as well as they filmed it.

After the scene was finished being film the film crew and film director and/or set designer walked on the film set, I remember talking to a male film director and/or set designer with white skin as the film crew began demolishing a brick structure that provided shade for the area behind the boat port (boat garage), and they used a bulldozer to knock down most of it with one tap on the roof and they used sledgehammers to knock down the rest.

I wondered if they had bought The E House and yard from my mom’s family or if they were just paying to use it temporarily, either way I wondered if my mom’s family was okay with them demolishing things like that to adjust the area for the film sets, and I continued talking with the film director and/or set designer.

I noticed that the field by The G House looked nicer and that the grass was nicely cut and it was roped off like they were going to build a film set there, I mentioned that the field could be used for some battle scenes (at this point I think that I was thinking of Game Of Thrones instead of Penny Dreadful oddly, but I could be wrong), but he said that this field was too small and he mentioned that The Battle Of *Something that I can not remember* was going to be filmed soon.

I told him that the field by my parent’s yard was about five times larger than this field so it would probably be a better location for some battle scenes, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it seemed to be a continuation of the first dream, it took place during the night inside The E House, and most of my family (except for my brother CC and his family) and I seemed to be living there even though the inside of the house was being used to film part of the television series Penny Dreadful.

The inside of the house was like a fictional combination of elements of my parent’s house and The E House and a fictional house and film set, and I remember needing to use the bathroom so I went to the bathroom but the toilet was gone.

The toilet tissue dispenser and toilet roll holder were gone, there was a small candle shaped light above where the toilet tissue dispenser should be, the light fixtures over where the mirror should be were replaced with bigger and fancier light fixtures, and other changes had been made to the bathroom like they were still working to prepare it as a film set for the television show.

Other parts of the house had been changed too for the television show, I needed to use the bathroom so I went to ask my parent’s where the toilet was now, but my mom was sleeping so I asked my dad who angrily responded by loudly and angrily constantly talking where I could not understand half of what he was even saying.

I was confused about why he was angry for no reason and why he did not answer my simple question, I kept telling him that I could not understand most of what he was saying and that he had not answered my question and why was he angry and loud and I asked him to calm down, but he kept angrily and loudly talking without answering my question.

I became annoyed and angry with my dad, my brother GC was there so I was going to ask him but he was waiting for my dad to stop talking first, our dad kept angrily and loudly talking at me where we could not understand most of what he was saying.

I could understand some of what he was saying (I remember him saying something about maybe having to use the bathroom in a ring and/or circle and/or bucket, and maybe something about outside but that is all that I could make sense of) but I could not understand the rest of what he was saying, I stopped trying and I just waited for him to shut up so that I could ask my brother GC, and maybe our dad started to walk away still talking angrily and loudly and complaining for no clear reason.

I had no idea why our dad responded like that but it angered and annoyed me, I then probably started talking to my brother GC about this and about how and where could I use the bathroom because I really needed to use the bathroom, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Fighting Threats With Water Guns

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream took place during the day, I remember being on a bus of school students who were kids and teenagers and maybe some teachers and some other adults, but I can not remember if we were going somewhere or evacuating/escaping from somewhere.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a multi-story building that was like a school/apartment and I was on an upper floor where there were students and maybe some teachers/other adults and some of my family was there as well, and at some point I remember the building getting attacked by various threats that were between the sizes of a cat and a dog; and most of them were probably non-human animals like cats/dogs/unknown animals and some were possibly inanimate objects but I can not remember.

I remember there being chaos with people running and screaming and threats running and jumping around trying to attack people like wild fast zombies or wild animals with rabies et cetera, I remember some of my family and I fighting the threats trying to distract the threats and hold them off long enough for the others to escape, and so we had to go around the upper floor that we were on saving people and fighting threats; and I remember telling my family to leave and I would stay to fight the threats alone and distract them for as long as I could because I did not want them to die, and my family did not want to leave but I managed to get them to leave eventually.

The threats were possibly infected and/or possessed and/or poisonous because I remember trying hard to avoid being bitten, maybe they could infect or possess you if they could bite you but I am not sure, and so I would move around trying to avoid getting flanked; and I remember spending most of my time in a windowless room between two hallways that had at least three openings leading to both hallways.

The threats would sometimes run into the room to attack from different directions and I would have to defend against them, I remember King Bach (Andrew B. Bachelor) from YouTube joining with me to fight the threats, and we used water guns and metal baseball bats and sledgehammers and maybe some real guns to fight them; but I think that the baseball bats, sledgehammers, and water guns were our best weapons against the threats.

We did the best that we could to distract the threats and draw them to our room, this gave the students and others time to escape, but we had to deal with most of the threats alone and this was dangerous; and I remember us constantly fighting, dodging, running, jumping, et cetera trying to survive.

We slowly started to get comfortable and better at fighting the threats until we started to have fun and we got confident enough to leave the room and hunt down the rest of the threats as things got quieter once most of the people evacuated the building to probably leave by bus, and there was more that happened in this dream that I can not remember but that is all that I can remember before waking up.

Dream 2

This dream was a continuation of the first dream but I do not remember King Bach being in it but it is possible that he was in it, this time I remember the character Augustin Elizalde (Gus) from the television show The Strain and some other people being in the dream helping me fight the threats, Gus and his friends probably entered the building after King Bach and I had already been fighting the threats for a while, and maybe I had sent King Back to make sure that the others were safe and protected while I stayed to clear the building.

At the top of the building or on the floor that I was on, there was a ladder that led to a tower room where I stayed, and I would use that tower room as a safe house to take breaks, and I remember my family returning to the building to help me which is not what I wanted; but I allowed them to join me and I took them and Gus and his friends to my safe room to hopefully help keep them safe.

I had a plan where we would form teams to clear the building and area while some teams stayed to defend the safe room and the people in it, we would also evacuate any people left in the building, and I remember passing on my knowledge of how to best fight the threats; and in this dream I think that all the threats were inanimate objects like paper and random objects that were somehow alive or possessed or being controlled or something strange like that.

There was more fighting and hunting down threats, training and equipping everyone, planning, taking breaks, et cetera; and this all felt like a test or experiment or training simulation, and even in the dream I wondered about this.

It seemed that someone had probably set this all up and was controlling it and watching us, I was not sure who but I had various guesses about who was possibly behind it, and maybe we even started to learn about what was really going on; maybe some one came to congratulate us for surviving and passing the test/training/experiment/whatever (if so, it was probably a government agent-like man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit with brownish colored hair, maybe), but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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