The Science Of Sleep

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The YouTube channel SciShow had a video about sleep called The Science Of Sleep:

Here is the description for this video:

If you celebrate American Thanksgiving, odds are you’re full of food and pretty sleepy right about now.

While you drift off for a post-feast nap, enjoy this compilation of episodes covering all kinds of different sleepy, science-y topics!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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I was happy to see that SciShow had another and more detailed video about sleep, and it would be nice to see them also upload another video about dreaming and dreams that is also more detailed.

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-John Jr

A Sleep / Dream Study? | A Boy Almost Drowns In A Pond | My Grandfather’s House Getting Robbed On Father’s Day

At some point during the night my body started to jerk/move in a sudden strong movement causing me to instantly wake up from several dreams randomly during the night, these sudden strong jerks of my body were strong enough to jerk me out of my dreams instantly but oddly I would not jump up in bed or out of bed, and so I forgot some of my dreams and parts of some of the dreams that I remember part of because of these random strong jerks of my body causing me to wake up instantly from several dreams.

I do not know why this kept happening sometimes during the night (sleep apnea(?), snoring, something scaring my body in the real world, my body/mind wanting to wake up for a certain reason(s), maybe it started after the sleep / dream study dream, who knows?)  I would wake up instantly feeling that my body just jerked me awake (the last time that this happened I saw that I had drooled on my pillow case, nasty), and then I would go back to sleep; and the dream would either continue or another dream would start, most of the dreams might have continued, but that is my guess.

Dream 1

One dream might have involved a school during the day, I remember talking with my former classmate AM, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

A second dream might have involved my brother GC’s cat named Dawn and her five kittens outside during the day, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

A third dream might have involved an unknown woman with whitish colored skin with long hair approaching me while I was walking outside in an unknown location during the day or afternoon or evening or on a gray day, and I think that the woman talked with me; and she probably asked me to take part in a sleep and/or dream study.

I remember saying that sounded interesting and that was something that I have been interested in having done/taking part in one day, but that I could not afford something like that but that I would probably do it if it was free and/or if I was getting paid; and maybe the woman said that it was free and/or that I would get paid, but I can not remember.

I remember telling her about some of the sleep/dream phenomenon/experiences/skills/et cetera that I had like: being able to remember more of my dreams and more details of my dreams than the average person, recording more of my dreams than the average person, lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, dreams within dreams, semi-dreams/semi-daydreams, possible sleep apnea, occasional snoring, occasional talking in my sleep, occasional moving in my sleep, occasional dreaming of what is happening in the real world around my body, and other things like that so that she could see if I was the type of person that they/she were/was looking for to do a sleep/dream study on.

She probably told me that I was the exact type of person that they were looking for, I probably agreed to the sleep/dream study, and I probably followed her to the location where the sleep/dream study would take place; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

A fourth dream took place during the day in D at a slightly fictional version of the DY Baseball Field(s) outside of the entrance by the caged area where the pitchers and batters practice before games, and near the entrance there was a fictional small pond; my dad was probably watching a baseball game, a younger version of my brother KD was by the pond, a little boy with whitish colored skin with short blondish colored hair was also by the pond, and I was by the pond as well.

At some point a ball that could float was/landed in the pond and I tried to get it for my brother KD, but I fell into the pond when I failed to jump far enough to reach a pipe or something near the edge of the pond; and the water was very brown/dirty as usual and a bit scary at first, but we all started to laugh.

The little boy wanted to jump into the pond too, he thought that I jumped into the pond on purpose (which was incorrect), and so I told him not to jump into the pond trying to explain that I fell in by accident and that it was too dangerous to swim in the pond especially without his parent’s watching him; but the boy did not listen to me, and he jumped into the pond as well.

Two young men and a young woman who probably knew the boy came running to the pond happily, and they jumped into the pond as well; and I threw my brother KD the ball, and I started swimming to the other side of the pond so that I could climb out of the pond as the young people jumped in and out of the pond as the boy continued swimming in the pond.

I swam past the boy as he was going under the water to swim, I reached the other side of the pond and I climbed out, but when I looked back at the pond the boy still had not come up from under the water; and so I started to worry about him, and I started asking the young people if they saw him and they did not see him now either.

I jumped back in the water with the young people and we tried to look for the boy but the water was too brown/dirty to see and debris/dirt/et cetera in the water kept irritating/getting into my eyes, I knew that we did not have much time to find the boy, and so I probably sent my brother KD to get my dad/help; and the young woman probably called emergency services with her mobile phone, but I woke up when my body jerked me awake.

I went right back to sleep and the dream continued with only a slight time jump where my dad had come to help, he jumped into the water, he found the boy under the water, and he pulled the boy out of the water as the boy’s parent’s (who also had whitish skin with blondish/brownish colored hair wearing t-shirts and pants) arrived panicking along with maybe a police officer as the ambulance was close to arriving.

The boy was not responding, I remember angrily wondering why the parents were not watching their son earlier, and I hoped that my dad’s special hit-you-hard-in-the-back technique would work to save the boy; and so my dad hit the boy in the top of his back with an open palm strike, and the boy woke up vomiting water/et cetera so it worked.

The boy was alive and his parent’s probably hugged him as the ambulance was approaching, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

And now that I am awake I see that this dream is somewhat similar to when my dad saved me in real life when I almost drowned at a swimming pool on vacation when I was a kid, and he used that same open palm strike that caused me to vomit the water/et cetera out (he pulled me out of the pool right before I lost consciousness, fortunately he was in the swimming pool with me as I was drowning, unlike the parent’s in the dream or I would not be here today (I partly/sometimes wish that I would have died that day, after the initial panic almost drowning/drowning was not so bad, and it was very peaceful near the end as I was about to lose consciousness as I sank further under water into the darker parts of the water as I saw rays of light coming down into the water from the sun; it was very nice, it was something that you have to experience yourself to know what it was like, I can still feel it somewhat today just thinking about it and I wish that I could feel/experience that again, in a way it felt like going home like that is where I really belong and/or where I rather be and/or where I was born or came from and/or something like that where it almost feelings like it is calling me home just thinking about it and I want to return to that place)).

Dream 5

My fifth/last dream took place during the day in D on Father’s Day I think and I was walking from my parent’s yard to my grandfather’s yard when I saw/heard a man cutting the grass with a push-mower by the G House near by grandfather’s yard, and I thought that it was my uncle CE at first but then I thought that it was my brother KD because the man was younger and he probably was wearing a black colored do-rag; but when I got closer I realized that he was not my brother KD, and it was an unknown young man with light-to-medium brownish colored skin with probably black colored hair.

Next to the young man cutting grass was another unknown man standing there with medium brownish colored skin with short black colored hair, I did not know them but I assumed that they were some indirect family members who I never met before, and that they were visiting/helping my grandfather because it was Father’s Day; and so I waved at them and smiled, and I walked into my grandfather’s yard.

The two men walked into the yard and they greeted me before I could reach my grandfather’s door so I walked over to them, they wanted me to unlock my grandfather’s door for them, but I did not know them so I tested them to see if I could trust them or not; and I asked them if they were family members, they said yes, and I asked them how were they related to me but they refused to answer my question and I instantly knew that they had lied about being family members & that they could not be trusted.

I told them that I did not know them and I nicely asked them to leave, and I started walking off pretending that I was going to leave; but I really was waiting to see what they would do next so that I could decide if I needed to call the police or not, but as I was pretending to walk away I heard my grandfather’s door open to my surprise.

I turned around to see the two men entering my grandfather’s house and so I sneaked in after them, in the living room I saw my grandfather on the ground holding his chair trying to get up like someone had knocked him to the ground, and I asked him if he was okay; but I heard three voices coming from the kitchen, and so I sneaked outside the kitchen and I glanced inside the kitchen.

I saw the two men and a third man who had dark brownish colored skin with short black colored braids or dreadlocks, they were smiling/laughing/talking about how this was going to be easy, and it sounded like they were talking about how they were going to divide whatever they were going to steal from my grandfather’s house; and somehow they did not see me, and so I sneaked outside leaving my grandfather (which I did not want to do, but I did not want to alert the thieves or put my grandfather in more danger) and I called emergency services with my mobile phone.

A female worker answered the phone and I quickly told her my name, the situation, gave a description of the thieves, I gave her the address, and I asked her to send the police now; but she asked me to repeat my name again about two times, and she wanted to waste time asking each question in order but I told her that there was no time for that and I repeated the overview of the situation while asking for the police to be send immediately but she kept wanting to waste time going over each question slowly.

I tried to talk quietly so the thieves could not hear me outside and I tried to decide what should I do until the police came, because I did not want them to escape and I wanted to get some video/audio of them first in case they did escape, and so while I talked with the female worker trying to get her to send the police I struggled trying to decide what to do because I hated leaving my grandfather in his house alone on the floor with the thieves robbing the house; but if they saw me I feared that they would attack and hurt my grandfather as I fought them and/or they would run and escape and never get caught, but I woke up as I started to get stressed.

*Today’s song that came to mind after waking up or during the afternoon was Sur Le Fil by Keren Ann: *

The end,

-John Jr

Learning How To Deal With Zombies?

I barely remember part of one dream from last night after forgetting most of my other dreams from last night and most of this dream after waking up a few times feeling strange like a minor version of when I had to go to the emergency room back in 2011 when I thought that I was dying when I was taking Fluoxetine (this rarely happens sometimes since then even though I stopped taking Fluoxetine about a month after this happened back in 2011, always when I am sleeping, and I wake up during the night or morning feeling strange with some of the same symptoms from that day but not as strong since I have learned to resist the panic better since then I guess); maybe I have sleep apnea that causes this rare event to happen sometimes, but who knows, hopefully one day I will get a job again so that I can pay for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea or something like that (fortunately this only happens rarely).

Whenever it rarely happens I wake up feeling strange in a way that is hard to describe that stops me from being able to sleep, like my heart rate is slow or my heart it not beating, like my blood pressure is low & my blood is pumping slowly or not at all, I feel weaker & a bit numb & a bit tired like my body is/was not getting enough oxygen & blood flow, I go to the bathroom but it is harder to walk & when I try to urinate I usually have to stop because I feel like I am going to die and/or faint & my urine flow probably is weaker during that moment and/or stops & I/my body wants to start panicking because I feel like my breathing is not working correctly & like my body is shutting down/like I am dying, and so I usually have to sit down on the toilet for a moment because I can not stand straight during that moment; and then I start trying to relax & to control my breathing to avoid a panic attack, and then I wash my face with water & I try to walk it off/walk around to get my heart rate/blood flow going & this usually works eventually as I start to regain some strength & the panic/feelings fade mostly & then I can go back to sleep. (Even now I still feel a bit weird, after this happened last night/this morning)

Anyway, I barely remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional area with a lot of people & I in a neighborhood, but I can not remember most of the details.

I know that there were houses with fenced yards & some without fences, some buildings with fenced areas & some without fenced areas, and at some point something happened that probably involved infected people/zombies/whatever attacking the neighborhood; and the military came or was already there, and the military started killing infected people & non-infected people. (Basically the military started killing everyone who was not in the military)

Chaos broke out with people screaming, running, hiding, dying, getting infected, getting shot, getting bit, et cetera; and so I decided to start fighting the infected people/zombies and the military, and some other people did as well to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

The military had gun turrets & other weapons on vehicles, on some buildings, and various other places; and so I focused my attacks on taking out the soldiers who were using these weapons to kill large amounts of people & zombies, and in this dream I discovered that maybe I had certain powers/abilities that allowed me to better deal with/fight zombies & the military but I can not remember the details about this unfortunately.

I just know that somehow I was able to survive fighting zombies & the military, this inspired more people to follow my example, and eventually we defeated the military in the neighborhood & many of the zombies but not all of them because we started working on creating safe zones in certain buildings/houses with fences.

I came across the entertainment wrestler Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco) during the fighting & he was trying to find his wife, he left to find her, and later I found her; and so I took her to a building with a fenced area that I was making into a safe zone for survivors, and I slowly tried to secure this safe zone & keep it safe while helping survivors & Mr. Ray’s wife; and I would go outside to patrol the area sometimes, and to look for Mr. Ray to let him know that his wife was safe.

At some point Mr. Ray came back and I took him to his wife, he told us about the situation in other areas & we talked about various things, and we tried to decide what to do next.

During the dream I noticed that Mr. Ray and certain people seemed to not be bothered/attacked by the zombies very much & they did certain things that allowed them to better deal with/fight zombies, I started studying this & experimenting with this by watching people like Mr. Ray, and testing various methods/behaviors that I noticed them using.

I started learning how we could better avoid zombies attacking us and how we could better fight them if necessary and/or control or somewhat communicate with them, and I started trying to share some of what I learned with the other survivors.

This would allow less violence & it would help avoid zombies attacking us & help avoid us having to attack zombies, and maybe slowly we could learn how to communicate with and/or live with the zombies or at least help avoid them from attacking us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr