A Strange Semi-Sleep / Dream Phenomena | A Story About My Great Grandmother | The Conscious Versus The Subconscious?

I had forgotten about this experience I had, fortunately I wrote it down, here it is. 🙂

Last night I had a dream that had my mom in it and she told me a story of how one of my great grandmothers had gotten sick and was taken to the hospital; and there she had a terrible fever and the doctors did not know what was wrong with her exactly and she died.

Hide And Seek

Last night I only remember part of my last dream and a bit of a recurring dreamlette (or semi-dream-like thoughts) that I kept having.

I am sick now, so that probably played a role in the recurring thoughts I kept having, my mind kept replaying something over and over and over.

It did not stop until my brothers woke up, I can not remember exactly what it was my mind kept replaying; but I think it was something that was almost maze-like.

It kept rewinding and fast forwarding through something, and going over the patterns and/or steps over and over.

After waking up and going back to sleep, I was finally able to have a normal dream.

I only remember being in a field near the C Elementary School, except this area was like a fictional version of the junior high school.

I was there with some people from the neighborhood that I grew up in, and we were near a row of seats like you would find at a cinema; except they were outside against a fence.

I can not remember exactly what happened, but I remember hiding under the seats, and for some reason the group of people from my neighborhood were trying to find me.

Under the seats there were bags and random junk, so it was a pretty good hiding spot.

They were looking under some of the seats, but the row of seats were pretty long, so they did not make it to my side.

As they were still looking I left from my hiding spot and pretended to help them look for me, and for some strange reason they did not notice me.

They seemed so distracted with looking for me that they did not realize that I was standing right next to them, which was very odd and funny.

I pretended to look around and suggested that they look somewhere else, but I woke up before I was able to see their response.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

A Lucid Dream Within A Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream that I was in a apartment-like place with two beds in a room that looked like a large living room mixed with an area at college where students can relax & study.

My brother GC was there about to get in bed to sleep, and I was about to get in another bed across the room & sleep as well.

I laid down and I quickly went to sleep in the dream & I started dreaming in the dream, and somehow I realized that I was dreaming in the dream.

I did not get that strong feeling of my body being in bed, like I usually do when I first realize that I am dreaming, and so I decided to take control of the dream.

At this point I was having a lucid dream in a dream so I jumped into the air and I went through the roof of the building like a ghost, and I then started to fly in the air.

Then I jumped back into the room and I went through the floor of the room like a ghost again, and that led to an ocean or some body of water.

I then decided to form a room under the water, and in this newly formed room there was a pillow.

I forgot to mention that the room looked like a bedroom that was dimly lit.

I decided to turn the pillow into a woman, and it slowly started to become a woman; it was a bit like making a painting or something.

I felt the pillow start to become like skin and it started to look like the shape of a woman, and I tried to focus so that the process would continue.

I could not see her face because her back was facing me but I did see that she had brown shoulder length hair and she had whitish colored skin, but as she was still forming I woke up out of the lucid dream; and I was back in the other dream/dream world because my brother GC was leaving the bathroom in the other dream/dream world, and that woke me up into the other dream/world.

I woke up into the other dream feeling excited and disappointed that the lucid dream ended, and I felt like I needed to use the bathroom; and so I went to the bathroom. (Oddly I woke up with an erection in the non-lucid dream, that is strange. 😀 )

I tried to use the bathroom but I was having a hard time due to the erection. 😀

I then woke up again, but this time I was in the real world (with no erection, thank goodness 😀 ); and I had awakened because my brother GC was vomiting.

I think that I was able to have that lucid dream within the dream, because I had awakened about half way through my normal sleep cycle and I stayed up for a while; and then I went back to sleep.

I think doing that can increase your chance(s) of having a lucid dream(s) up to 300% according to some research I read, I think.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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