Electronic Locks At A Dorm

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place at a fictional college, it seems that I had returned to college hoping to finish college this time, and at the end of the dream I remember walking around the college talking with my former male classmate JC during late in the afternoon or early in the evening or it was just a gray dark day.

At some point I went to the dorms to find my dorm room, many of my former classmates were in the lobby having fun like my former male classmates AM and BH, and so I stopped to talk with them; and then I probably asked them for help with how to set and use the electronic locks on our dorm rooms.

My former male classmate BH showed me how to set and use the electronic locks, I thanked him, and then I problem went inside my dorm room to get my room ready; but that is all that I can remember of this dream other than the fact that the dream felt a bit realistic but also dream-like and somewhat familiar because I was probably sleeping pretty deeply.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I possibly woke up in my bed during the dream but I can not remember, I just remember smelling cigarette smoke either from my window or when I walked outside which is unusual because I usually can not smell in dreams; and it smelled like the nasty/stinky/terrible cigarettes that my male cousin DE smokes, and so I assumed that he was back from the hospital.

I saw my mom probably walking with my male cousin DE from The G House like she was going to unlock E Manor for him so that he could take a bath because the water is currently turned off at The G House, my brother GC was outside in the yard so I told him what I saw, and we briefly talked with our mom before she walked back inside the house.

I think that we walked over to The G House and we saw our cousin DE talking to a man with dark-brownish colored skin with curly blackish colored hair, the man was leaving and then he left, and we probably greeted our cousin DE and we probably briefly saw part of The G House from the inside before walking over to E Manor.

I remember my brother GC and I going inside E Manor at some point but we did not see or hear our male cousin DE but I think that the living room television was on, we stopped to watch the television while we talked and waited to see if my cousin DE was finished with E Manor or not, and I remember thinking about something that happened earlier in the dream when I was walking near the swimming pool at W Park.

At some point our cousin DE walked down from upstairs talking to himself and I remember him saying something like: “I could have sworn I heard some thing.” or something like that; and we said something to him but he seemed a bit unstable and zoned out, and he walked back upstairs talking to himself.

It seemed that he was going to try to stay at E Manor until he gets the water turned back on at The G House, which we did not think was a good idea, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Suspicious Shapeshifting Dream Character

I only remember part of the end of my last dream which took place inside of a fictional school during the day, but I can not remember most of the details of the dream; and I only remember talking to a man with whitish-color skin with short hair as we were leaving a classroom, but we noticed smoke in the building like a fire had started.

The fire alarm probably went off and people started running out of the building while we stood there looking around trying to figure out what was going on as smoke slowly spread through parts of the building, and down the hall to our right I saw a woman wearing a white medical / science lab coat who looked a bit like the actress Lucy Liu.

The woman came from around the corner or out of a classroom, she stood at the end of the hall staring at us and she was not afraid or worried about the smoke, and she smiled at us; and she waved for us to follow her, but I felt that she was suspicious and that we could not trust her for some unknown reason(s).

I felt that she had started the smoke/fire probably and that she wanted the man who was with me for some unknown reason(s), I then decided that I would try to protect the man from the woman because I felt that she was trying to lure him into a trap, and so I nodded my head pretending that we would follow the woman; and so she walked back around the corner waiting for us, and then I told the man to follow me in the opposite direction & we ran.

There were still crowds of people running through the halls to escape the building and on the right side of a hall in a small open area like a break room maybe I saw a young woman with light – medium brownish colored skin with shoulder length black colored hair waving for us to come to the open area with her, and she was looking behind us watching out for the other woman; and I felt that we could trust her (even though it was odd that she seemed to know that we were being followed, but she seemed like she was there to help us), and so we went to the open area with her.

We waited for another group of people to run by us and she pointed for us to quickly follow them outside to blend in with them, so we did, but I stopped at the exit so that the man could escape while I distracted the woman who was after him; and I waited to face the woman who seemed to be after him, but I think she had shapeshifted into a young man with short blond colored hair wearing a dress vest with a long sleeve dress shirt with dress pants & dress shoes & a belt.

I did not see her shapeshift, I saw her new form of a young man with short blond hair wearing dress clothes walking up the hallway alone confidently, and I felt that was her; and I assumed that she had the power to shape-shift, and she saw me & she started talking with me while walking outside confidently.

She knew that I was there to distract her and she knew that the man had left outside already, but oddly this did not bother her; and she started talking with me as we both walked, but I kept my guard up because I still did not trust her & I saw her as an enemy.

I probably asked her what she was, who she was, and what did she want from the man; but she probably dodged or did not directly answer most or any of those questions, and she started to talk about problems with the world/system/cultures/et cetera or something like that (whatever she was talking about it was interesting & surprising).

She seemed to be building a case about how bad things were overall in the world like she was going to mention a solution(s) eventually or make the case that the world should be destroyed or something like that maybe, I wish that I could remember the details because it was interesting & detailed, and I would respond sometimes to different points that she was trying to make offering my opinion(s).

While we walked and talked outside like two opposing generals talking before our armies fight each other, we were in a field during the day where most of the people who escaped the building were waiting, and so other people were there as well; and some of them were talking, sitting, standing, and playing games/sports.

I wondered who or what the woman really was, she obviously had powers, she was confident, she seemed to be smart, she seemed to have been around for a long time like she was old even though she did not look old, and the way she talked (her arguments/points/topics/whatever) reminded me of how I would expect the Christian Devil or another rogue angel or powerful being to talk.

She started to talk about deities that many humans worship and how they do not help us, she focused in on the Christian god at some point, and she mentioned Jesus; but she got interrupted as a young man with medium length blond colored hair with whitish colored accidentally kicked a soccer ball that almost hit me in the head, and I had to duck to avoid it.

The young man apologized and said that he was trying to kick the ball to his two friends, I said a few things to him, and so the woman did not get to finish saying what she was going to say about Jesus and the deities in general because I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Watching A Gang Leader Manipulate People

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them after waking up a few times and going back to sleep a few times because I did not feel like getting out of bed/had no reason(s) to get out of bed, but I do barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day and I drove & parked my automobile in a parking lot of a shopping center/mall that is sometimes in my dreams, and I started walking toward the shopping center/mall; but I saw my former classmate DH park his automobile in the parking lot, and so I went to greet him.

DH did not seem to be in a good mood & it seemed that he did not want to be bothered but he walked & somewhat talked with me even though it was clear that he did not want to, and we both went inside the shopping center/mall; but I am not sure what we talked about, how long we talked, or how far did we walk around/in the shopping center/mall.

We probably went separate ways eventually, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D, but I only remember part of the end of the dream; and I remember being around a group of people, and they got approached by a man who had bodyguards.

The man was thin & he wore maybe a white colored suit & he had whitish/light brownish/yellowish colored skin with black colored hair, and he seemed like a leader of a cartel; and I think that the man was the leader of several gangs.

The group of people were either already members of one of his gangs or he recruited them into a gang in front of me or he intimidated them into a gang in front of me, either way the group of people were people who lived in the neighborhood who had kids/did not seem to usually commit crimes/et cetera, but somehow this gang leader got them to form a gang under his control.

I think that this gang leader was good at manipulating people like he had studied/trained to do this because I remember him using fear (that other gangs were a threat to them & their kids), threats (that their kids would suffer if they did not join), rewards, his charisma, his speaking skills, and various other manipulation techniques like he was well-trained to manipulate people; but this did not work on me, I did not join the gang, and I silently blended in with the other people to avoid him noticing that I did not join the gang because I was afraid that I would be killed or something like that.

Something happened in the dream that I can not remember, his new gang failed to do something that he commanded, and so the gang leader ordered his bodyguards to punish them after giving them an angry speech & using several techniques to manipulate their emotions/minds; and I remember watching the gang leader use several manipulation techniques that I recognized & predicted, it was sad watching him manipulate these people & I wanted to say something but I felt that I would be killed & that the people would probably not listen since he was controlling their minds/emotions so well, and he broke them down with fear/control at this part but I knew that the next part would be to bring them back up with something positive to bring up their moral & to make them feel more connected to him & each other so that he could better control them.

The gang leader walked into another room during the punishment part, I knew that he was preparing himself for the positive part & so I knew that he would change his appearance & tone for this part, and after the punishment part he came back looking like a snowman oddly (which was symbolic & I understood it in the dream); and he gave a positive speech as expected about them being a family/gang, that he did not like punishing them, that he wants them to follow orders & be happy, and he used several other techniques that caused them to become happy/loyal & they started acting like he was a god or demi-god or something like that ready to follow every command that he gave.

It was sad/bad/scary watching this gang leader manipulate people, and watching him controlling their minds/emotions so easily; it was like watching a combination of a preacher/politician/mental health counselor/criminal/military drill instructor/et cetera or techniques commonly used by people in those jobs to manipulate people.

The gang leader then told the new gang that he wanted them to go destroy another gang who were using an old abandoned concrete property that belonged to the city & that he wanted them to take/take back that property for him, he said that this gang had stolen something from him/one of his gangs and/or did something that I can not remember, and so the new gang left to follow his command & I went with them to avoid suspicion & to watch.

The concrete property was near the project-like housing near N street near the multi-story apartment building where an old gas station/store used to be, the concrete property was a mostly destroyed building not fit to live in but it could be used to hang out in, and so the new gang attacked the gang inside of it by surprise; and the new gang easily killed them all, and this is where things get a bit weird/symbolic in the dream again.

The other gang had red colored stuff on a few of the walls & on the second floor they had some graffiti/symbols on parts of the ceiling, and the red stuff & the graffiti/symbols was/were put there by a red colored being or Human who blew smoke-like stuff from his mouth to put the red stuff & the graffiti there; and the red stuff & the graffiti were symbolic & they also had a certain magical-like purpose that I can not remember.

The new gang had to use their own being or Human who was a blue color to remove the red stuff & the graffiti/symbols of the other gang, this blue being or Human also blew smoke-like stuff but instead of red stuff it was blue stuff & the graffiti/symbols were different; and so the new gang waited on the blue being or Human to finish, and then they called their gang leader.

The gang leader and his bodyguards came, the gang leader was happy & congratulated the new gang, but then he went to the second floor where he noticed some damages to the property that would be noticed the next time that the city would inspect the property; and he expected the city to inspect the building very soon, maybe in an hour or a few hours.

The gang leader got very angry at the new gang, even though they did nothing wrong & followed all of his commands and those damages were already there before they even arrived since the building was an old mostly destroyed building, and then I realized that the gang leader already knew about the damages to the building; and so he had used the new gang to destroy the other gang, and now I sensed that he was going to have his bodyguards kill this new gang & so I sneaked out of a second floor window.

As I was doing this I heard the gang leader give the order to kill the new gang, and I heard people being killed as I ran across the street to escape through the woods; but a few of his bodyguards chased after me in golf-cart-like vehicles, and so I ran in zigzag patterns/odd patterns to avoid getting shot because there was mostly open space instead of a lot of tree oddly so I did not have many things to hide behind.

The golf-cart-like vehicles were pretty fast, and so I tried my best to find an area where they could not drive in but that was not easy since there were so many open areas; and so the situation seemed bad, and a few bodyguards were also chasing me on foot but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Mr. L’s House Is Burning Down

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of one of my dreams, it took place in the day in my birth-town (the city of D) near the post office, and I was with my parent’s.

We noticed smoke coming from Mr. L’s house, so we stopped to see if they needed help, and Mr. L & his family came running out saying that the house was on fire.

Soon the firefighters and police arrived, and we talked to Mr. L, his wife, his daughter, and his son.

I felt a bit bad for them and thought about the fire that was in my parent’s yard recently.

We went inside the house as the firefighters were almost done stopping the fire, the house looked bigger & nicer inside than I expected, but the fire had damaged it badly; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂