A Cyberpunk 2077-Like World & Sade Songs & Visiting JC

Cyberpunk 2077 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

This dream involved a Cyberpunk 2077-like world, it was not as futuristic & dark as the Cyberpunk world, it was just similar in some ways, I was in this part of the dream, but I can not remember the details

At some point in the dream, I talked to some kids, maybe some random kids started talking to me along a sidewalk or something.


Sade – Smooth Operator

Sade – Smooth Operator – Official – 1984

Yesterday this song came to my mind, I realized that I had not heard it in years and that it was somehow missing from my music collection, and so I had to add it back to my music collection.

I used to listen to this song et cetera back when we still had old records.