A Kicking Competition

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved my brother CC who was younger again and was possibly back in high school leaving to visit his fictional girlfriend who had light-color skin, and our brother TDC and KDC who were younger again (maybe 4th or 5th grade) went with him in his automobile.

Later in the dream they returned late at night later than they were supposed to, we were inside a fictional house and I was there with our mom, and our mom was not happy about them getting back so late so she told them so.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the morning and I was talking to my mom on the front porch, and two women with light-color skin were talking outside in the yard of The B House.

In this dream one of the women was probably the mother of my brother CC’s fictional girlfriend from the previous dream and I assume that she lived at The B House, and I assume that the woman with her was probably a family member or friend of hers.

The assumed mother of my brother CC’s girlfriend called my mom over to talk, and so my mom walked over to talk to them either in front of our yard or in front of theirs.

The mother sounded and acted a bit drunk so she was slurring her speech, talking loud, was very close to my mom, was making a lot of physical contact, was laughing a lot, being annoying, talking too much, et cetera.

Eventually my mom managed to escape back to our yard after saying goodbye, and the two women started walking back to their house.

My mom did something that is not like her and she started talking to me about how uncomfortable that was and how she wanted to leave the entire time, and she started talking about how annoying the mother was.

This surprised me because that is not like my mom to talk about someone like that especially when they are still close enough to possibly hear, and it seemed that the two women possibly slightly heard us because they turned around and looked for a moment before going inside their house.

After seeing this I said something to distract my mom for a moment until the women were inside their house, but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place inside a large dark windowless indoor / outdoor place that also felt like it could have been underground, it was like being inside and outside (grass, dirt, maybe even a small river (stream), water well, shack, et cetera) and underground at the same time, and there were even pillars et cetera going up to the tall ceiling or cave or whatever it was.

There was a large television or screen to my right that was playing what was possibly a French movie that possibly reminded me of the movie Brotherhood Of The Wolf or it was that movie, and there were various people sitting in chairs watching the movie and my male cousin ME was there with his fictional girlfriend who had light-color skin and they walked over to greet me.

My cousin ME asked me to take part in a kicking competition so I accepted, and the goal was to kick a soccer ball at certain locations and whoever was the most accurate and completed the most successful kicks would win.

At some point it was my turn and I had to make a pretty far kick and a pillar and some other stuff was in my way, and I had to kick past all of that stuff and over a man sitting next to a water well next to a shack.

To make the kick I would have to kick by running from the right side instead of a straight kick and I needed to curve the ball around the obstacles which was more difficult in this situation because I kick with my left foot even though I am right-handed, it was dark and the screen was making things worse, and I had to worry about not hitting the man.

I waited and eventually I kicked the ball without being able to see clearly when I kicked it (because of the light of the screen and various other things) so I kicked the ball high and not as strongly as I wanted to, it went at the right angle but it was not going to go far enough, but something or someone who was about to attack something or someone jumped through the air to attack the soccer ball instead.

The soccer ball hit whatever or whoever it was causing the ball to bounce closer to or directly to where I was supposed to kick it, and whoever or whatever exploded after crashing and / or from the ball hitting them / it.

The people there started to cheer because of my amazing kick and the crazy action.

Eventually it was my turn for my next kick, which was an easier and shorter kick to the left side this time, and I had to kick a television with the ball.

There were some difficulties, but I still made the kick successfully and it hit the television screen and bounced off so I was winning the competition or I won, I remember my cousin ME and maybe his fictional girlfriend and a boy walking over to talk to me about the kick et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr



A Suspicious Shapeshifting Dream Character

I only remember part of the end of my last dream which took place inside of a fictional school during the day, but I can not remember most of the details of the dream; and I only remember talking to a man with whitish-color skin with short hair as we were leaving a classroom, but we noticed smoke in the building like a fire had started.

The fire alarm probably went off and people started running out of the building while we stood there looking around trying to figure out what was going on as smoke slowly spread through parts of the building, and down the hall to our right I saw a woman wearing a white medical / science lab coat who looked a bit like the actress Lucy Liu.

The woman came from around the corner or out of a classroom, she stood at the end of the hall staring at us and she was not afraid or worried about the smoke, and she smiled at us; and she waved for us to follow her, but I felt that she was suspicious and that we could not trust her for some unknown reason(s).

I felt that she had started the smoke/fire probably and that she wanted the man who was with me for some unknown reason(s), I then decided that I would try to protect the man from the woman because I felt that she was trying to lure him into a trap, and so I nodded my head pretending that we would follow the woman; and so she walked back around the corner waiting for us, and then I told the man to follow me in the opposite direction & we ran.

There were still crowds of people running through the halls to escape the building and on the right side of a hall in a small open area like a break room maybe I saw a young woman with light – medium brownish colored skin with shoulder length black colored hair waving for us to come to the open area with her, and she was looking behind us watching out for the other woman; and I felt that we could trust her (even though it was odd that she seemed to know that we were being followed, but she seemed like she was there to help us), and so we went to the open area with her.

We waited for another group of people to run by us and she pointed for us to quickly follow them outside to blend in with them, so we did, but I stopped at the exit so that the man could escape while I distracted the woman who was after him; and I waited to face the woman who seemed to be after him, but I think she had shapeshifted into a young man with short blond colored hair wearing a dress vest with a long sleeve dress shirt with dress pants & dress shoes & a belt.

I did not see her shapeshift, I saw her new form of a young man with short blond hair wearing dress clothes walking up the hallway alone confidently, and I felt that was her; and I assumed that she had the power to shape-shift, and she saw me & she started talking with me while walking outside confidently.

She knew that I was there to distract her and she knew that the man had left outside already, but oddly this did not bother her; and she started talking with me as we both walked, but I kept my guard up because I still did not trust her & I saw her as an enemy.

I probably asked her what she was, who she was, and what did she want from the man; but she probably dodged or did not directly answer most or any of those questions, and she started to talk about problems with the world/system/cultures/et cetera or something like that (whatever she was talking about it was interesting & surprising).

She seemed to be building a case about how bad things were overall in the world like she was going to mention a solution(s) eventually or make the case that the world should be destroyed or something like that maybe, I wish that I could remember the details because it was interesting & detailed, and I would respond sometimes to different points that she was trying to make offering my opinion(s).

While we walked and talked outside like two opposing generals talking before our armies fight each other, we were in a field during the day where most of the people who escaped the building were waiting, and so other people were there as well; and some of them were talking, sitting, standing, and playing games/sports.

I wondered who or what the woman really was, she obviously had powers, she was confident, she seemed to be smart, she seemed to have been around for a long time like she was old even though she did not look old, and the way she talked (her arguments/points/topics/whatever) reminded me of how I would expect the Christian Devil or another rogue angel or powerful being to talk.

She started to talk about deities that many humans worship and how they do not help us, she focused in on the Christian god at some point, and she mentioned Jesus; but she got interrupted as a young man with medium length blond colored hair with whitish colored accidentally kicked a soccer ball that almost hit me in the head, and I had to duck to avoid it.

The young man apologized and said that he was trying to kick the ball to his two friends, I said a few things to him, and so the woman did not get to finish saying what she was going to say about Jesus and the deities in general because I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Baby Gets Hit With A Soccer Ball | Trying To Train My Dream Characters For Dream Security | A Ruthless Police Force

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of several dreams, and I will type them as I remember them in a random order.

Dream 1

One dream involved me watching or walking through a stadium where a kids/young adult football / soccer match was going on, and it seemed like a major tournament or match with a lot of people in the crowd & news cameras recording the match.

I was walking on or watching the area on the field and I crossed to the other side of the field/stadium while the kids were on the right side of the field, and in front of me a woman who looked a bit like my 5th grade teacher Mrs. C was holding her baby while walking toward a glass automatic double-door.

This automatic double-door seemed to lead to a hallway under the stadium where bathrooms, food stands, and stairways to the stadium seats were; but as the woman & her baby were going through the automatic double-door a soccer ball got kicked across the field by one of the defenders to clear the ball from his side near the goalie/goalkeeper.

The soccer ball hit the top of the automatic double-door and quickly bounced down hitting the baby out of the woman’s arms, and the baby hit the concrete floor crying; and the automatic double-doors closed on the baby twisting its body somewhat like a pretzel as it continued to cry.

The soccer players, the crowd, and camera people watched in terror/shock; and the mother tried to free her baby from the automatic double-door, and I went to help but the automatic double-door opened on its own before I could reach them.

Surprisingly the baby seemed to be okay, considering what had just happened, but it was still crying as expected; and I asked the woman if they needed help & if the baby was okay, and she said that she did not need help & that her baby seemed to be okay but was probably a bit sore & she thanked me & she walked off but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream that I can barely remember part of, I was standing somewhere that I can not remember with a woman and a man, and I knew that they were dream characters & I even called them that but the dream did not feel/seem lucid really oddly; and it did not seem like I was really trying to control the dream that much.

I guess something happened in the dream that made me realize that I was dreaming and/or that the woman & man were dream characters in my dream; and so I started talking with them trying to train them to help them be able to defend themselves and me, basically I was doing an experiment to see if I could pass knowledge/skills/training to my dream characters to help them when I need them for/as Dream Security.

I started telling them about basic dream scenarios where Dream Security might be needed, and I started showing them some of those scenarios by having them act them out with me as I showed them basic ways to handle these situations; and so I practiced some hand-to-hand combat, mêlée combat, ranged combat, tactics, and things to be looking out for when trying to predict/identify common threats with them.

The man & woman seemed very inexperienced and they were doing terrible to my surprise, and they were having a hard time with my training; and so I tried to make things simple as I could, and so my experiment did not seem to be working so well.

I tried to be hopeful, hoping that some of my training would be stored with them in my subconscious or whatever, so that in the future some of my dream characters will use that training to better help themselves & me & others & the dream world(s) when they/we needed to be defended from dream threats.

Near the end of the dream I started to see some progress being made by the woman & man, they really were trying to learn, and so I congratulated them & encouraged them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had another dream that I can barely remember, I know that a ruthless police force was looking for a man/criminal who did something against one of their police officers and/or had evidence that could get them arrested, and so they were trying to find him to kill him and/or arrest him; and they were going around doing whatever they could to make that happen.

This police force was known to be ruthless by the common people in the city, they seemed to be involved in illegal activities, and they seemed to get away with most or all of their crimes it seemed; and so most of their police force were corrupt / dirty / bad police officers, and the chief of police was one of the worst.

The chief of police was a dangerous-looking man with brownish colored skin with a bald head who looked more like a military officer than a police officer, and his police force seemed more military than police; and he wanted to do whatever it took to find the man/criminal, since I guess he possible had evidence that could bring down his police force & him.

The police force went around the city beating people, torturing people, arresting people & searching their houses illegally, intimidating people, lying to people, threatening & using sexual violence/humiliation & rape, and more to find this man/criminal; and they probably did this stuff on a regular basis, but not on such a large-scale.

They finally found a woman who had last seen the man/criminal, and she probably knew where he was; and so they arrested her, beat her a bit but not too bad to avoid visible injures, tortured her a bit, striped her naked, and used and/or threatened sexual violence against her.

The next step was probably rape but her mother and/or grandmother came trying to get the police to let her go, and maybe one of her male family members came as well; and maybe they tried to convince her to tell the police what she knew so that the police would stop torturing her, but she still seemed to be trying to protect the man/criminal by not telling the police what she knew.

Either one of her family members contacted the man/criminal or he found out what was happening to the woman, and I think he came to the police station to turn himself in so that the police would stop torturing the woman & to avoid her being raped; and this was the plan of the police force at this point, they knew that the woman & the man/criminal cared for each other, and so they were going to harm her until he turned himself in.

I can not remember the rest of the dream, and I am not sure if I was even in the dream or not; but I remember wondering if the police force would kill the man/criminal, the woman, and anyone else who knew too much about the situation to cover this up.

I had some more dreams but I can not remember them at this time.

The end,

-John Jr



Creatures In The Dark | The Anthony Bourdain Show

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream Fragment: Creatures In The Dark

I had this first dream fragment the night before last and the picture above is not a good representation of the creatures I barely could see in the darkness, they appeared to be a grayish color and looked like a combination of human/alien/gargoyle/or something; they either had four arms or two arms and two wings, and they seemed to hunch instead of stand up straight.

Oddly I only remember me and a few men and women walking toward some building, I think we had guns but I can not remember, it seemed like we were some sort of team.

We appeared to be trying to clear the area of something and look for supplies and a place to stay, it was like this area was abandoned, but things did not look destroyed.

I always wonder what is going on in dreams like this, it is like the beginning or most important parts are missing or censored, either things looked devastated or just abandoned or people are fleeing and/or fighting; these dreams are mysteries never showing me what happened to cause this or what is causing this, etc.

Anyway, we went into this warehouse-like building and I do not think we fought anyone, but we may have; I just remember us looking around making sure the place was clear.

We went into one part of the building that was dark except for light that may have come from a few windows in the roof, the room was somewhat like a big kitchen with several freezer rooms or something, but I doubt the freezers were turned on.

In the room as we were checking it I noticed something behind the glass of one of the freezer rooms, actually all of them, it was completely dark in the freezers so only the reflection of light from the room allowed me to somewhat see what I saw; and what I saw was disturbing/scary.

I saw what appeared to be a bunch of creatures awake and waiting in each freezer room, I felt that they could not come out into the light, so they were waiting until night-time.

It was so dark that I could barely see the creatures but I think they looked like a combination of human/alien/gargoyle, they hunched like gargoyles and either had just two arms and two wings or four arms, they were grayish colored with alien/human-like skin, and their head may have been more like deformed scary humans from the film I Am Legend or something.

I was so scared by them that I felt that we had to leave the building immediately and find a place to hide before night-time came, so I told the others to leave quickly without telling them why, since they had not seen the creatures yet.

I wanted to leave quickly and quietly, hoping that the creatures did not notice us, and so we ran; the others hesitated at first but then they followed me.

I explained what I had seen once we left the building, we then found an abandoned house that had a basement and we started to decide what we should do; but I woke up.

The Anthony Bourdain Show Dream

I had this dream last night and it sure was an odd dream in some places, but a nice dream in other ways in its realism, but at the same time odd in other ways.

This dream started with Anthony Bourdain filming a show in what appeared to be D and I was his guide and/or my dad, it started with Mr. Bourdain stopping at some big truck that actually had a small store on it in the storage area and I followed him.

Inside there was a husband, wife, and young daughter that were the owners; Mr. Bourdain had come to buy something for a friend, a male sex toy called the Fleshlight; this alone makes this dream very odd and I never had a dream with a sex toy yet alone a male one, very strange.

Anyway, he did not know much about it so he asked the owner about it and then he bought one, a blue one with blue storage case.

The wife and daughter noticed that the blue attracted too much attention so they recommended black, so they took it and started to find a black one with a black storage case for him; I just stood at a distance feeling a bit uncomfortable/strange and shocked about the situation.

After that Mr. Bourdain was supposed to go exploring around town somewhere and my dad was supposed to show him the way, so I had to drive him to where my dad was, which we thought was the building by FB Church.

We walked toward the building and there was a woman outside and she told us to go inside and inside we saw people sitting at tables, some signing in, and this appeared to be a seminar that was about to happen.

We saw a sign that said relationship seminar or something and we looked around to see couples mostly, so we instantly knew we were in the wrong place and my dad was not there, Mr. Bourdain commented that he did not feel right and I agreed so we decided to sneak out when the woman who greeted us was not looking.

She walked outside to check for anyone else that was looking for the seminar so we ran, it was funny, we then hid behind a bush waiting for her to go back inside so that we could run to my automobile; but two other women came to talk to her and they started to walk toward the bush that we were hiding behind, so we moved a little further away from it to hide.

As they walked past us, they did not notice us, and so we started to sneak toward the parking lot; but then something happened.

I heard a dog, a group of women, and then a soccer ball landed by me; so I picked it up to return it to the owner and a group of women all with blond hair & a dog was with them, came over toward me.

They appeared to be soccer players just playing around and were having fun, so I threw them the soccer ball and started to walk toward the parking lot, but the sun was so bright that it was practically blinding me.

I could hear the women around me laughing and kicking the soccer ball, and somehow the ball kept coming to me and I would throw it back instead of kick it; oddly I could not see the ball unless I was holding it because of the brightness from the sun but somehow I caught the ball each time the women kicked it to me, even though I could not see it.

It was like I just knew and they would laugh every time I caught it and threw it back, I told them that my eyes were sensitive to the light and that I could not hardly see because of the sun, and that is why I was throwing it back instead of kicking it; they just laughed and continued to follow me kicking the ball, I have no idea were Mr. Bourdain was during this because I could not see really except for mostly bright light/the ground below me/and some of the legs of the women kicking the ball closest to me.

I almost forgot to mention another odd part about this dream, after I told the women that my eyes were sensitive to the sunlight, I said that I should have gotten transition lenses but I said the word wrong ; as I was about to correct myself one of the women corrected me and I then said it correctly, and I thanked her, this is quite realistic to have myself messing up a word in dream, usually I talk more clearly than real life in my dreams without errors.

But then I woke up and that was the end,
-John Jr 🙂