A Stomach Rash

Why do we itch? – Emma Bryce

I had more dreams that I remembered & there was more to this dream that I remembered, but I forgot most of it before I could record it; I do know that this dream took place during a gray day at a fictional house & yard that belonged to my parents.

In this dream I had a fictional sister along with my real brothers, my fictional sister was an adult & was possibly older than me or at least closer to my age, and she reminded me of my mom.

DC’s Family Room & Batteries

I had more dreams, but I did not record them; so now I only remember part of my last dream, and in this dream I was inside a building with carpeted floors & halls (hallways).

As I was walking around I found a family room along the sides of a hallway where my female coworker DC & her family had several very old CRT TVs that barely had color, and there were some sofas / couches there too.

Buying Food And My Grandmother DE Is Alive Again

The end of this dream took place during the day, I remember being outside standing in the street outside my parents yard, and my mom and some of my brothers were in my parents yard; and our neighbors Mrs. CG, her son JW, and maybe two of Mrs. CG’s grandchildren were playing outside in their yard.

There was a small fictional food stand next to Mr. J’s (Gas Money’s) House on the right side, I noticed that it was open to my surprise, maybe the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was still going on; but I am not sure.

Forgetting Dreams On A Couch

I went to sleep on the living room couch again during Toonami, the current anime lineup has been disappointing for awhile now and too long, I had various dreams; but I did not record them, and I woke up hour later expecting to just brush my teeth and get in bed but I ended up just awake.

I got up to quickly without stopping to think about what I had just dreamed, and so I pretty much forgot what I dreamed about.

There was a tiny piece of a dream at the back of my mind when I got up, but I did not bother to remember it because I assumed that I would go back to sleep and have more dreams.

I did wake up really needing to urinate, that is one reason that I woke up, and maybe in the dream I was trying to find a bathroom at the end because of this but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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