Lucid Dream(s) The Large Powerful Creature/Being Is Defeated? | Hancock 2 The Dream(s) Revenge?

Lazy Overview:

Last night my mind & dreams were all over the place, but somehow it/they still managed to tell a somewhat connected story; but my memory is unclear and so things are a bit confusing.

I remember my mind going over various thoughts and things from the day, and then I had a dream that took place in a classroom; and I remember explaining to the teacher & the class about an AMD and/or Intel CPU that we had talked about in my English class in another dream or earlier in the dream, but that is all that I can remember.

The Special Recovery Mission & The Betrayal

Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in some unknown country in Asia (The Middle East) and I was in the military (I guess).

I was with a unit that was sent to recover something and we all appeared to be soldiers, but all of our uniforms did not match, so maybe it was a joint NATO mission or something; I think that the USA military was in charge of this mission though.

2-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Obama Inauguration

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...
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This is the dream or dreams that I had last night, and I only remember pieces of it or them.

The Obama inauguration was the backdrop of the dream or dreams, and I do not think he was even directly in the dream.

Throughout the dream or dreams, people were talking about the coming inauguration, the parties, Obama, his family, his friends, and his political team.

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