All That We Destroy

What is it?

Episode 8 (All That We Destroy) of the American horror web anthology TV show Into The Dark (Season 1).

Entering A Restricted Area At A College

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I got a private message on Facebook from Mr. D, who is an associate of my female coworker MA, and at some point I went to a building; and Mr. D and MA and MA’s son G were there.

I remember talking to them, that G was in a good mood, and that G was running around playing in the room as I talked with MA and Mr. D.


Source: YouTube

Today’s video is a YouTube video by LA Turtle called Dying:

He did a pretty good job with this video using music and jumping between characters in an evolving conversation; well done.

The end,

-John Jr

Some Of My Coworkers Wearing Purple Tinted Glasses

I had several dreams that I woke up remembering good enough to record, but somehow I went back to sleep without recording them each time that I got awakened by my alarms and I went back to sleep so now I can only barely remember part of probably several dreams that I will type as one.

My supervisor Mrs. JM and / or another female coworker of mine was talking to me in this part of the dream, I noticed that she was wearing new rectangular glasses (eyeglasses) with maybe 10% or more purple tint on the lenses, but I can not remember if I asked them about them or not.

A Park & Esperanto

*I accidentally published this post before it was ready, and so I will have to update it later*

I woke up and went back to sleep several times with dreams on my mind but I did not record them.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day outside, and I remember maybe walking at a park.

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