Singing The Dragonborn Comes

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I had more dreams last night but I forgot them maybe except for maybe part of a dream that took place during the day that possibly involved a college, maybe fictional roommates/suite-mates/classmates/friends, maybe some of my family, a fictional city, my former male classmate BH, et cetera; and now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of my last dream took place probably during the day in a windowless one-story building that seemed to be a multi-purpose city building that was probably used by the city, police department, a college, et cetera; and it had hallways with many rooms, some bathrooms, and in the middle of the building between two hallways was a small quiet (other than the female police officers arguing) police station which was just a counter/office-like area.

I went inside this building many times during the dream near the police station to go to the bathroom, most of the police officers were women who argued a lot so there was always some drama between them, and all the janitors in the building were women who I would sometimes hear talking about the latest drama between the female police officers; and the bathroom that I used most of the time was actually a women’s bathroom.

There are several reasons that I can not remember for why I ended up using the women’s bathroom most of the time, I do know that I forgot that it was a women’s bathroom or I did not find out until later in the dream that it was a women’s bathroom, and sometimes the female janitors would be cleaning and gossiping in the bathroom and/or some of the female police officers would be arguing inside or outside the bathroom in their open police station.

Interestingly people in the dream also would have some fun when they were not arguing or gossiping, they would often talk about the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and sing songs from the video game like The Dragonborn Comes, and I even joined in some of the singing sometimes because I know some of the lyrics to some of those songs; and it was fun singing with the others, it was like a bunch of people at a tavern in Skyrim having a good time, and surprisingly I did not really feel nervous.

At some point in the dream I finally figured out/remembered that I had been using the women’s bathroom all this time and I found out where the men’s bathroom was so I went to use it, there were some college students taking a break from a class and singing and having fun in the hallway outside the men’s bathroom, and inside the bathroom was a female college student with whitish colored skin with long medium-colored hair wearing glasses and sitting in a sitting area while some female janitors cleaned part of the bathroom while gossiping.

This bathroom was surprisingly clean and had pretty good privacy compared to the average bathroom in my dreams, the janitors were cleaning in one of the corners and so most of the stalls and semi-private urinals were open, and so I asked the janitors if it was okay for me to use the bathroom and they said yes; and then I said a few things to them, and I greeted the female college student before I went to urinate.

After urinating I washed my hands and then I stopped to talk to the female college student before going to sing with the other college students in the hallway who I heard singing songs from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we talked briefly and then we started singing The Dragonborn Comes, and then I went into the hallway to join the others in their song but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Terrible Pauline Croze Concert Experience

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had remembered part of 4 dreams, but now I only remember part of one dream, which took place in some gym-like area.

The lighting was somewhat dark and I was there with former classmates of mine mostly, and we were sitting on the floor of the gym during some parts of the dream and desks or chairs during other parts; or at least some of us were.

My current favorite music artist Pauline Croze was having a concert and was performing all alone with just an electric steel string guitar, a Fender Stratocastor I think; oddly her guitar was not making any sounds/noise and maybe her microphone was not even working either.

No one appeared to understand French (97% of her songs are in French 😉 ) at all, I do not think I could understand much French in the dream either but I was able to follow along with some of her songs even if I did not know the meaning of the words, and I seemed to be the only person that knew who she was and the only person that was interested in her music. (For the record I sometimes have or use a bit of other languages other than English in my dreams, French being the most common non-English language in my dreams, though I do not even have a basic knowledge of any other language except English 😀 but I have temporarily tried studying a few languages very briefly and I listen to music in different languages, mostly French 😉 )

Her performance was probably the longest musical performance/concert I have had in a dream, usually music is not in my dreams that often, so that was interesting.

The concert started well for me at least, but the crowd was not enjoying the show and people were talking, making noises, and complaining.

She was not playing with much emotion/energy, her guitar was not working, her microphone was not working, but her voice was okay at first but the concert got worse and worse as time went on.

The mood/atmosphere of the crowd was very negative and I was not even enjoying the concert anymore mostly due to the negative energy I was feeling from the crowd along with the problems with the performance, she even had to stop sometimes to tell the crowd to be quiet and she even had to argue with a few members of the crowd; things were going very badly, the crowd was making it seem like she was the problem.

She performed probably between 5-10 songs, most of which were probably from her first album, the concert became painful to watch/listen to; I was wondering why she was not giving up, and I thought about trying to tell the people in the crowd to be quiet but the energy from the crowd was too strong for me & I seemed to be too afraid to say anything which is not like my normal dream self to behave/feel that way in a situation like this.

At some point during the concert some of the people and I were sitting at desks and/or chairs, this happened after a brief jump in time, which happens in dreams sometimes. 😉

After a long uncomfortable & overall terrible concert/performance/crowd, she finally stopped singing; I thought about going to talk to her about the concert & maybe even apologize for the crowd’s behavior but I felt so uncomfortable during the performance that I did not feel like it & I was afraid, it was like I would have felt embarrassed if the people in the crowd knew that I normally would actually enjoy listening to her music or something, but then I woke up. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


John Jr As Jack Sparrow Getting Shot & Stabbed By Pirates

Last night I only remembered a few dream fragments, which did not go together really.

Dream 1

The first one I remember took place in a fictional version of LC, and some unknown person & I were driving around the city.